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  1. Hey man, First off, thank you for your hard work testing out trophy stacking for GT7. I would like to add some info regarding this trophy: I waited to unlock that trophy on my PS5 "main" game before trying to unlock trophies for the PS4 stack. I'm happy to report that you don't need to buy one of the 3 legendary cars for the trophy to unlock on your second stack, any car will do. I bought the R8 Gordini from the Legend Cars dealership and unlocked the following trophies at the same time: Motor Mania (50 cars) No Car, No Life! (100 cars) Firm Favorite Living with a Legend Three Legendary Cars That makes additional stacks substantially cheaper EDIT: I've just seen that you have posted that info in the Three Legendary Cars thread already...
  2. This is it gentlemen, 330 P4 unlocked the trophy for me!
  3. At this point the trophy description makes about as much sense as this:
  4. I can only get the PP under 600 with intermediate rain tyres. I can't get it to work with RH tyres at all, no matter how much I play with ballast and power settings. Also, make sure the gear ratios are exactly the same as in the video. I pit at lap 5 for racing mediums and just a quick splash. I use fuel map 6 for the entire race. I find it easier to avoid wall collision penalties by staying in fifth gear all race long (manual transmission of course). It's really fun to go for it and get the quickest laps possible though, but as a safe way to grind, fifth gear is your friend.
  5. I have the Mark IV, C9, XJ13, CLK-LM and 917K. I also have these road versions of former LM entrants/winners: GT40 Mark I, 300SL, McLaren F1. I never thought those would count but they have been mentioned in this thread as potentially counting so I'm mentioning them. I also have all Gr.1 cars from brand central. No luck yet.
  6. Ah, I hadn't thought about the possibility of someone using CFW. I stand corrected then. Thanks for the info. My entire theory just flew out the window 😂
  7. Do you mean not true as in the admin of PST part or not true as in someone has the platinum part?
  8. I'm sure that the trophy can be obtained by buying cars in the Legend Cars dealership as someone has that trophy already (and even the platinum for the EU PS4 version). Someone mentioned on GTPlanet that it's the admin of Apparently he had access to a review copy of the game. I can't confirm that info 100% but since the Three Legendary Cars trophy sits at 0.01% obtained on PSN (both for the PS5 and EU PS4 version of the game), someone has it, whoever it is. The EU PS4 platinum is also at 0.01%. Nobody on PSNProfiles has the trophy, but on PlayStation Network proper, someone does. Let's not forget that PSNProfiles percentages are based on people who are members of this site, not PlayStation Network as a whole. That's why it says no achievers on here but 0.01% on PSN. So that rules out the fact that the trophy might be unlocked by some forthcoming event(s). IMO the trophy will be unlocked by the next Le Mans winner with #LeMans tag that will appear in the Legend Cars dealership, providing you have already bought the C9 and the Mark IV as they both won Le Mans. The 917K doesn't count because it's the #2 livery (winner of 1970 24h Daytona, not Le Mans). The XJ13 doesn't count either despite having a #LeMans tag since it hasn't won anything (or even raced at all). I have all 4 cars and no trophy, so despite my thinking being a theory, I think it's sound, at least until proven otherwise I guess we just need to be patient. There are two new cars coming in tonight, maybe we'll be lucky.
  9. Not 100% relevant to the topic at hand but last night I decided to fire up GT Sport for the first time in months, completed the daily marathon and... The irony of getting this one for free while GT7's version is made of unobtainium is too delicious not to share.
  10. No, not since the official release date.
  11. Yep, now is the time... My PS5 in a few days after having run the script for days on end: (Stolen picture from NeoGAF forum)
  12. That's not a bad idea actually, I could finally finish Borderlands 3's DLCs... Seriously though, I don't want to sound entitled, I will play GT7 long after I've got the platinum. I just think it's annoying that the trophy description is somewhat misleading or that the trophy itself might be bugged. I wish we knew which cars to buy exactly. I don't mind waiting for them to appear in the Legendary Dealership, but throwing money at guesses is not exactly nice considering GT7's economy. For the moment I have the Mark IV, XJ13, C9 and 917K. The trophy has not popped for me. As pointed out by other people in this thread, it's possible that the trophy can only be unlocked by buying Le Mans winners (XJ13 doesn't count as it has never raced, and 917K #2 in GT7 is the 1970 Daytona winner, not LM). So I wouldn't waste your credits on it.
  13. I don't think PD intended to withhold whatever cars are needed to unlock the trophy... at first. I wouldn't be surprised that they have decided to withhold the car(s) needed to unlock the trophy now, following the Metacritic review bombing and the credit nerfing backlash, in order to avoid the second hand market being flooded with used GT7 copies once the platinum is finally possible to unlock.
  14. Maybe we'll know tonight, the 500 Mondial is sold out, so there's a new car coming in. I have 20m in the bank so I'm ready for whatever. If not tonight, the next car to be replaced will be the C9 in 3 days (maybe 4?). I think it's available to buy for 3 more days + 1 day sold out but I'm not 100% sure. It might be 2 more days to buy + 1 day sold out. I'm usually a patient man but I want GT7 as a platinum trophy count milestone on my profile, so the longer this takes the more annoyed I am lol.
  15. I will continue to buy everything that might fit the description. I'm running an AFK script to make money shared by another user here (Septomor) in this thread so there's literally no efforts required from me besides checking what's new in the Legendary Dealership whenever there's a new car coming in. I'm not proud of "cheating" with a script to make money, but let's just say it's kind of my own crusade against MTX lol. Plus, since it's a 100% AFK script, I'm actually taking a break from gaming and catching up on movies/TV shows/family time/work despite my PS5 running 24/7