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  1. Is there anyone out there that could help me with online trophies of Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers ? (my 3rd time creating a boosting session - no repsonse yet😓)

  2. Done with Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. I thought that after having all playable characters Mission Mode: All Characters could be achieved easily but nooo. In fact, some characters have specific conditions to be completed in order to play their missions, too much of a hassle.


    After 80 hours 67% were completed.




    After Gundam 2, started playing Saint Seiya on PS3. Once again I realized that I suck at fighting games. I'll try to get a few more trophies than move back to Lego the Hobbit.

  3. I work for an electronics retail company and just sent a project to upper brass regarding PS/Xbox achievement system and how to turn it into a loyalty program.


    Real curious about the reactions..

  4. I am amazed that we still have some genius people cheating on this game (and other games that online trophies are not available anymore).
  5. Could not resist the urge and purchased a lot of shitty games from PSN Store <1$ (some were 2$/3$).


    What I have played until now:

    Mayos (no need to explain)

    Demetrios (cute game if you ask me, especially if you had lived in the era of point and click adventure games such as Day of Tentacle, Monkey Island etc.)

    Kawaii Deathu Desu (fun game but a little bit too easy, grinding is necessary)

    Metagal (PS4 version is my fastest platinum so far, JP-Vita version has more trophies that's asking you to play the whole game - I still have 3 levels left. Megaman knock-off).

    Zeroptian Invasion (space invaders knock-off, easy platinum)

    Mecho Tales (an easy platformer, I liked the sprites - full of color)

    Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes (same guys that did Mecho Tales, however this one is a turn-based strategy. Not bad)


    What I haven't played (or played for a few while):

    The Count of Lucanor (not played a lot, need further info - seems like retro survival)

    Ninjin Clash of Carrots (fun game, slash all robot-ninjas and shit)

    Touhou Double Focus 

    Xenon Valkyrie+ (this seems not easy at all, I loved the visuals)

    Infinity Runner

    Cat Quest

    Super Night Riders

    Root Letter




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. enaysoft


      Wow, it has toilet humour?! Well NOW you've got my interest. lol

      Still seems to be full price on the UK store though and not 1-2 dollars.

    3. Akechi-no-Yabou


      @enaysoft I just checked from psdeals.net, almost all of the other games that I bought are priced back to original value.. 

    4. Leanthil


      Ninjin can be very hard at times. The last few levels were really frustrating.

  6. you are the real mvp ! big thanks !
  7. 65 hours in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. Now it's 52%.


    I'll get these for sure:

    Mission Mode: 15 Characters (silver)

    Total Shot Down: 100000 (silver)


    If I can get all the characters, I will also go for these:

    Mission Mode: All Characters (gold)

    Playable Characters Complete (gold)

    Movie Gallery Complete (bronze)


    Characters still missing:

    Gyunei Guss (Quess is required)

    Quess Paraya (Friendship with non-new type character)

    Reccoa Londe (shoot the bitch with Yazan)

    Rosamia Badam (Friendship with Kamille after joining AEUG)

    Sarah Zabirov (Friends with Sarah and Scirocco, enemies with Reccoa)




    1. enaysoft


      Great work.

  8. 60 hours in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 and still 38%.


    Platinum is not my target but will keep playing until I tackle those:

    Mission Mode: 15 Characters

    Mission Mode: All Characters

    Total Shot Down: 100000

    License Complete

    Playable Characters Complete

    All Friendship

    Ball, King of Space


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    2. enaysoft


      Indeed. There's something soothing about slaying millions of enemies with not too much effort. So far I have got 51 Musou platinums, I wonder if anyone has more than that. Also I have all the other versions from way back on Dynasty Warriors 2 on PS2. I will probably never buy Dynasty Warriors 9 though out of protest for the game being an awful open world type of game In my eyes Musou Orochi 4 is the last Musou game released so far..

    3. Akechi-no-Yabou


      @Avatar_Of_Battle I'd give it for free if you were around :) 


      @enaysoft I like Musou games too (but, I'm a more Basara-fan). Musou Orochi Z was enjoyable, I also have Musou Orochi 2 that I totally forgot about. Damn I'd better cope up with my backlog.

    4. enaysoft


      Make sure you get Platinum on Musou Orochi 2 before going for Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate since you can transfer your save and character progress into the second part.





    These are definitely the stats of a salaryman working monday-friday 08:00-17:00.

  10. target for my psn account's 5th year (3rd of May): 6.000 trophies PSN Level 400


    Hail to the frame baby !

    1. DrBloodmoney


      You can do it!

    2. Akechi-no-Yabou


      I hope so (: 

  11. These will be my last physical games for PS3:




    Note: Of course I will still be buying physical copies of JPN games for my collection.

    1. enaysoft


      I wish I had Gundam 2, the Japanese version which I mistakenly bought without realising the Japanese version does not have trophy support. Returned it straight away, but you can't get Gundam 2 from the store. Disc only game.

    2. Akechi-no-Yabou


      I was lucky to find it in a local store. Great game, offering at least 100 hours of playtime.

  12. AC2 => 17 feathers and 2 glyphs left - I did not miss anything yet, which is pretty odd :)

  13. 09.01.2020 CRIMINAL GIRLS: INVITE ONLY 01.01.2019 ワンピース 海賊無双 01.01.2018 CRYSIS 18.03.2017 SENGOKU BASARA: SAMURAI HEROES 01.07.2016 戦国BASARA HD My first plat will be AC2 for 2021.
  14. Just ordered Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers, Knights Contract and Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 => $19