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  1. The only mission I had any problems with was "Frosting on the cake". 0:35 minutes to lose the wanted level was a really short time and completely luck dependent in my experience. Other than that I didn't have many issues achieving 100%,
  2. Never mind my old comment, I was incorrect.
  3. My current 50 most rare trophies are from 11 games (12 when you take the same game on a different platform as a different game), which are, ordered by the rarest trophy first, the following games: The Crew (1) - 10 ModNation Racers - 5 Grand Theft Auto IV (The Ballad of Gay Tony) - 2 Grand Theft Auto V (PS3 and PS4) - 9 When Vikings Attack! - 2 ModNation Racers: Road Trip - 6 Driver: San Francisco - 5 Pumped BMX + - 8 Need for Speed: The Run - 1 LittleBigPlanet Vita - 1 Grid 2 - 1 This ranges from 1.06 for King of the Road (The Crew platinum) to 3.89 for Every Trophy Counts (Grid 2 platinum).
  4. I bought the complete edition digitally on the (Dutch) PS Store about two years ago, and looking at my receipt, that was a different version than the DLC edition you mentioned. Considering the file size of 700 kb, the DLC edition doesn't seem to include the game unfortunately.