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  1. Just starting this game a 5th time, got the Platinum 4 times on different accounts. One of the best PS3 games of all time
  2. Well, you can kinda "pause" it. You'll face a warbird in Round 7. When playing on Biolab, you can hide inside One of the buildings and the warbird won't hit you. Biolab is also the easiest map imo
  3. In fact, it's kinda glitched. Make sure to kill all the enemies in the room before you hit the lift, which is 5 in total.
  4. That's right. The XM and BlackCell count aswell. Your stats Menue has to Show 100%. The Annihilator and War Machine dont count for the trophy. This Information is wrong tho.
  5. Hello Community! I'm sharing my very short Level with you aswell. Just leave a comment and I'll return the favor asap
  6. A big Saints Row enthusiast, he's still upset to that day for SR2 not having a trophy list.
  7. Sly Cooper and the thievous Raccoon Those games look so nice, but I never felt inclined to actually Start Them
  8. I've just done the XP glitch, it works fine. Here are three working proxies: I had luck with the last One. Although it didn't work on my Slim, the campaign always froze on the First cutscene. But it worked with my phat Lady
  9. What’s up Community, christmas is around the corner, and I wish for some people to play my Level Leave a comment or send me a short DM and I'll play your Level aswell
  10. I recommend you watching several videos on YouTube. As far as I remember, there are at least 6 different possibilities to get this done, 8 if I'm not wrong. Some enemies don't line up directly, some of them need to be shot with the Python or a flash bang first.
  11. There is this kinda well known glitch in BO3 where you can copy stats from one Account to an other. The only thing you need for this is a 2nd Controller, no CFW unlock all or anything similar. Just a glitch... I'm curious if you can use this for the trophy. Technicaly, it isn't against the rules of the site.
  12. Grand Theft Auto V. I'm just about to start this one
  13. Ah good to know, thanks. This topic can be closed then.
  14. Hello Community! I'm thinking about to double plat this game with both versions. Since I've already completed the PS4 Version, I was curious how this is helping me with the PS3 Version. I'm talking about things like "Play each class 30 mins" or rescue 20 surviviors etc.
  15. So, I don't even need another Player for this? It can ne done Solo? And whats the suicide method mentioned in this post?