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  1. 2014: 1 The Godfather Part II (22,68%) 2015: 6 Most common: Sleeping Dogs (15,12%) Rarest: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (7,39%) 2016: 0 2017: 17 Most common: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (26,33%) Rarest: SoulCalibur V (2,85%) 2018: 22 Most common: LEGO Jurassic Park (21,83%) Rarest: Mortal Kombat (0.62%) 2019: 27 (so far) Most common: Far Cry Classic (31,28%) Rarest: Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (1,25%)
  2. Not a single one. I don't regret a single game I started, but couldn't complete. I play games for fun, not trophies. Plat is just a bonus.
  3. As someone who's beaten original Silent Hill about 15 times & looking forward to the remake (if it ever happens), this is my trophy wish list: To Hell & Back (Platinum): Collect all other trophies. Star Master (Gold): Get 10 gold stars. Survived The Hill (Gold): Beat the game on Hard difficulty. The End? (Silver): Beat the game on any difficulty. Indian Runner (Silver): Beat the game in less than 90 mins. Not Good Enough... (Silver): Get 7-9 gold stars. Collector (Silver): Collect all special items. I'm So Sorry... (Silver/Secret): Kill Incubator. This Has To End (Silver/Secret): Kill Incubus. Abducted (Silver/Secret): Get UFO ending. A New Beginning (Silver/Secret): Get Good+ ending. Is This Truly It? (Silver/Secret): Get Good ending. Was It All A Dream?! (Bronze/Secret): Get Bad ending. Lost More Than Gained (Bronze/Secret): Get Bad+ ending. Getting there... (Bronze): Get 1-6 gold stars. Fear Of Apes (Bronze): Kill 50 Rompers. Fear Of Birds (Bronze): Kill 50 Air Screamers/Night Flutters. Fear Of Children (Bronze): Kill 50 Gray Children. Fear Of Doctors (Bronze): Kill 50 Puppet Doctors/Nurses. Fear Of Dogs (Bronze): Kill 50 Groaners/Wormheads. Fear Of Insects (Bronze): Kill 50 Hanged Strachers. Open Wide! (Bronze/Secret): Kill Split Head. Still A Baby (Bronze/Secret): Kill Twinfeeler. Real Deal (Bronze/Secret): Kill Floatstinger. There Was No Other Way... (Bronze/Secret): Kill Cybil. Let's See What This Does (Bronze/Secret): Save Cybil. Alien Technology (Bronze/Secret): Kill 10 monsters with a Hyper Blaster. Heavy Duty (Bronze/Secret): Kill 10 monsters with a Rock Drill. Silent Hill Chainsaw Massacre (Bronze/Secret): Kill 10 monsters with a Chainsaw. Feudal Warrior (Bronze/Secret): Kill 10 monsters with a Katana. Game Over? (Bronze/Secret): Wake up in the café. School Night (Bronze/Secret): Get to the school. Birds Of A Feather (Bronze/Secret): Solve the Piano Puzzle. Stepping Into The Nightmare (Bronze/Secret): Witness alternative Silent Hill. Bed Time Story (Bronze/Secret): Read the Lizard story. Silent Hill Bridge Is Falling Down (Bronze/Secret): Lower the bridge. Not A Patient (Bronze/Secret): Get to the hospital. Sign Of The Zodiac (Bronze/Secret): Solve the Zodiac Puzzle. Alessa... (Secret/Bronze): See Alessa's photo. Drug Problem (Bronze/Secret): Read the Drug Report in Police Station. Antique Dealer (Bronze/Secret): Get to the Green Lion Antiques. Things Are Not What They Seem (Bronze/Secret): Find Kaufmann's secret stash. No Time For Fun & Games (Bronze/Secret): Get to the amusement park. Loneliest Place In Town (Bronze/Secret): Get to the lighthouse. Middle Of Nowhere (Bronze/Secret): Wake up in Nowhere. Harry In Wonderland (Bronze/Secret): Solve the Colored Plates Puzzle. Light Will Guide You (Bronze/Secret): Solve Light Puzzle. White What? (Bronze/Secret): Find out about White Claudia. Don't Fear The Reaper (Bronze/Secret): Solve Grim Reaper's List Puzzle. A Truth About Lisa (Bronze/Secret): Read Lisa's diary. There are 51 trophies total (1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 39 Bronze).
  4. Yes, it can be done with just 2 players (I did it last year). It will take some practice, but it is doable.
  5. Only 2 games? Why stop there?! There's more great 2D games based on Disney movies, like: Disney's Jungle Book Download video Disney's Hercules: Action Game Download video Disney's Pocahontas Download video And one Pixar: Toy Story Download video
  6. Mighty No.9. It was suppose to be a spiritual successor to Mega Man series, but I saw the gameplay & the game looks... cheap. Like it was made for PS2 or Wii or... something...
  7. Without a doubt Silent Hill 2 & Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. When I first played FF2, I remember when you're wondering the village for the first time, the screen will go screwy & in one doorway you'll see a pair of female legs wondering about for a second or so. When I saw that, it left me disturbed. On my second playthrough, I payed attention to that one moment & this time it was funny for some reason.
  8. You can go to & find a shop called "We Buy Books". They always have Ratchet & Clank games & are selling them very cheap ( I buy from them all the time).
  9. To OP: I see you didn't finish Batman: Arkham Origins MP trophies. I suggest you do them ASAP, 'cos they already shot down the servers once.
  10. In alphabetical order: Age of Mythology + The Titans expansion Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars + Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror + Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon + Broken Sword: The Angel of Death Clive Barker's Undying Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine + Indiana Jones & The Emperor's Tomb Postal 2 + all expansions Rune + Halls of Valhalla expansion Severance: Blade of Darkness Terry Pratchett's Discworld + Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!? + Discworld Noir Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos + Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Just to name a few...
  11. These are my picks (in alphabetical order): Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (Over 9000) Far Cry 3 (Mastered the Jungle) inFamous 2 (inFamous 2 Platinum trophy) Prince of Persia (Master) Red Dead Redemption (Legend of the West) Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (Does whatever a spider can!) Splatterhouse (Make the Voices Stop) The Last of Us (It can't be for nothing) - PS3
  12. Sure! Let's chat sometime .
  13. Order of release dates: God of War - 2005 God of War II - 2007 God of War: Chains of Olympus - 2008 God of War III - 2010 God of War: Ghost of Sparta - 2010 God of War: Ascension - 2013 God of War III Remastered - 2015 God of War (4) - 2018 Timeline: God of War: Ascension God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War God of War: Ghost of Sparta God of War II God of War III/Remastered God of War (4) You are welcome Jamie
  14. To OP: If you want to host boosting session, make sure to set it several days in advance (probably on weekends). In most cases reliable players will join you (remember they need those trophies too). Sometimes players will join who can't or won't boost (ether because they are busy working or boosting something else). If nobody joins your session, you can always try & join somebody's else's session. Have faith, be calm & you'll get all the trophies you need, but don't be a jerk, stay in the session until everyone gets everything. Hope it helps & good luck, dude (or babe)!
  15. Thanks for the "walkthrough", but It's was a good thing Rambo: The Video Game got delisted, cos it is ONE OF THE WORST PS3 TITLES EVER!!! Now if you can find a walkthrough how to DL X-Men: The Arcade Game or The Simpsons Arcade from PSstore, I'm sure a ton a gamers will be grateful to you.