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  1. havent played it but i think its a spin off story so besides familiar characters you probably wont miss out on much story wise but if you would prefer going in there knowing more of the story and lore playing one piece pirate warriors 4 first would give you an abriged version of the story up to some of the more recent arks
  2. or listen to the critics im playing the game atm and can say it is not good in any stretch of the mind i tend to like the more niche games and seing the reception of this and looking at short gameplay clips made me think it might actually be for me but then i started playing it...it looks good it can feel good at some times but gameplay wise its a game that should of came out 10 years ago and i would'nt recomend it to anyone.
  3. no platinum? i didnt think i could be even less hype for this than i was when it was revealed but here we are...
  4. the disc version is still the OR version altho one thing i wonder is can i download mods and dlc on de RR ive downloaded it yesterday and every time i try to access the store in the menu it says that it isnt available at this time. played the OR not long ago and had no problems with installing dlc and mods
  5. runs surprisingly well on ps4 pro there is the occasional frame drops but nothing game breaking . only complaints i have are the load times and like most newer games it makes the fan run a lot and it makes my console sound like an airplane p.s my console has been cleaned and the thermal paste has been replaced recently so its not an overheating issue its just a ps4 thing i guess
  6. was planning on doing 100% of every fs trophy lists but this one seems to be impossible to find. there still is the odd person who gets the platinum but my guess is they already owned the game before it got removed from the store...
  7. im in the same situation as you i was a big fan of the series but bl3 has just ruined it for me im probably going to wait for a deep discount if i ever buy the game.
  8. its pretty much the same thing it all depends on what kind of build you make but ive heard 5 of the bosses are harder than anything in the whole soulsborne series
  9. thanks for the answer my thought is that i probably missed the final arrows also i will try to use them all at least now i know its not bugged.
  10. i still have to do fc5's dlc's im suposed to do them with a friend eventually . ive also learned today that fc6's dlc's are roguelike wich has completely turned me off for now . lets hope we are wrong on these
  11. most dlc's in ubisoft games have been trash its like they dont care...but this time they have advertised it a lot more maybe they decided to actually put some thought in them this time around. only time will tell
  12. i know this is an old post but ive had the same problem a few years ago beat the game several times pretty sure ive used all weapons but it never unlocked. did you manage to unlock it ? im thinking about wiping my save and try to go for it one last time. im thinking its something stupid ive missed like a crossbow bolt or a rare glitch because it doesnt seem very frequent
  13. the platinums are usually rated by how hard it is to get the trophies while rarely having the games difficulty in mind unless the game is brutal...also isnt there no missable or at least very little? that would explain the platinum difficulty
  14. like the platinum for the long reach called platnum
  15. i knew this was a gilson b pontes just with thats title 😂 dont touch this with a 100 foot pole