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  1. yeah all in family is glitch already reach 100% and still no trophy
  2. omg i dont know how you could fight does heroic bosses, they are insane. you have my respect
  3. i reverse the game to ver 1.00 and use the debug room jajajaja the feather gllitch on me, what i do is use the debug room to get all items and max de equipment, then install the patch and get the feather upgrades and the trophy pop. the feather upgrade is glitch in ver 1.00, you have to get it with the patch. if you are planning to get the plat, use the debug room is really insane the heroic bosses. hope it helps
  4. i already pick up all 8 feather upgrades and no trophy, im i doing something wrong?
  5. well in my 1 playthrought the collectable glitch on me so i decide to do this in my 4 hour run. and in chapter 3 the collectables start popping, the last trophy was the file collectable that i got when i took the first file in the sewer. now i can do the 4 hour run without worries
  6. i send a message to developers, i hope they will fix it, already in the final chapter and cant get the collectable trophys, and i dont want to do a 4 hour run collecting everything again
  7. thanks a lot for the help you are a savior, the devs just ignore my request, people like you help this community improve. thanks a lot
  8. game is normal, feels more like silent hill, and only one enemy is annoying it kills you in one hit, plat seems easy but all trophys are glitch
  9. omg i hope we can contact the developers to fix it
  10. i kill the first boss and no trophy, i am doing something wrong?
  11. did you just hire i the ten free slots? or you hire then you get them fired? i do that and it unlock fine y bought two before doing that, but the trophy pop when i hire 10 straight i do it in the DEA campaign
  12. I got the teophy hiring 10 in one sit as soon as i unlock the 16 slots i just hire 10 and trophy pop
  13. Already check it and the problem is fix. If the devs want to delete the post will be better. great game i recommend it a lot, have a lot of fun and very hard.
  14. Yes the body still there the problem is that if you kill a boss which has a key then die, and you have to restart from that boss, you will lose the key thats the link for the image, the necromancer kill me when i ws going back and my key disappear
  15. Dont buy until is fix is a great game but the bug is horrible. you need 3 keys to unlock boss 11, but when you close the game or go to title suddenly one piece of the tree disappear. So no end game boss when you kill boss 11 you have to get three pieces again i do it in one sitting an reach boss 16, then i die in boss 17 and the second piece that i adquiere a second ago it disappear, so no end boss for me. i wont play it anymore until is fix