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  1. No need to delete everything. Just start a new game, accuracy stat should be back to 0. Then just complete the game while being careful at your shots ;-) I suggest you go on Explorer difficulty, with auto-aim activated to make things easy. I did the same, finished well above 80% without any issue.
  2. Indeed, I’d love to see Polyphony produce a similar spin-off to Gran Turismo, instead of this stupid, online-multiplayer centered GT Sport...
  3. Let’s face it: this so-called game is just a massive troll. No point in playing it, even less in actually buying it...
  4. Every year seems to set an even higher quality level, congrats & well done all!!! 👍
  5. Definitely Sound Shapes and its deceptively high overall stats on this site. Death mode is really awful because entirely RGN-based and time limited, there's no way one can "learn" each level or train - you just need to try and try and try again until you get lucky with how the notes will randomly spawn...
  6. Nothing for me but let’s be honest, this is quite a pretty decent month. MGS4 is really a nice farewell present before the PS3 exits the PS+. And as of the Vita... well, it’s been a while Sony has forgotten it even exists 😕
  7. Not sure Sine Mora can ever be called an easy game, but this sure can make it less tedious. Thanks for sharing 👍
  8. #25 - Burly Men at Sea Difficulty = 1.5/10 Enjoyment = 5/10 Another decent PS Plus game. Extremely short and extremely straightforward, it's a really offered platinum to add to your collection. Trophies only relate to what we have no choice but to call a story and to the various endings, which will demand many playthroughs. No worries though, going all the way through the game is really quickly done. And the "choices" leading to each end are so obvious that a guide is not even necessary. Not really much else to say, the game is pretty basic. If you're in search of a memorable narrative experience or a technical masterpiece, you shall be disappointed. But if you just feel like seeing a platinum pop on your TV screen in a matter of hours, then you definitely knocked at the right door... :-)
  9. For me, definitely the way Sony has thrown the Vita down in the toilet and pulled the flush... Wow... Maybe it's just time for you to simply quit videogaming for a while ;-)
  10. Really felt like giving it a try - I spent so many hours on the comics while a child! - but 50€ for a PS2 remaster is just not possible. What were these guys thinking? Like many, I’ll wait for a sale...
  11. May Sony hear you on this one...
  12. Looks like a hoax and I’d like to know where this information comes from. This is a remaster if a 20+ year old game, cannot figure what kind of a DLC there could be... 🤔
  13. Looks like a nice, free and with-a-platinum game. Enough for me 😊
  14. #24 - Rime Difficulty (using a guide) = 2/10 Difficulty (fully on your own) = 8/10 Enjoyment = 6.5/10 A pretty decent game I got with the PS Plus. Rather short, technically flawed, with lags even on PS4 Pro whilst the game should not be too demanding and a sometimes broken camera, it has quite déjà-vu gameplay mechanics and very simple puzzles. This is more than balanced by the story - very cryptic for the longest part of the game, it suddenly makes sense on the last straight and makes the game worth a second playthrough, with a very strong and heartbreaking ending. The platinum will be a breeze with a guide and a nightmare without. The game is quite simple but most trophies are not, with extremely well hidden collectibles and a bunch of cryptic, not self-explanatory-at-all contextual trophies. I recommend a blind playthrough to enjoy the story (and put your "collectibles finding skills" to the test...) and a second for trophies and a relecture of the plot. In summary, quite worth a few bucks and hours of your time if you enjoyed games like Journey (tough Rime is not as great as it.)
  15. Anyone to confirm this now that the game is out?