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  1. You need 10 players to start the game and it's stupid in my opinion. They should change it to 4 players because you need 3 other players to boost trophies and maybe it would help to find games.
  2. I'm going to buy the walking dead season 2 on ps vita and a few other games. I think about Machinarium, child of light and maybe Ratchet & clank trilogy
  3. I have the weird problem. I completed the story mission "Into the void" and I didn't get the trophy. I have never had similar issue before. It's story related trophy. What should I do? Maybe it will pop later? What do you think?
  4. I can confirm this glitch still works. My second to last trophy was "The Whole Story" for every audio/voxophones in episode 2 burial at sea
  5. I have platinum trophy in main game. I have every trophy in CitC except Blue ribbon champ, I have 100% in Burial at sea episode 1. I'm going to play episode 2 and get 100%. i hope it still works
  6. Can't sync on PSVita
  7. Disc edition. 60% games I buy are physical copies
  8. Probably you have to reach World Tier 5
  9. Yes, they carry over into the next playthrough. I hope you'll get all trophies without any problems, because I went 2 times for "All talked out" trophy and didn't get it. I'm planning to come back to TLG in indefinite time.
  10. I've completed the main story and I'm going for platinum. I can say at this moment that game isn't hard. Rather time consuming. You have to collect all rings so you have to play every stage 3-4 times. And there are grindy trophies like "collect 100 000 rings" and kill enemies
  11. Thank you very much for this guide. I am starting this game tomorrow. It will be helpful in my road to platinum
  12. I hope they will change the requirements for this trophy in a short time. I haven't already played it but the game is waiting and I can't imagine leaving The Division 2 without platinum trophy
  13. It depends on what games will be at the start of PS5 and of course price is very important. The first games on PS4 were Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall. I have never played Killzone because of mixed opinions. Maybe it will be in PS+ and I'll give it a try. Knack was good for me but according to overall opinion it was average game. I hope they will give us Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on the first game, but I doubt it. Rather we will play it in 2021
  14. It's not confirmed information, but I think realase of curator's cut for everyone will be 29th November