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  1. Intriguing premise but poor execution, combat is absolutely awful, very simplistic and poorly put together for instance I would duck behind someone and they still hit me somehow, didn't matter thankfully since the game is incredibly easy. The story went absolutely no where and the world feels barren and unfinished like they forgot to put in any proper quests or anything. Also every time you talk to someone it feels like you talking to an exposition machine rather than characters also your choices are basically worthless as you barely effect anything or anyone outside eating them. Overall very meh game. Also the "romance" came out of nowhere very poor writing.
  2. Gonna pretend Activision isn't worse? The company who added lootboxes to a remastered game.
  3. Battlefield seems to have more content and respect its players more, Campaign,side stories, multi and ......an added battle royale mode. Call of Duty has removed the campaign completely for zombies and a battle royale great.
  4. I actually got to the end only with Ethan and shot Shelby and still got it so he doesn't even need to be alive at the end.
  5. Type Heavy Rain in the search engine and there is a different one on PS4 for £8 instead that isn't even on sale.
  6. Felt obligated to come back to the thread. Are people actually gonna pay 100 dollars for special editions of Uncharted lite?
  7. Fuck this final boss, you can't just change the rules of your shitty combat system at the last second.
  8. I think I have a bug or something, I killed everyone in the hospital went to sleep now I can't get out the hospital. Oh wait I can just out the 2nd floor window whoops.
  9. I hate everything so whatever.
  10. Every platinum gets you 10 bucks every 10 platinums gets you a year of PS plus. Maybe then I'd actually get some.
  11. wot. Getting kinda tired of this game and its shit combat probably shouldn't have rushed through it.
  12. I hope English isn't your first language.
  13. Detroit Become Human last week. Vampyr today.
  14. Got it early since I preordered. It's pretty alright liike a low budget witcher even has the witcher vision for quests, fairly cool world and characters, combat is a bit rubbish but whatever. Liking it better than the last 2 rpgs I played Elex and Kingdom Come which both pissed me off.
  15. And I said I'm not because they killed a franchise I used to love what's the problem?