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  1. Well I played 90 minutes of my first game Sonic mania, never liked sonic as a kid and I still don't lol, not sure why I even tried it, I'm going to swap it out for The witness can't play any more of that haha got 1 trophy though rip, only thing I liked was the music.
  2. Never done this before but sounds fun and my completion rate is garbage anyway so heres my list: 1. Sonic Mania 2. Doom 3. Ratchet & Clank 4. Murdered: Soul Suspect 5. N++ Hopefully these games are fine and how long of a review do you want? I ain't much of a writer lol
  3. Need help with the Radec's Revenge Trophy message me ASAP! Please iEatS0ULZ
  4. Need help with Radec's Revenge trophy ASAP message me! iEatS0ULZ