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  1. I'd say it's fairly easy personally, you can endlessly replay the same first track for the A, S and S+ ranks on each difficulty, can even do S on easy if you want. Only slightly annoying trophy is perfect streak, which I did on either the very first song or the nights, with my lag set to 0MS and headphones on.
  2. There are basically no changes, the perfect system may be different but I noticed nothing. It looks a bit snazzier and has 3 extra songs. Can still glitch 75% perfects as well
  3. Everything should be semi obtainable, however you only have like 10 teams to request to join and theres no guarantee that any will actually accept you. Got my final trophy today via sheer luck of being accepted into the team Upper Deckers, but again, both guarantee team owner will let you in. Good luck to those going for it
  4. Servers now seem to be back up and running, just earned artsy fartsy myself
  5. This looks really good man, nice addition to the website for the people who would use it
  6. See my main question is when you say hide, do you mean just you don't see it and everyone else still can, or hide it so no-one ever can? Like sure, all I do is ezpz, but if you want an average reflection of how you are on the leaderboard, why don't we just work on new leaderboards, or this one - https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/rarity The fact that the top profiles are all cheaters says enough as it is imo.
  7. Wheres the option to say I dont like it and to opt out of it? Just cause Sony doesn't have any credibility to their trophy lists anymore doesn't mean we should start naming and shaming people for playing certain games. If we get this badge, I want the next one to be a filter for anyone who plays a VN or anime game with the ribbon titled Kiddy Fiddler, cause it's basically what Sony are insinuating, so why don't we
  8. Old: ThePriceysRight New: ThumperWhenSelly
  9. Couple of things from when I did this earlier. Every weapon I brought over is at 0 actual damage, but my characters at a fuck ton of health, magika and stamina and is currently at level 70 plus. I enchanted armour with some other beefy enchantments so I think I should be OP enough for stuff now but haven't tested it yet due to constantly being affected by carry weight. You can bring over tons of actual supplies for crafting and potions and use them when you're back in base game, and there's also a room for levelling skills (mind you, if skills are already level 100 that won't autopop). Only trophies that have popped for me are books, levelling to 50 and money, theres a daedric artifact room but that didnt work for me so who knows.
  10. May as well ask here, anyone know where the skill books are in this mod?
  11. We can get a effort leaderboard to name and shame people who decide to play certain games, but we can't get PSN name changes supported like 3 weeks later, or the rarity board updated so cheaters aren't on there, or any of the suggestions posted on the site even acknowledged? Hooray for naming and shaming people who have fun in different ways, can't wait for the next board that comes along that just tells people their profiles are shite
  12. Pfft, only 19 trophies per day. Probably needs to step up his game in that case considering how many ezpz there are at this point. (New profile is Thumperwhenselly if you decide to stalk) I love how we've reached a point where people are asking for a filter to hide games. Cant wait for every PSN game to become a 10/10 game and everyone complain about that in another thread when they get difficult games. Personally, I don't think the Ratalaika games are that big of a thing, or any of the "ezpz" games arriving. I'd rather have more games available to play on the ps4 than just 5 games available because the trophy lists are just right. Trophy system was broken well before ratalaika game along, and one stack per game sure can be a thing, but have fun when every PS4 remaster gets the Okami treatment
  13. Oh hey it's a thread for ezpz. I started a new account last year after I got banned for a few weeks for no reason, and I've only really played ezpz ever since. I have fun skipping games and seeing my profile rise up the leaderboards (plus the salt that comes with it). A lot of people skip games as they're for trophe hores or cash grabs, but you're missing out on a lot of quality titles if you skip those. For the same price as a Costa, you get a 10 minute to 3 hour experience of what could be either shite, or could be 300 puzzles of decent content like the Powgi games, or something worthy like Sexy Brutale. Just cause its ezpz or less than 4 hours doesn't automatically mean you should avoid it or the devs. Hell, Ratalaika games have enough to keep you occupied in some of them if you played past the plat Plus you get to see delicious reactions from people like Buk above when you skip Steins Gate @Property_Damage Idk if your post is a meme or not, but you might want to take a look at your profile first.
  14. Cheers for the guide, always nice to see quick ezpz 👀
  15. Just in case you missed the edit, 100% popped as well. I've only finished the Gardens story mode, and don't even have 100% prize bubbles there.