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  1. It’s more about spending 50+ euros/dollars/pounds/else to decide how you feel about it... Unfortunately I longer have a money-growing tree in my backyard. Agregators like Metacritic are quite handy in my opinion because they give a quite accurate vision of a game’s quality - when I see dozens of people making similar statements, I tend to assume it’s somewhat accurate. For an exclusive game with such a marketing campaign behind it, it is. Particularly when you arrive after other exclusives like Horizon, God of War or Spider-Man...
  2. I had been looking forward to this one and the list looks quite doable. Unless you have an allergy to collectibles maybe...
  3. ...and the critics are far from outstanding. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/days-gone Among the main issues, the technical performance is the least understandable for a game specifically developed for the PS4. Especially when compared to other exclusives like God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn.
  4. So I read, basically 70GB for the game itself added to a 21GB day-one patch... I miss the days when games were developed, tested, polished, then published 🙄
  5. Indeed and believe me, when you have a shitty internet connection, a few days is not too much to download something as massive as 91GB... 🙃
  6. I suppose most of them are ready to release by now, does anyone know when the blackout expires?
  7. Going to try something classic for my next trips...
  8. Neef-GT5, Speed Demon... I suppose it could have been quite worse :-)
  9. #26 - Secret of Mana Difficulty = 2.5/10 Enjoyment = 3/10 Let's go straight to the point: this game is bound to become one of my hugest gaming disappointments ever. Of course I read the press, I knew it was definitey not the great remaster all fans expected, but honesty it's even worse than expected. I am among these people that discovered Secret of Mana on the Super NES, I was a teenager back then and spent countless hours on it, playing and replaying it. I suppose it already had its flaws but the overall experience made them unsignificant. Maybe I'm just older now, but the feeling I got while playing this game was quite the opposite: the flaws ruined the overall experience... And these flaws are countless: the terrible pathfinding from the NPCs, the bugs and crashes even on the patched version (nota - I played the Vita version), and more generally the complete lack of ambition from Square Enix. When you decide to touch a legend, you either do it right or do nothing. And this happens to be the laziest remaster I've ever seen. A simple port of the original version would have been much more satisfactory, all the additions done here being pointless - the ridiculous discussions between the characters at the inns, the cinematics that seem to come straight from a PS2, the new musics that do not match the original, 16-bit ones... The list goes on and on. Add to this the poorest trophy list ever and the deal is done. Apart from the - again - laziness of it (they didn't even bother to give names to the trophies, damn it!), you'll be gone for an endless grinding in the latest zones of the game, praying the RNG gods to put an end to it. So, is everything dull ? Sure no, it remains a very decent RPG. But the feeling of complete waste is just too strong. Well done Square Enix, you just spat in the face of your own customers...
  10. To take this example, Dragon Age: Inquisition has a 26% average completion, so A rank is attained when reaching 26 x 1.55 = 41% completion (no decimals, you have to round at the higher unit.) Whether this low average is due to the game being quite difficult, time-consuming or followed by a shitload of DLC (or the three together) is irrelevant in the calculation...
  11. Hereunder the details of ranking calculation for whoever it might interest: F rank = no trophy acquired E rank = at least one trophy acquired D rank = average completion - 60% C rank = average completion - 25% B rank = average completion + 20% A rank = average completion + 55% S rank = all trophies acquired (DLC included) Hence you can reach an A rank even below 10% completion on some extremely tough games (like Sine Mora for instance) whilst on some very easy games like this one, ranks A and B can even be unattainables - you directly jump from C to S when reaching 100%. I personnaly like this system, it's a good way to benchmark your own "performance" beyond the sheer completion rate.
  12. Jeeez, I feel so old suddenly... I was already driving in 1995 😅 The guys on the marketing team deserve an Oscar, I feel like trying the game just out of its title...
  13. Every recent Star Wars movie somehow makes me wish George Lucas had just stopped everything in 1983...
  14. Arriving late on this one but I didn't find any topic on it, sorry if it's a duplicate... I'm rather confused about this, it could be among the most original games ever and I really want to believe it can be great, but this trailer fails to show how the studio intends to turn an original idea into an interesting game 🤔 I'd like to have your feelings about it. Does anyone have more information about this project?
  15. Won't go into a "which is better" contest, could be just endless - as you said, it's all about people being used to it ;-) The joy of forum threads :-) Next we can keep going of hours formats: is it currently 3:34 PM or 15:34? 😛