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  1. I can only support Severed and Tearaway - two absolutely great games that wonderfully use the specific Vita features. Also you might give a go to Golden Abyss if you’re an Uncharted enthusiast - by no means the best of the series but a very decent action/adventure game nonetheless. If you’re a Zelda fan then Reverie is for you. If you fancy creepy games, Yomawari might be a pleasant surprise :-) My major Vita disappointment was Gravity Rush - never got into the plot and the weird controls didn’t help. Many people seem to have enjoyed it but I’m definitely not among them…
  2. Quite predictable since the Microsoft acquisition of Zenimax. This is just good business, no reason to moan about it… That being said, I wouldn’t trade God of War Ragnarok nor Horizon Forbidden West for all the elder scrolls in the world. So no harm done 🙂
  3. Thanks @DrBloodmoney for this new batch. You frankly are quite a talented critic - your comments on LA Cops really made my day :-)
  4. Kind reminder: Santa doesn’t actually exist…
  5. They sure did mess things up big time with Cyberpunk, however don’t let this stop you from playing The Witcher III - it’s a really awesome game. Even more now that it has been patched in all possible ways 😉 I wouldn’t replay it even if I had a PS5 because I just cannot re-invest 100+ hours of my time, but I wish I had been able to play it in a 4K, 60 FPS mode. Would have made it even greater…
  6. Felt like doing some kind of follow-up here, as I’m interested in having feedback about Super Solo from a player already good enough to access it… How tough is it vs. normal campaign?
  7. #34 – Reverie Difficulty – 3/10 Enjoyment – 7/10 Time elapsed – 10+ hours Another small & inviting game I had had in my to-play list for a while. Being a not-so-young-anymore gamer who discovered the media on the very first NES, I belong to this group of gaming veterans who lost themselves in The Legend of Zelda some thirty years ago, and any game likely to bring me back into this awesome masterpiece of my childhood of old is necessarily catching my attention. So here we are with Reverie, a game that does not try to hide its source of inspiration – 2D open world with a view from above, designed in a cute & simplistic pixel art way, with stuff to collect, riddles to solve, monsters to fight and dungeons to explore. Add to this a really reasonable pricing and a pitch set in New Zealand, I really couldn’t miss it. For once I’ll start with the cons – Reverie is really, really too short and too simple. Even a player who enjoys taking his time and exploring won’t need more than 10 to 12 hours to complete it thoroughly, and even if the last dungeons will present a bit of challenge, I never felt that the game was actually trying to resist me. This game would have deserved a larger map, with more secrets to uncover, more challenging dungeons and some extra events to propose after the main quest is over. But there are pros as well for sure – the ambience is great, with a cute, almost childish design that make the visuals quite attractive. The plot is basic but implemented in the frame of a traditional Maori tale, making it quite pleasant to follow. Collectibles are in a reasonable amount and don’t feel like they’ve been added just to the sake of artificially enlarging the lifespan of the game, though it’s a shame some shall unlock items that happen to be useless, as received once everything else is done. All in all Reverie is a nice game for a fair price, that doesn’t cheat the player about what to expect. Which is an enjoyable time spent on an enjoyable game.
  8. There are many trophies I didn’t get, but the one that definitely broke me is Gold Standard, from Gran Turismo 5. For those who don’t know, it demands to attain a gold cup on every race. For a while I really thought I would get it (and plat the game in the same move; I even bored myself with grinding B-Spec in this regard) but I’ll forever remain three races from the target. Yes, those - the infamous Vettel Challenge. I play with a pad and managing to reach the finish line without a mistake is already tough, but even when I did manage to complete what I felt were really, really good laps, I was still many seconds away from the gold target. So I eventually had to choose between this trophy and my sanity (and a couple of pads as well). Congrats Gold Standard, you did break me…
  9. #33 – Concrete Genie Difficulty – 3/10 Enjoyment – 6.5/10 Time elapsed – 10+ hours I had had Concrete Genie in my why-not-play-it-someday list for a while; I hence jumped on it when it came as a PS Plus monthly offer, and it was quite worth the time spent on it – in a few words, a quite decent feel-good piece of gaming. This game is sure quite short and really easy to go through. Some collectible-related trophies may prove to be a bit tricky to get without a guide, but most will come naturally as you progress through the main adventure and as the map is not overly extended, all in all this one is a really accessible plat. I’ll give a special mention to the devs for implementing the few VR-related trophies as a DLC-added list, so not being equipped with a VR helmet won’t stop you from platting the game. Gameplay is quite simple but well thought and using the various painting features come in handy quite naturally, and the games allows to use it in many places – not only where needed in the main story. As mentioned above the map is fairly small and “compartmented” in several areas that become accessible along the adventure, with a very straightforward progression. Not much to say from a technical standpoint, which is simply OK: nothing shocking there, but nothing awesome either. Same goes for the plot, really basic and classic. That being said, I spent an enjoyable time on this game – that’s all I was asking for 😊
  10. Is it just me, or does Sony actually now consistently propose far better games on the PS Now than for PS Plus subscribers?
  11. If you managed to plat GT5 then GT6 will look like a gentle breeze to you. The only actually difficult trophy is indeed the one relating to the Ayrton Senna DLC, but it’s really far from being as insanely hard as the Vettel Challenge from GT5…
  12. Great lineup indeed - quite a contrast with the recent PS+ offers…
  13. Such a disappointment… For a second I felt like “Yes!!! A Plague Tale!!!!” That was before I realized it was the PS5 version only. And on PS4 then? Catch and Call of Duty. F***!!! Sony really ruined my day…
  14. Winston Churchill would tell you that this game has nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat...
  15. Considering there sure will be people willing to part with 50+ $/€ to play the PS5 remaster of the PS4 remaster of a PS3 game, why should rockstar deny themselves with such an easy money-making operation?