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  1. How do you collect pets in your room? Edit: Solved. You need certain habitat items, such as a cat tree, bird perch, etc., and the pets themselves (these are all acquired from gacha pulls). Place them in your room, then highlight it in the room itself and press Square. You'll then get to select a pet. One pet category (dog, cat, bird, and rodent) is needed per habitat item.
  2. I destroyed all of the vehicles that criss-cross right before the Izuna fight, multiple times, and still nothing. What am I doing wrong? UPDATE: I got the trophy, but I'm not entirely sure how. The trophy popped while I was randomly shooting on the far left of the screen, after the overpass with all the cars, and right around the time that Izuna begins attacking. Even when watching a replay, I didn't notice any cars where I was shooting. Here's hoping someone else can shed some light on this one, so others can get it.
  3. You can copy them all back, but if you want to keep the spiffy new title screen (which you get after Ending D), then just copy back the Memory files, and do not copy back the System file. Leave the new System file as-is, since in addition to options and whatnot (difficulty, camera settings, button settings, etc.), the title screen data is also part of the System data.
  4. After a lot of googling, I found a Japanese guide which details how to get these. https://xn--zck9awe6d820vk6qg9be46k.com/crystar/57487/ Whenever you acquire a "death agony thought" from an enemy, you fill one of its three messages in the memoir (bestiary). What this equates to is a lot of replaying stages to roll the dice for Siren (red) enemies, which drop these thoughts. Bosses will drop them 100% of the time, but make sure you have at least one available "death agony thought" slot available, or you won't acquire it and will have to replay the stage. Likewise, also make sure to have slots available while thought-farming, as you can only carry up to 10 at a time. Unlike bosses, you can exit the stage at any time after gaining thoughts from Siren enemies, at least while replaying a stage. (since replaying adds an exit mirror where you start each floor) I hope this helps someone out there. If you're having issues hitting ctrl+f on the page I linked, try right-clicking and then "view page source," that helped me find what I was looking for.
  5. Border Break, if you don't mind doing the following: 1. Making a Japanese PSN account to download the game with. (You can then play it on any account) 2. Using Google Translate w/ your phone's camera to translate the game's various menus. (Unless you know Japanese)
  6. It was okay, but they didn't take care of it. The character voice clips were annoying (and there was NO way to turn off the shitty one-liners while keeping the important ones, like announcing their ultimates), the skins ALL sucked, no custom button binds on the console version (just several presets, all of which sucked in one way or another), most of the modes were incredibly same-ey, the infamous 1.4 patch RUINED what little good there was... hell, the soundtrack was the only legitimately great thing about the game.
  7. The stage 6 boss trophy is for timing him out? Seriously? That's whack, but thanks for the info. Gonna do just that!
  8. Credits are unlocked by gameplay time. I'm not sure, but I think it's somewhere in the area of 1 credit for every 20 or 30 minutes. Yeah, the save file-- in terms of credit unlocking and high scores-- is buggy as hell right now. I'd suggest either waiting until it's patched, or if you wanna get serious, just leave the Vita in sleep mode to get those 9 credits and beat Maniac mode. (Screw Omake mode... Maybe someday, but I just burnt myself out on the game spending all evening replaying that crap.) Someone out there has the "boss 6" trophy, and the same percentage of users have the Omake clear trophy, so I'm guessing it's bugged in a particular way that you can only unlock it on Omake. Once again, kinda shitty, I really hope they patch that out. The Vita version's trophies can't even sync at this point in time, since Sony doesn't visit the Vita on its deathbed very often, so hopefully that will change in the near future and the trophies will be in the network.
  9. Doesn't matter. When Johnny Rebel released the song "N*gger-Hatin' Me" in 1966, was that okay? Even though the people targeted by his song were Black, and thus not part of his album's sales demographic? The answer is no.
  10. I like how people in this thread are getting offended by the complete lack of being chased by a crossdresser. 😂😂😂
  11. Thanks, this helped me, too.
  12. Wow. Well, I feel silly. 😂 Thanks, this should help future players a lot. Otherwise, they'd be in for some oddly specific cutscene-watching, as mentioned.
  13. Like I said, you need to watch all 7 main scenes in order, then all 7 omake scenes in order see readytofuky's comment instead. The villain scenes are the main story, the good guys are the omake. Order is like this: 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 Gotta go down the left row, then the right one, in main story. Then do it again in omake. They want you to watch the main story scenes first-- which are on the right side when selecting, which is weird. You also need to do it all in one sitting, before exiting Classic mode, because progress is not saved in the story scene menu. Set aside an hour and just let them play out. After all 14 scenes, an 8th scene will appear in Omake. Edit: I see you finally got it. Congrats!
  14. At least the trophy for clearing one stage is easy enough in double-play mode. (which counts as co-op)