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  1. Pretty much any licence-type games. For example: Activision lost the licence for the following franchises & now these games are super expensive: All Cabela's games for PS3 & PS4 Deadpool for PS4 All Activision produced Spider-Man games for PS3 & PS4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark & Transformers: Devastation
  2. Whoops! My bad. Still a crap game, tho .
  3. Sony should have a voting system for players to choose what 3 next PS+ games will be. For example 2 out of 10 games from PS4 list & 1 out of 5 games from PS5 list with biggest number of votes will be free for PS+ the next month. If things don't change, we'll except more crap games (& yes AO Tennis 2 is a crap game) in following months. Just my 2 cents.
  4. These are my picks: PS3: LEGO Batman: The Video Game (no trophies) LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (no trophies) LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues LEGO Jurassic World LEGO Marvel Super Heroes LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (no trophies) LEGO The Lord of the Rings PS4: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham LEGO City Undercover LEGO DC Super-Villains LEGO Harry Potter Collection LEGO Jurassic World LEGO Marvel Super Heroes LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
  5. Check here: I hope it helps!
  6. Kinda looks like a cross between Ready 2 Rumble & old Rocky games from PS2. We'll see...
  7. I think they will stack. There are 4 PS3 Yakuza 3 stacks (5 if you count PS4 version). They are: 1. Yakuza 3 (English) 2. Ryo ga Gotoku 3 (Japanese, Black Label version) 3. Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Japanese, PS3 The Best version (first pic)) 4. Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Asian, Black Label/BigHits Series (Korea)/PS3 The Best (second pic)) I hope it helps.
  8. Actually there 2 versions of Yakuza 3 Playstation 3 The Best series: Japanese one: Asian one:
  9. Made by Teyon, the same guys who made Terminator: Resistance, so maybe we'll get a new RoboCop vs. Terminator game in the near future! Here's hoping 🙏!
  10. Happy birthday PS Trophies! I got my PS3 in January 2014 & my first plat was in May I believe of the same year, but I'm not really sure, 'cos I didn't have the internet back then. I didn't become a serious trophy hunter until the May of 2017. My first plat was Platinum Trophy for The Godfather II: Ugly trophy & a really disappointing game when I think about it, but whatcha gonna do...
  11. Nope, if you buy a new copy. This voucher code doesn't have expiration date. 2 years ago, I bought PAL version from Poland brand new for 25€ & nowhere does it say when it expires. Anyway, I'm happy that you found DLC on PSStore! Have fun getting the plat & 100%!
  12. You mean this: It comes with both games on separate discs, but unfortunately, DLC is NOT on Armageddon disc. You only get super voucher code for all DLCs for both Guerrilla & Armageddon & a complete version of Red Faction: Battlegrounds.
  13. I read about it somewhere a long time ago. The article could be wrong, but I remember it clearly. According to Polygon, Max Payne 3 servers were also effected when GameSpy servers shot down. This is a Polygon article from 2014:
  14. TO ANYONE WONDERING IF GTAIV & RDR ONLINE WILL BE EFFECTED, THE ANSWER IS NO. Back in 2014, GameSpy servers which hosted both GTAIV, RDR & many other games were shot down & 6 months later online for GTAIV & RDR was broth back with private servers called GoneSpy. Servers were running ever since then & R* has nothing to do with them.
  15. I'll just wait for a complete/definitive/ultimate edition for PS5, PS6 or PS7. I'm not in a hurry.