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  1. I appreciate your comments Kittet3 and RNnumbers. Very informative and you guys don't seem biased. I hate to admit it, but I feel like a little kid giving into peer pressure. So much for me trying to stand my ground. If I'm flagged that doesn't mean I'm a cheater, but it does remove me from leader boards. I like to see how I fair against the world. Since you're saying it's impossible to tell the difference, I'm just being lumped in with the others. I understand. It's black and white. Inserting my old memory card in my new vita and game without syncing trophies on my old vita put me in the grey area. Fine, I'll hide my game. I'll just play it on my PS4 instead. The Danganronpa games I don't mind starting all over. All I did was just beat the story. I didn't go out of my way trying to get most of the trophies like I did for Akibastrip. I'm just glad I didn't play P4 at the time. Since I had no internet, I couldn't finish it without reading a guide online. Earlier you said this happened to many players. I was wondering if you could link some. All I found were players asking questions of upgrading to a new vita and if it would be a problem. I haven't seen any threads similar to my case.
  2. Yeah I just read the link. Using your own save apparently can get you flagged. "This includes using your own save file to unlock trophies at an impossible time frame, be careful with this, always sync your trophies, and do not use your save file to earn trophies impossibly out of order."
  3. Thanks for the advice. Sorry if it wasn't clear for you guys. I'm not going to specifics. All I can say is I went Hulk. Which means I no longer have my old Vita and games. My memory card was in good condition and knowing I spent hundreds of hours on P4, was enough for me to keep it. These games aren't digital. They were all physical. That's why I had to buy them again. I'm disappointed in this procedure. If I had to prove myself, this can easily be recreated. From the responses I'm receiving it seems like there is no innocent until proven guilty process. I'm not hiding my Akibastrip game. I didn't cheat. All I did was put my old memory card in a new vita and bought a new game. I'll plat it someday but I definitely won't hide it.
  4. Hi. This was about in 2015-2016 and about 2 months I had no internet. In that time I was playing Danganronpa 1,2, Despair Girls, and Akibastrip. Stuff happened and my memory card was in one piece, so I kept it. Spending about 200 hrs with your waifus in P4 is enough to even calm the hulk. Early 2018 I got myself a new Vita and bought another P4 and Akibastrip game. I mainly wanted to make sure my saves were ok. I put in my old memory card and my P4 and Akibastrip saves are good. Only problem I had was that at the time when I had no internet I wasn't able to sync my trophies. As I logged onto my character in Akibastrip some trophies popped. Then others started popping as I stripped the enemies clothes off. I have 89% completion in the game but my other trophies didn't unlock. I'm assuming I got to do certain tasks so it can unlock the other trophies like beating the game again. If you look at my timestamps for Akibastrip it looks really suspicious. Especially when it says I unlocked the trophy for stripping 300 clothes, while the one for 50 didn't unlock. I was thinking of buying the Danganronpa games for my Vita right now but I think the same thing will happen. I looked online and I couldn't find any similar cases as mine. What are your thoughts? Will I get reported because someone will think I hacked? Anyone experienced the same thing?