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  1. MGS5 already exists.
  2. Even Mass Effect Andromeda was better, why oh why did they cancel that for this shit? If the next Dragon Age is cancelled because of this garbage I will cry.
  3. Hopefully the creators of Scam Citizen go bankrupt and everyone gets their money back or learns a life lesson.
  4. Based on this demo I think Mass Effect Andromeda is a better game
  5. It's on epic store now.
  6. I don't actually like video games but I'll give it a go with randoms I liked. All the Yakuzas Witcher Divinity original sin 2 God of War Bloodborne Persona 5 Detroit Become Human (Yeah yeah) Dragon Age Inquisition (Again yeah yeah) Nier Auto Dragon Quest Transistor Shadow of the Colossus Celeste Paladins Resident Evil 7: And uh fuck it Uncharted 4
  7. That's not a review.
  8. How much is Square Enix paying you?
  9. Laughing at this talk of maturity when all you can do is throw ad hominem my way because I didn't like your shitty game, ever consider I played it on a different platform or something?
  10. I don't even like this series but the trailers make me really want this one, like it's just the last game (best in the series but the plot was shit) but now with role playing like in the Witcher or something.
  11. The story is garbage and the characters forgettable. You can ignore any talk of character development as well Lara becomes a hardened serial killer 20 minutes into the first game, and is then off to destroy ancient civilisations and engage in cultural appropriation by the next game it's all very 1920's.
  12. No it's shit.
  13. Seriously though, last 2 games were shit can't imagine why this would be different. All the videos I've seen have an undercurrent of imperialist white savour complex game which I find disgusting as well.
  14. This game became extremely boring by the halfway point literally an off-line mmo.