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  1. Platinum #102: Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed



  2. Platinum #100: Resident Evil 6 (PS4)


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    2. Akechi-no-Yabou


      I got platinum on PS3, however my former account..


      I like the game a lot too and never understood why it had so much hate. Didn't play DLC on PS3 and have no intention to play it on PS4 too :)

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  3. Resident Evil 6 platinum steps:

    • Completed all episodes in amateur first.
    • Got all of the emblems that I have missed in my first playthrough.
    • Completed all episodes (only the last parts) in professional.
    • Cleaned up various other trophies.

    Now I got only Mad Skillz left and still need about 200.000 points. I remember it was my last trophy too, back when I played the game on PS3 prior to it's release (on another account). 

  4. Completed vol. 3 of hack//G.U. Last Recode and at the same time I completed watching .hack//Roots anime. For those who plan to play this I can say that it's a good idea to watch the series which is the prequel to the trilogy. 


    Now it's time for post-game grinding.


    Btw, I married Youkou (Alkaid) . Got that fever for tsundere types (:





    1. Schrimpey


      I enjoyed Hack so much im currently rewatching the animes and also bought myself the lightnovel etc :D

      Hope u had fun until now with the game! 

    2. Akechi-no-Yabou


      @Schrimpey Thank you ! I really enjoyed the story, but I can't say that I liked the battle system (x button smashing).


      The interesting point is, .Hack franchise might be the predecessor of isekai movement which had been very popular by SAO. I believe the creator(s) of SAO had been deeply influenced with .Hack.

    3. Schrimpey


      Yeah i think so too! Sure they were inspired by somethings :P

  5. Completed vol. 2 of hack//G.U. Last Recode. After I'm done with the post game collectibles, will continue with vol. 3. 


    Despite harsh critics, I loved the game and I loved the overall storyline. I will also complete watching .hack//Roots anime before I get my platinum.

    1. starcrunch061


      I always like GU. I never played the PS4 version, but I have all the PS2 entries (as well as the original ones).

  6. EU release date is 25.05.2021. Right now available for pre-order at PSN store.
  7. Game crashes before I can see the main menu. Deleted and installed again but to no avail. It’s the first time I experience such an issue in PS4, did this happen to anyone else ?
  8. Platprices upgrade is awesome, thank you for great work as always ! Just a very minor recommendation: it would be great if we were to see the prices while browsing our lists instead of game's page. Wouldn't it be useful to see all prices in our wishlist (or any custom game list) ?
  9. Finally gave a pause to PS3 and started dealing with my backlog on PS4. After getting done with King of Fighters 97 and Doom 2 (I do not pursue plat for both), I'll go for platinum of Dragon Quest Heroes. 

  10. I recently platted the game so here is my ultimate recommendation: Keep your analog sensitivity at 1:1 at all times. Since you won't be wasting any bullets, there is even no need for shrink ray during the battle (I did pass that part on my first try - just shot all of the octabrains quick, using a beer might be a good idea). By the way for the second Octaking fight I will also share how I did it. At the beginning of the fight just blasted octaking with devastator and did not care about octabrains. When my health was low I used the holoduke and kept on blasting. When holoduke wore off I used a beer and kept blasting (I had a beer before the fight - there is another beer on the platform in supply box). When that beer wore off I used beer once again and killed all of the octabrains with freezer (shrink ray is also a good idea - but I already discarded that). The idea behind this strategy is to stop spawning octabrains (when you damage octaking fair enough, no more octabrains are spawned). After I killed the octabrains just strafed left and right shooting the bastard.
  11. I have been playing hearthstone for a while (started 6 months ago - did not hit legend yet, but always ending the month at Diamond 1 or 2 with a deathrattle big hunter). Eventhough I did not pay for anything, I can deal with fancy-paid decks of a whole lot of people. If people wants to spend their money, let them do it. I just don't care (:
  12. Despite my pessimism, I completed Duke Nukem Forever at insane difficulty. 


    First of all, none of the boss battles (including that big octopus) were a big deal. But I'm sure I'd have a problem with the leech if I wasn't aware of the glitch.


    I never ever let go of freezer. It saved my ass in various spots including boss fights.


    Use beer only in cramped places with several enemies (for instance, that platform above water which you later on cut the electricity - dealing 4 or 5 octopuses with a limited foothold).


    Now I have to find those phones and get the plat. It will be a breeze...

    1. Copanele


      Congratulations!!! Yeah, finding the phones will be a piece of cake!

      Also if you go for the DLC - recommended, it's actually way better than the main game - the insane difficulty is nothing near as hard as it's in the main game :) 

    2. AJ_Radio


      Despite the bad reputation this game got that probably sealed Duke Nukem’s future as a franchise, I still plan to play this game. 

      There are worse games out there, but this is the last game I need to finish the Duke franchise, so I figured why not go for it.

  13. Missed Duke Nukem 3D so I gave a one more chance to Duke Nukem Forever. Trying Damn I'm Good difficulty, but damn I'm not that good. I got my ass handed to me several times even at the very beginning of the game. I'm at Queen Bitch now, let's see when I will give up..

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      OMG i forgot that damn plane fight. ohhh memories I don't need to relive lmaoo


      tho if Doom can have crap like doom 3, and return to form with Doom 2016/Doom Eternal, maybe one day we can get a new Duke. Doubt it tho.

    3. SnowxSakura


      Doom 3 is a great game though

    4. Akechi-no-Yabou


      I got the plane shooting section at my second try, I guess I was super lucky. 

      Now I have that dam fight to deal with. Won’t be easy..

  14. I'm an old school guy: 17 episodes so far.