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  1. A man goes to psychiatrist & says: Please doctor, help me. I have a huge problem. You see, I'm a grown man & yet every night I wet the bed. Doctor: Tell me everything. Man: When I fall asleep, a gnome carrying a chamber pot comes to my dream & asks: "Did we peed yet?" & I say "No", then he asks "Well, what are we waiting for?" & that's where I wet the bed & wake up. Please help me. Doctor: Hmmm, here's what you do: When the gnome asks you if you peed yet, you say "Yes" & everything should be alright. Come again next week & tell me how it goes. Man: I will. Thank you doctor. 1 week later, man comes back & doctor asks: So what happened? Did the therapy work? Man: Don't ask me anything doctor. I did everything you said. Gnome came to my dream, asked me if I peed yet, I said "Yes", then he asked me "Did we pooped yet", I said "No" & then he asked "Well, what are we waiting for?".
  2. If I remember correctly, you need a disguise, because if you don't have it, CEO will enter panic mode & run around the room & he needs to be sitting at the table in order for key card to appear.
  3. If the key card doesn't appear, you have to wait between 5-7 minutes & it will appear (silently) at the edge of table on CEO's side. Key card is blueish in color & really small.
  4. & don't forget: Vice City: Michael Jackson: Wanna be Startin' Somethin' - Fever 105 San Andreas: Joe Cocker: Woman to Woman - K-DST Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the Name - Radio X
  5. Whoops! Didn't see that you need a walkthrought, not a trophy guide. Sorry, lol. EDIT: Typos.
  6. Here you go @Taliesin_2943. Hope it helps! EDIT: Added DLC guides.
  7. This is the international trailer: It's better then US one, but the movie still looks cheap. It's so strange to me that the producers decided to adept 2 video games in 1 movie on $40 mill. budget, when it would be much better (story wise) to adept only 1st game on the same budget, make better costumes, make-up & CGI effects. I'll still watch it nonetheless.
  8. Here's everything that is wrong with this movie: 1. Filmmakers decided to adept 2 video games in 1 movie. 2. Chris & Claire Redfield meet in Raccoon City & form a plan to expose Umbrella. 3. Spencer Mansion segments & Raccoon City segments are happening AT THE SAME TIME. 4. No Barry Burton & Rebecca Chambers for Spencer Mansion segments & no Sherry Birkin for Raccoon City segments. 5. Leon S. Kennedy looks like Carlos Oliveira. 6. Actors look like cosplayers with those costumes. 7. Cheap looking CGI. And here are all good things about this movie: 1. Paul W. S. Anderson & Milla Jovovich have nothing to do with it. 2. Locations look true to the video games. That's it. My biggest concern is, if this movie fails, Constantin Film (production company) might hire Paul W. S. Anderson & Milla Jovovich again to reboot the franchise or make Part 7 of the original movie franchise. God forbid. EDIT: Typos.
  9. I'm experiencing the same thing on my laptop while using Chrome, but on Mozilla, everything seems to be working fine.
  10. OK, the game froze 4 times in a row for me & on my 5th attempt I passed the mission. Here's what I did: 1. I turned off all Red Bricks. 2. My characters were Poe Dameron (Flight Suit) & Snap Wexley. 3. During the lightspeed screens, I DID NOT move my ship. Hope this helps & don't give up!
  11. Whoops! I didn't see that, lol. I fixed it now. There are 10 games (11 if you count both Genesis & SNES versions of Disney's The Lion King.). EDIT: Wrong game mentioned.
  12. The collection consists of 10 games: 1. Disney's Aladdin (Genesis/Mega Drive) developed by Virgin Interactive 2. Disney's Aladdin (NES) developed by NMS Softwere 3. Disney's Aladdin (SNES) developed by Capcom 4. Disney's Aladdin (Game Boy) developed by NMS Software 5. Disney's The Jungle Book (Genesis/Mega Drive) developed by Virgin Interactive 6. Disney's The Jungle Book (SNES) developed by Eurocom 7. Disney's The Jungle Book (Game Boy) developed by Eurocom 8. Disney's The Lion King (Genesis/Mega Drive & SNES) developed by Westwood Studios 9. Disney's The Lion King (NES) developed by Virgin Interactive 10. Disney's The Lion King (Game Boy) developed by Dark Technologies Here's the trailer: & here are side-by-side comparison videos between the versions. Enjoy: Disney's Aladdin (Genesis vs SNES): Disney's The Lion King (Genesis vs SNES): Disney's The Jungle Book (Genesis vs SNES):
  13. On my 1st playthrough (Normal difficulty), I forgot to collect 2 cards in Chapter 19: Dark Omen & at the end, I had 540 points. The trophy did not unlock, of course. So I replayed Chapter 19, collected the cards & trophy still didn't unlock. So, I started the clean up via Chapter Select & trophy unlocked on Chapter 4: Confession. On my 2nd playthrough (Hard difficulty/new login), I collected all the cards (no Chapter Select) & this time I got 555 points. Here's a pic: My guess is: if you try to collect all cards, without using Chapter Select, the trophy will unlock for sure, when you get the last card (200 points), after the credits. If the trophy glitches, all you can do is to replay the chapters via Chapter Select & using current login. The trophy will unlock soon or later. When you collect a card, always check if you got the points by pressing left part of touch pad. If not, return to main menu, select Continue & try again. Hope it helps & don't give up!
  14. OK, so I finished Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) today on Hard difficulty & I got The Road Less Traveled trophy on my first try. Here's how I did it (it will have same spoilers): 1. In main menu, go to Options & set difficulty to Hard. Start a New Movie & ignore the Tutorial. 2. Play through the game & try to collect all crucifixes (lives). Here are all locations: Chapter 4: Confession - Accept the crucifix from Marcus. Chapter 6: Alternate Reality - In Lucas' office, in the right desk drawer of Lucas' workstation. Chapter 10: Hide & Seek - A the beginning of the level, follow the path to dead end. Chapter 15: Agatha - In Agatha's bedroom, on a nightstand, on the right side of the bed. Chapter 29: The Fugitive - In Tiffany's bathroom, between the sink & the shower. Chapter 34: Fate on Russian Hills - From the start, go right & follow the path to dead end. Chapter 41: Where's Jade? - In the last room on the right of the hallway. Chapter 42: Bogart - In the middle train car. If you lose all lives, DO NOT continue from the last save. Instead, return to main menu & select Continue. 3. At any point, DO NOT continue the game from Chapter Select. This can mess up your progress & glitch the trophy. Also when you want to end the game, wait for it to save & quit via XMB. 4. Try to save as much crucifixes as possible (you'll need them for rooftop battle). To make things a little bit easier, in Chapter 41: Where's Jade? try to find Jade (she's in the last room on left of the hallway). After the damned Matrix rooftop battle, give the girl to Agatha (AI). In the last chapter, instead of the Oracle, AI will carry the girl. Win the very easy L1/R1 sequence & very short & easy QTE sequence. Oracle will appear. DO NOT give him the girl & win another very short & easy QTE sequence, carry the girl to the alter & that's it. If you did everything right, trophy will unlock DURING the end movie. Hope it helps & don't give up! EDIT: Typos.
  15. So, now R* is turning into Acitvison/EA/Konami/Ubisoft/Valve/WB Games? Figures... & I wanted to start GTAV next month... Thanks a lot R*!