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  1. Well I can definitely say after finishing the PC Version of Seal the Deal pre-patch before the nerfs back then, some of the challenges (especially some of the early speedrun ones and the infamous 10 Seconds until Self Destruct) have definitely toned down in difficulty where it's manageable and not a pain to finish with the nerf patch. Even Ship Shape was lenient on time before the captain got angry along with a waypoint indicator to the task that sometimes worked and other times gave you the long way. Also noticed some death wish bonuses had different objectives compared to pre-patch ones, possibly done to make them easier as well as Camera Tourist not in the PS4 version, making the total 111 instead of 114.
  2. In my case, not all popped on the first go. So if no trophies registered, keep saving your career on Options on the PS4 version and uploading the save and then downloading it on PS5. If there's no option to download the save on PS5, go to System Settings > Save Data and Games > PS5 Console Storage and delete the save file for THPS 1+2 (PS5), launch the game and try again.
  3. Not sure why, but because Mino King (x50,000) and (x100,000) are my last trophies I decided to play Big Bang based on the previous game's trophy guide to grind the Tetriminos cleared. After finishing a match, the tetriminos clears did not register for the trophy requirement on the Stats page in Options and Data even if the saving icon appeared after completing a match. Thus, the Big Bang route for grinding do not apply to these trophies unless there's a patch in the future. EDIT: With thanks to DesmaBR and lin4h, it is confirmed that a recent patch (v1.10) has resolved this problem so the Mino King grind technique from the first Puyo Puyo Tetris can be utilized to cut down on grind time now.
  4. I'm doing my own alternative method of playing Versus on Endurance and stopping after the 25th opponent since the speed goes too fast for me. The tetrimonos cleared goes around 9000-10000 so I have to do that for about a few more times. Still takes a couple of hours though.
  5. That's alright if it works with Puyos, but for the Tetris variant, it doesn't register, even tried Big Bang on Adventure Mode and even that didn't go through.
  6. Yep, I let myself lose after 15 wins on Big Bang Endurance and went to Stats to check my progress and it was still the same, tried just regular battle on Big Bang and it was the same result.
  7. Actually, after playing through the Adventure Mode, they have a lot of side-stages that revolves around certain arcade modes which you can use to get the 100% completion before even seeing the ending. Getting three stars in all of them before the trophy popped up, I got the trophy around 6-1 of the Adventure mode. There is also an additional 4th star that you can try to get which appears after you 3 star all the stages in a zone.
  8. For fear, you can get 2, one from Sotenbori Battle Arena 18 and one in a safe in Kamurocho (not exactly sure where). For stun, you get it from another Part-Time Hero rescue request although for the whole run, getting stunned is uncommon so there shouldn't be any problem otherwise you can use the Four Gods bangle that nullifies all effects that you can after beating the final boss.
  9. I was maxed out in most stats due to finishing all certificates at the Vocational School. I think intelligence, style and confidence were the last ones to be filled. Regardless, the first three are normally the most frequent to pop up, if not then either keep refreshing their spawn location by taking a taxi somewhere else and taking the same taxi back or you can progress further into the game and check if they have spawned when you're in the area. I don't think being maxed out in a stat affects their spawn since you can receive endless Honk Honk from them if you have the money. The problematic ones were the last two, Honk Honk Man (can only be accessed after Chapter 11) and Honk Honk Princess in Kamurocho in the Hotel District. Multiple forward and back travelling via taxi took about 30 minutes to an hour for Honk Honk Man to show up. I'm not sure if day and night cycles affect their spawn but for reference, he appeared at night. Honk Honk Princess never appeared but immediately did after I received the honk from Honk Honk Man.
  10. If things are the same, then the game mode that I used to grind the 100,000 puyo pop trophy (think it was mini tetris/puyo) along with rubberbanding my controller should have the same effect of waiting couple of hours to reach 100,000.
  11. Just beat the True Final Millenium Tower and got the platinum, wasn't entirely too tough damage-wise except for that one gang member type who swings with a lead pipe and does critical hit on every hit and the wrestler who when finish charging up his special move, pretty much KOs whoever he lands his grab on. My run had at least one preferred job at 99 and the rest at 30 just to get some beneficial skills from each job. The run consisted of spamming the fortuneteller thunderspell on whichever enemy that was weak to it and if not, then whatever the enemy was weak to (blade or fist attacks usually). Party members were Kasuga (Hero), Joon-gi Han (Assassin), Zhao (Gangster) and Saeko (Idol). Idol is definitely needed because the higher the job level is, the more healing you do to the party and if no healing is needed, you can debuff enemies and bosses on their defenses or attacks if needed. Peerless Resolve at the start of every battle is also needed to prevent restarting and sacrifice stone can be optional. If the sacrifice stone is used on Ichiban, then it will be prioritized over Peerless Resolve if he is KO'd. In terms of bosses, Saejima was weak to electricity-type attacks, Majima was not necessarily weak to electricity but in my case did slightly over 1000 damage and Zhao's Ladder Acrobatic Kiwami move did 2000+, Tendo is also weak to electricity but has a lot of health so will take a large amount of spamming fortuneteller electricity spell and replenishing MP if low, Kiryu is weak to ice-type attacks so spam both host and hostess ice-type skills and he'll be a pushover if you perfect guard his attacks well. For Amon, I applied Endless Desire for gradual healing every turn and then I used a mix of Divine Shot and Rapid Shot for Joon-gi Han, Sanguine Blade Dance for Zhao, and Double Hatchet for Kasuga, Joon-gi Han and Zhao. When Amon enters Beast Style, he can take some more damage until he sends out Saejima, Majima and Kiryu. Poundmate Summons will be useful at this point, especially ones that attack all enemies but the first Poundmate Summon that should be summoned is Mr. Masochist since you'll have 4 bosses dealing high damage to your party and his abilities can help with that. Same strategies can be used for Saejima, Majima and Kiryu in terms of doing damage to them. I took out Amon first, Majima, Saejima and then Kiryu using a bunch of skills targetting all enemies. It should be noted that when each boss is at really low health, they'll use their own poundmate summons to deal massive damage to your party unless you do enough damage before then to bypass that so it's best to be fully healed before damaging them to that point. Overall, the journey and the final battle itself is tough but manageable if you have Kasuga's health over 1800 and the rest of the party members over 1500 or 1600 (if it cannot be reached then use the Dragon's Binding for HP increase) and one Idol member (preferably high level or max) for healing. The True Final Millenium Tower will be a lengthy battle but it can be accomplished if you take it slow and plan ahead before the enemy has their turn. Grinding one job to 99 and the rest 30 took me around 20 hours defeating Vagabonds in the Kamurocho Underground Dungeon as listed in PowerPyx's guide so do be prepared for that. Alternatively, I heard that playing NG+ on Legendary difficulty can boost EXP and Job EXP gains exponentially although that will mean doing the True Final Millenium Tower on Legendary so choose whichever grind suits you.
  12. I wanted to share my experience on this, i just got the platinum for Mafia III a few minutes ago and the first run was playing normally (with crashes, glitches and all) and the second and third run was the trophies that were affected by the trophy progress wiping crashes (in my case, flipping 16 racket bosses). The second and third run were both done on Ver 1.12 so I took a huge risk and heavily prayed that there were no crashes during these runs and luckily enough, there wasn't. So while playing on the latest version of the game on a PS4 Pro, I did not play offline and had an internet connection running during both runs. The second run (Flip) I was going for: Can't Trust A Rat *Glitched* (Progress wiped from crash during Signs of the Time DLC, so had to start from scratch) Big Earner The New Boss *Glitched* (Also progress wiped) Just You and Me (may or may not be glitched because for the trophy Family, I did exactly the same thing that cxool123 listed which were assigning districts equally to each underboss and then doing all of their side-missions before the final mission. Popped after doing Vito's side mission despite having around 5 or 6 crashes during my first playthrough). And the third run (Kill) was: No Loose Ends *Glitched* For the second run (Flip), i speedrunned the entire campaign, skipping every cutscene up to flipping the last racket boss which earned me "The New Boss" while killing all informants that were interrogated which earned me "Can't Trust A Rat" around the 11th racket. I tried to see whether putting the game into rest mode frequently was what was causing the crashes so i refrained from rest mode for the entire run (even when taking a break). While the PS4 Pro was heating up, collecting fuses in intervals of 3 for wiretapping, giving all districts to Vito and killing Burke and Cassandra, this run took me about 9-10 hours. So while i prayed during the last 2 rackets that the game didn't crash, it luckily did not and i got all the trophies i needed for that run. In hindsight, from what I learnt from my third run, you do not need to wiretap the areas where you are going to interrogate the informant(s) as the spare or kill will appear regardless whether you wiretapped the area or not. However, you do need to wiretap the area where you're gonna Confront the racket boss, so this should clear most of the fuses you need to collect. For the third run (kill), I did the same route as the Flip run except not collecting any fuses because they are not needed and killing every informant and racket boss. This was done immediately after finishing the Flip run but i closed the game, opened it and started new game just in case. Near the 10th racket done, my PS4 Pro's fans were pretty loud because it was a hot day as well so praying for the crashes were greatly increased. Like the second run, no crashes ever occured and after killing the 16th racket boss and seeing "No Loose Ends" and "Let The Good Times Roll (Platinum)" trophy popped, I closed and uninstalled the game. Without collecting fuse, the run took 8 hours. So because I took a huge risk and did not downgraded to 1.09, I wanted to share with you guys that this is possible on the latest version although I cannot vouch that this is 100% guaranteed with no crashes for anyone else's run as possibly anything in the game can randomly warrant a crash the further you go in the run. I'm also wondering whether the crashes were related to playing the game for a long time, frequently using rest mode when necessary or both. Anyways, best of luck to those who are going for the platinum, whether you downgraded or tried your own method! Finally done with this mentally-taxing game (had a way easier time with Mafia 1 Definitive Edition and Mafia 2 just had graphical glitches and occasional falling through maps).
  13. So i'm attempting this myself since the macro way doesn't work too well for me as remote play is laggy and it looks like i'm getting 150-160XP per attempt. If everything i'm doing is right, it seems you can also do this with game mods (Perfect Manual Balance, No Bail, Always Special and Double Base Score for me). With Zombowner's method, what I did was: 1. From the main hub menu, go to Multiplayer and select Private Match. 2. Set Game Mode to Combo Challenge and set the Score Limit to 250,000. (Do higher score limits give more XP?) 3. Allow Player Mods to make getting 250,000 easier for yourself. 4.Set map to Chopper Drop (assuming you have finished Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Skate Tour to unlock the map.) and select Launch. 5. Pause the game, go to Game Options and go to Game Mods (You have to finish both skate tours to unlock both assists and cheats section if i remember). 6. Check whatever you feel can help you get the 250,000 easily (for me i checked Perfect Manual Balance, Always Special, No Bails and Double Base Score). 7. Resume skating and get 250,000 (has to be in one trick). I went with The 900, revert to manual and spammed Square, Triangle and Circle while manualling to multiply my score. 8. Once you feel like your score is past 250,000 (normally around x11 - x15), stop skating and the game should say you are the winner with the saving icon at the bottom right. 9. Wait until the results UI below the special meter switches to your profile name with a wrench icon next to it. 10. Pause the game and select Launch and go to the bottom and select Launch again to repeat the process.