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  1. That Blur Trophy Icon looks sweet
  2. This. Idk if it’s Placebo because I’ve read the comment, but I feel like I got way more kills than usual using these two ships.
  3. Hello Community This topic won't let me rest. It's been 4 years now since Big Leagues is unobtainable. I do understand that people are getting flagged because of auto popped trophies in this game, it's completely reasonable. But I think that we should make an exception for this single trophy. If you've got every trophy in the game, except for this one, you'll just get this one trophy in the game unlocked if you do run into a hacked Lobby. I think that someone who has earned every other trophy in the game would also be able to get Big Leagues. It's just sad for people who were grinding the game and can't get this Ultra Rare Plat just because of Treyarch not patching this. I've seen multiple people with 97% who aren't able to finish this game, that's just not cool. I want the people to think about this Situation so that we can find a solution.
  4. I actually got an response to my BBB complain
  5. The only thing I can imagine is to look at the players recent games and then watch the game play. However, the file share for recent games deletes itself after 2 weeks. Other than that, I make a call and say you can’t detect it.
  6. That’s right. I don’t want to encourage anyone to do this on their main account until it’s proven to be safe. Please use a throw away account if you try this.
  7. Sometimes there are other clips trending. Add me on PSN and browse through my file share Appreciate it. I know how to set up everything, I’ll PM you
  8. What do you think about this idea? If it works, could this be a legitimate workaround for the trophy?
  9. That’s what we have to find out. I’ve tried to gather up enough people to try this, but most of them didn’t even wanted to try this bc they wanted to know if this would be approved by the Cheater removal team first. If you guys state an ok or at least some conditions, I suppose that many people would be up for it
  10. @MMDE The trophy requires you to win 5 matches after being placed in a division. For being placed into a division, you have to play 5 matches to get a Rank for the division. The trophy is unobtainable because the league system got shut down, and you won’t get placed into a Division anymore. My solution for this is the “League Rank Infection”. BO2 has a theatre mode which allows you to re-watch your last matches, you can also edit short clips and then upload them into the file share, which is some sort of cloud. You can access the file share from the main menue. Modders have uploaded certain clips called “infections”. You basically watch a clip and get such things as Diamond Camo, Level 55 etc. This will work on any account on any systems, you don’t have to jailbreak your systems or install something from an USB stick. There is a clip called “League Rank infection”. By watching this clip, you’ll be placed into a division. My theory is that you’ll then be able to win the 5 games and get the trophy. I do think that this is the best solution, because all of the requirements for the trophy have been fulfilled by the player, and everyone can access the clip. In my opinion, the clip is the same as the dead body in RDR or the bounty in GTA V
  11. I’ll just buy the PS5 at the end of its lifecycle and get the games for 20 bucks
  12. Has anyone been working out those guide lines for whitelisting someone mentioned a few pages back?
  13. They don’t make any attempt atm. Like being said, many smart CFW users aren’t caught, and without further investigation, they’ll never be. That’s inconsistency
  14. Hello Community! I'm thinking about to double plat this game with both versions. Since I've already completed the PS4 Version, I was curious how this is helping me with the PS3 Version. I'm talking about things like "Play each class 30 mins" or rescue 20 surviviors etc.
  15. I’d like to get in contact with some members and mods who are tempted to work out some conditions for some sort of white list. Feel free to contact me and we’ll set up a discord and discuss about it
  16. I’ll do this
  17. I didn’t enjoy this CoD that much, and I wanted to blast through the MP. I was playing Shipment 1944. Everything you have to do is head glitching with an LMG and aim for the spawns. 100+ Kill gameplays aren’t that hard with this method, and so you’ll be getting lots of XP. It took me around 10 hrs for Level 55.
  18. This game has received a patch last night to remove the theater mode. Nothing else has been patched or updated.
  19. At least for the XBOX, Treyarch has disabled the theater mode. You can’t no longer share or download clips, which also means that theater mode infections are gone. The workaround can’t even be tried now.
  20. Driveclub. Heard it’s awesome but I’m not into racing games at all and isn’t it unobtainable?
  21. Everything is still obtainable, even in offline mode
  22. I’m on a mad RE hype rn. I used to play this game on the DS and the PSP a lot, but never experienced the Remaster. Since I’m afraid of the huge spiders, I wanted to complete the first run with a video walkthrough within 3 hours. Can I use the inf rocket launcher for every other run then? my plan is to get this thing to clear out the spiders ASAP before I have to look at them for too long
  23. I never said that. Please don’t reply to this topic if you don’t have any point at all. I’m getting bored of people not understanding what I’m trying to say and just state that “cheating is bad”.
  24. I’d like everyone to think about this. The CRT has no control over this, basically every non campaign BO2 trophy is available through hacks without anyone notice. I’ll even go that far that the cheat detection system (?) which the mods of the site are able to use wouldn’t be able to detect this.
  25. Detailed tutorial: Black Ops 2 has so called “Theater Mode Infections”. These are clips which were modified and uploaded by CFW users. You watch the clip in the theater mode and then get “infected”. There are multiple infections, such as Level 55, Prestige 15, unlock all and there’s even an infection that places you into a division (Master Rank #1). My theory is: • get the theater clip (available for everyone/no CFW needed. Every average player can get them) • watch it • you’re now placed into a division (trophy requirement) • win 5 games while being placed into a division • trophy pops In my eyes, this is nothing different than the current RLTW method. The hacker who puts a bounty on your head is equal to watching the theater mode clip. surviving 48 hours is equal to winning 5 games. Still, all of the requirements were fulfilled by the player itself, you’d still have to play and win 5 games in order to get the trophy to pop. we even have a similar situation like RDR here. Hacked XP lobbies in RDR aren’t flaggable, bc no one can prove that you’ve used the XP glitch. You could also use the level 55 infection and then hit prestige. This would be a free gold trophy, and no one can prove of you’ve played the game or used the infection. I’ll go even further: there are infections for zombies. You can host a lobby, reward every player with god mode / inf points / all weapons etc and get all of the zombies trophies with no effort. No one can tell what you’ve done since the time stamps would be correct and in order. Again, everyone without CFW can do this. Edit: @B1rvinestated that RLTW and RDR still could be earned legitimately. Technically, Big Leagues could still be earned legit aswell. The trophy pops after playing 5 games after being placed into a division. So you could acquire a division back in 2013 and win the 5 games in 2020. The trophy would pop without hackers involved. You can tell everyone that you’ve got a bounty in 2013 and claimed it now. The same goes for Big Leagues