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  1. did you just hire i the ten free slots? or you hire then you get them fired? i do that and it unlock fine y bought two before doing that, but the trophy pop when i hire 10 straight i do it in the DEA campaign
  2. I got the teophy hiring 10 in one sit as soon as i unlock the 16 slots i just hire 10 and trophy pop
  3. Already check it and the problem is fix. If the devs want to delete the post will be better. great game i recommend it a lot, have a lot of fun and very hard.
  4. Yes the body still there the problem is that if you kill a boss which has a key then die, and you have to restart from that boss, you will lose the key thats the link for the image, the necromancer kill me when i ws going back and my key disappear
  5. Dont buy until is fix is a great game but the bug is horrible. you need 3 keys to unlock boss 11, but when you close the game or go to title suddenly one piece of the tree disappear. So no end game boss when you kill boss 11 you have to get three pieces again i do it in one sitting an reach boss 16, then i die in boss 17 and the second piece that i adquiere a second ago it disappear, so no end boss for me. i wont play it anymore until is fix
  6. i have a save where i fight the boss but i need help to get the help to get the perk so anyone who wants the perk too, add me to boost it. dont bring the watch with you or the boss wont give it psn id: archnero thanks in advance already got it, one random join me and as soon as i shoot him he left. thanks and sorry
  7. i kill the fist boss that appears, the one who has suicide minions, didint get hit but no trophy. the trophy is referring to another boss?
  8. thanks a lot it work. thank you i owe you one
  9. im driving throught 20 objects and still nothing, can y stop, or should i drive with turbo i just dont know what to do. thank for the help in advance
  10. thank you, i will have to start a new game, but first i will wait for the patch, so i can put my save in the cloud for this trophy
  11. i hope is fix, hard boiled and just another day didnt pop for me using the level select, seems it must be done in a new game. anyone can verify this plz
  12. Well i have in this game a lot of error when finishing the day, i notice that this happens a lot if you send police near the end of the day 1:00 am. so try to no send anyone before the day ends. a lot of this happen to me because i solve and investigation before 1:00 am and send a police to search another investigation, so to avoid the error try to not send anyone before 1:00 am hope this helps you
  13. i saw on reddit errors, i have lots of them but one guy pint that after december 26 he got and error in savedata and all her data was erase. well i made a save in the cloud for me so if that happen i was prepared, then i play from day 25 to the end of the game december 30, and when i load my data at the end, the game couldnt read it and erase it. so guys be carefull save in the cloud or usb in december 20 or 24, be safe, thats my only advice.
  14. thank you i will try, i think this game will force me to do 2 more playthrought and i hate walking simulators lol
  15. you need to max perception, when you enter some rooms you will se a green "?" that mark says there are hidden objects in the room when you get the object the mark will have a check. the trophy pop for me in chapter 13 in the whalestation when i got the 3 hidden objects in the room. hope it helps so which ending you got and what did you do? 1. did you read all monster books 2. did you do the Fluent in R’lyehian in that playthrought 3. did you accept the truth in the cell 4. did you eat leviathan meat? 5. did you drink alchol? i only got to do the ritual and counter ritual ending, no more option for me.