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  1. I use my gems for events (unlocks various potions that speed up progression in the event and thus increasing rewards) and glory for the weekly troop in the shop that also gives me traitstone, key and some gold
  2. I've tried to get the platinum but have given up. The torture of boosting this just isn't worth the time. In the time it takes to boost 2 wins I could actually play a game I enjoy playing as opposed to endless resets. Will never get a 100 percent profile so here's to not giving a.... anymore šŸ˜
  3. From what I understand experience is gained from number of battles fought. Some say that fleeing from battles count as well and is quicker than actually fighting
  4. Nope, you need to create new characters of the same class and hope they follow a different skill pattern and thus learn new skills which you then have to create a grimoire for so that you can teach the skill to another character
  5. Uff. Finally got short sights.. Luckily at 19k steps so not that much of a grind compared to others but still mind numbing at times. Missing 3 skills still atm, but suppose I'll take a quick timeout from grand kingdom in hopes to get some more energy for grinding rest..
  6. I downloaded the game via ps plus and I got all episodes including the bonus ones that are located in sapienza and Marrakech if I recall correctly. So it would appear 100 % is possible with the ps plus version of this month
  7. I created a new vault for this trophy using timeskip for weekly lunchboxes and got the trophy at 20 each. Takes about 2 hours opening, scrapping and selling
  8. Everything can be obtained without purchasing stuff with $$. Once you fulfill a requirement for a trophy and sync, the game will be added to trophy list.
  9. Just deleted game and re-download it, but alas no trophies. *edit* Just fulfilled requirement for a trophy and it popped and got added to trophy list