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  1. Lol compare it to the older games this is a joke. A good team and you can clear this in a week or 2.
  2. Well my account it not really a big thing a play most time the same series of games. Kh Hyperdimension Far cry And some games I just like. I compared to another players to see how fast you can Plat a game or how some got hard trophy's fast.
  3. Dying light. Got the ps4 a week before releasing of the game. Dying light. Got the ps4 a week before releasing of the game.
  4. The fist one had more fun maps to play on. Game play is a little bit better. This one has more to do in the hub world. Long story short: it's a fun game if you like the first one this game. (just a update version if you ask me)
  5. So I need grind it on some missions. But wat the RNG in this game. So far is got most but some I really need to do more then 4 times. Wat the highest number of mission replay for a strong word drop?
  6. Why is there no good ps3 and vita games. I miss a good game on that it's all ps4 all the time. A bit sad you can really see that it's dying.
  7. Looks nice and easy.
  8. Let's just hope comrades get a fix. Some missions are to hard ai is not really helpful.
  9. if the Difficulty works like the last of us then its just a play till you get beter. combat or stealth that how you can clear it. i think on the harder difficulty you will play more stealh like.
  10. it is a mobile game. so its not the same, i think it will just do the main game story. can get updates in the future maybe.
  11. I know how you feel. I try this solo at some point it just a wast of time. Some times you can't find medicine and it just a wait till your death or hope to find medicine. You really need a team for this.
  12. The game looks fun as hell. Trying to get 100% that will be a challenge. Or more like play the game 5 times that it.
  13. Wel so far it looks dead as am typing this i can't find a game.
  14. Thanks to big in japan sale. Ik got 2 vita games. For the ps4, school girl/zombie hunter. It looks fun. again one strange jp game.
  15. I love to see a new game. Love to see a remasterd one on ps4 A remake of the first game. Just wish we has some new stuff to play.