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  1. I got to Level 99 and Level 35 post limit break just from doing the Sanada boss fight (3-20) over and over while grinding the materials for the Last of the Dragon sword.
  2. Unfortunately, that's what happened for me. Had to go through the Fortune & Strength boss a lot of times just to get x10 Infinity. I was also on 31/1 so I couldn't get it from the shop, I'm pretty sure I had the team debuffed with fear while they were already on low health and then had the Fortune Arcana boss hit my teammates while I blocked until all 3 of them were down. I then defeated the boss like normal and it finally gave me the 10 Infinity that I needed.
  3. I followed PowerPyx's guide for Male MC since Persona 3 is very strict on maxing out Social Links on my first playthrough as I finished my last one on 12/28 but FeMC route should be more lenient as you can do some of your social links at night as well. In regards to your question, social links status don't carry over to NG+, only the items you get from max social links of the respective arcanas which allows you to fuse the strongest persona of that arcana. In terms of grinding, I did all the request and maxed out my stats before the second exam. Getting the highest score on the exam will get you the stat cards from Mitsuru when you talk to her in the Faculty Office Hallway which was more than enough to use on Orpheus Telos or Messiah. The Golden Hand shadows will give you Nihil weapons (only if you're not doing a request for that specific shadow on the specified floor of Tartarus) which will be good to fuse for the ultimate weapons later. For me, I just played through the story and somewhat grinded even though I rushed through every single enemy I saw in Tartarus. The best way for me to level up is the Monad floor which you unlock when you hit Floor 254 and you finish the request to defeat the Reaper. With shuffle time and getting the Experience Boost (10) card, you'll be levelling up you, your party members and your personas very quickly. I fought Elizabeth and Margaret on the very last day which was 1/31 since I had everything finished and done, but you can use the whole of January to prep for 100% Compendium after you finish your last social link as well as fuse the persona to combine with the Nihil weapon for your party. If you completed your social links and you got some free time before 1/31, just use those free days to go into Tartarus and finish up on the levelling up, compendium, grinding for money, getting the ultimate armors and preparing for Elizabeth/Theo and Margaret fight. Important to note to prepare for Elizabeth/Theodore and Margaret fight: - For Paradigm Door (which unlocks at 1/1 and is a requirement to vs Margaret), you'll want to go inside once you're level 99 in stats and persona since you'll be vsing the arcana bosses with increased health, defense and attack. - Hanged Man Door will give you x10 Armageddon if you defeat it after you let it spawn one Maya, let it turn the Maya into a bomb and then allow it to explode. Repeat if you don't get the item. - Fortune & Strength Door will give you x10 Infinity if you allow the roulette wheel to put debuffs or damage your 3 teammates, and then let the Fortune or Strength boss deal the final blow to them if they're still alive. After that, just defeat the boss as normal. This one took a while for me to get so repeat as necessary. - Everything for Orpheus Telos should be provided by skill card except for Thunder Reign which you'll need PowerPyx's guide to know how to transfer the skill over (I believe Odin has to be the higher level of the three personas for triple fusion) - BONUS: If you want Orpheus Telos to inherit Morning Star otherwise Helel should provide you with it
  4. Just got the platinum on PS5, both the Social Butterfly and A Pair of Wild Cards popped with no problems. Just want to share my experience for others: - Did all Social Links on the Male Protagonist, Aigis was the last one and it popped on Level 10 Aeon. As such, female protagonist social links were ignored on second playthrough. - For second playthrough with female protagonist, I skipped all of Tartarus and focused on getting to 12/31 where I chose the option to get the bad ending. The trophy "A Pair of Wild Cards" popped after the credits. - The Nose Doesn't Always Know trophy took a lot of hours to pop, just kept doing triple fusions on the lowest level personas and only skipping the fusion cutscene if there was no red screen shakes. Absolutely low chance of popping compared to Persona 4 and can be different for everyone. These were all achieved on the EU version of Persona 3 and as such I did not encounter any bugged trophies during my playthrough.
  5. The official HOTD Remake trailer specifies that there is a free upgrade for PS4 owners but like most PS4 to PS5 upgrade games, we'll just need to wait until they fix this error. https://twitter.com/HOTDRemake/status/1616435508162318339
  6. With the PS4 version of Frogun updated to 1.03 which is consistent with the PS5 version, that means for the following trophies: Duelist (Gold) - Beat the Brutal Rush. [Scorchy doesn't get stuck on the walls during his attacks anymore, and all boss healths are nerfed] Fashionista (Bronze) - Buy all hats. [Hatter's Special is now obtainable once all hats are bought and the three hats from the chests are claimed] Unfortunately, the prices to buy the hats and gallery images hasn't changed so the grind on the level "The Bug Hub" still needs to be utilized. However, both NA and EU stacks now have people obtaining the platinum so 100% completion for the game is now possible!
  7. So I've got all emblems including master time trials for the game and bought all gallery items which puts me at 98%. The Hatter Special Hat is still locked and the game currently locks me out when I press PLAY on the title screen. Anyone else at 98% in-game having this problem as well?
  8. Does anyone know where to get the last two coins for Scorchy's boss level? I always finish the level with 309/311 coins and I've looked everywhere for either 2 yellow coins or 1 red coin.
  9. Like the title states, the PS5 version detects your PS4 save file which saves you the trouble of playing through the game again. As such, the following benefits applies: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile: You can get the boss trophies if you play the time attack mode which is unlocked after beating the game. The Extra Vision trophy can be unlocked from completing it again. Unfortunately, you don't unlock the "Hero of ______" trophies from loading your save file, nor from replaying a level, boss battle or the extra vision. So you'll have to start a new save and go through each level again, but the Prisoners are relatively easy to find and each one are found in order. So if you miss one, the next captured prisoner will let you know you missed the previous one. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil My Hunny Bunny and My Sweetheart (Collecting all Momett Dolls) trophies are unlocked upon completing any level (unconfirmed for "any" level but both popped after I finished the Chamber o' Fun level) Chamber O' Fun and Chamber O' Horror trophies can be unlocked from completing them again. Boss trophies can be unlocked from either their respective levels or from the House of Horrors (Time Attack) in Momett House. So Klonoa 2 can be easily completed faster than Klonoa 1 but if anyone found a partial autopop for the "Hero of ______" trophies, let me know. Also for those who are going for 150 dream stones in all levels, Easy mode definitely helps with the tricky platforming sections and the Hoverboard Levels for Klonoa 2 but if you go to Options and change the difficulty to the opposite of the one you're playing, it'll put you back at the last checkpoint so use these to your advantage.
  10. Just finished the PS4 version of the DLC and trophies haven't synced yet however you can carry the save file from PS4 to PS5. It's not an instant autopop but if you want all the trophies for the DLC mostly in one go, make sure to have a save file during the point of no return in Chapter 4 and also before fighting the secret boss if you upgraded every skills. For me, I missed the Disguise Fundamental book so I couldn't purchase it until the point of no return. After you beat the secret boss, you'll get the Escaping a Daydream trophy and after you beat the final boss of the DLC, you'll unlock all chapter trophies and that will be 100% for the Kaito Files.
  11. You'll get it mid-chapter 3, it'll be after you go outside of Kamurocho, come back and then witness an important story event.
  12. Played and got the platinum as of version 2.0.9. Didn't have any noise coming from my PS5 as well as any soft-locking when auto-saving, although I would recommend manual saving from time to time. I did get soft-locked when trying to access Sandbox Mode for certain trophies that are obtainable in that mode. As a result, I had to hold the power button for 20 seconds to turn off the PS5 and it would go through the repair process upon turning on or the message about force shutdown while the PS5 is on although no save files were lost. However, the chances of Sandbox soft-locking (at least for me) were about 50/50. Everytime I access the game mode, I'd give it about 5 seconds to see if a loading percentage appears, if it doesn't appear I would quickly hold the PS button to go back to home and close the game and restart it to try again. Any later and the game will soft lock again. So in its entirety, the game is not completely gonna destroy your PS5, but do be wary of what the game can do because results may vary for everyone's PS5. If you really value your PS5 and don't want to risk bricking the system, play it on the PS4 just to be safe.
  13. Well I can definitely say after finishing the PC Version of Seal the Deal pre-patch before the nerfs back then, some of the challenges (especially some of the early speedrun ones and the infamous 10 Seconds until Self Destruct) have definitely toned down in difficulty where it's manageable and not a pain to finish with the nerf patch. Even Ship Shape was lenient on time before the captain got angry along with a waypoint indicator to the task that sometimes worked and other times gave you the long way. Also noticed some death wish bonuses had different objectives compared to pre-patch ones, possibly done to make them easier as well as Camera Tourist not in the PS4 version, making the total 111 instead of 114.
  14. In my case, not all popped on the first go. So if no trophies registered, keep saving your career on Options on the PS4 version and uploading the save and then downloading it on PS5. If there's no option to download the save on PS5, go to System Settings > Save Data and Games > PS5 Console Storage and delete the save file for THPS 1+2 (PS5), launch the game and try again.
  15. I'm doing my own alternative method of playing Versus on Endurance and stopping after the 25th opponent since the speed goes too fast for me. The tetrimonos cleared goes around 9000-10000 so I have to do that for about a few more times. Still takes a couple of hours though.