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  1. I recommend Farenheit, it's the funniest thing I ever played. The definition of a train wreck. It's actually the first time I played a game that was so bad it became good again nothing else since or before has managed to live up to that. Suffice to say I'll be first in line to get his new game.
  2. Those are cheaply made games that use a still anime images to express emotion. This is off putting because the cutscenes are otherwise fully animated in this so called "improved remake" and therefore is more notable, off putting and unquestionable laziness on the part of Square Enix. Does context not matter at all?
  3. Have you ever actually played a Japanese game or watched an anime before? The mouths don't synch with anything they literally just flap up and down that's the level of effort I was asking for. Also how does the fact it's in a different language make more sense to you, what?
  4. Bringing back a dead thread but what exactly doesn't carry over to an actually new game plus? Like can I keep opening lockers to get gambling items?
  5. By finish I mean finish the story not actually 100% it. What I'm picking from Tales of Beseria Exist Archive Valykria Revolution Digimon Cyberslueth Fairy Fencer F YS VIII
  6. Finished volume 1, thought it was very repetitive, lots of non stop logging in out just to look at stupid emails. Not much seemed to happen in the story, wasn't very fond of the battle system, found most of the characters annoying. I appreciate the effort it must of took to create this pretend online world I suppose but that's about it. Does it get better?
  7. I did finish it just too lazy to look up a guide for collectables.
  8. Resident Evil is the only thing I want.
  9. Not sure what you're asking, if you and your sister can handle the very simplistic hack and slash one button battle system and ok story without eventually getting bored then it's decent co op.
  10. What do I do I said I was gonna get 20 platinums of various difficulty and then give up but I must be too lazy to even do that,in fact I can't even decide on one game to actual finish, tried to do a Yakuza game got bored of darts and gambling and gave up,tried to do Banner Saga thought it was too hard and gave up, tried to do Hellblade thought it was too easy and gave up. Who else lazy here? Am I still allowed to post here when I'm so bad at trophy hunting?
  11. This a games to avoid list?
  12. That's wrong there are lots of better Vita games than this apologize to Vita now!
  13. It's a mobile port where they ruined the beautiful sprites, play any console version instead.
  14. So I should probally finish Majima in premium adventure and I won't have to do blackjack from scratch? What if I only got half the needed amount for poker or something? Does it only carry over if you actually finished it?