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  1. Can’t believe Cory Barlog had confirmed the name of this sequel over a year ago... For all those we know what an acrostic is 🙃 I’m already hyped as hell... The 2018 reboot is among my GOAT games, this will be a must-play for me 🥰
  2. I’m afraid I belong to this vast majority of TrackMania players who dropped the game while still light years away from the platinum. Not speaking of reaching the super solo campaign... Hats off to whoever did it! 😊
  3. Looking at the price of games is pointless unless you put this in perspective with the time you’re going to spend on it. And I sure rather invest 80€ in a game that will entertain me for dozens of hours than spending 12€ in a theatre movie... Such an increase was inevitable in my opinion. You can’t expect new generation games to become endlessly more beautiful, more complex, more innovative and yet have no impact of the development costs.
  4. While you’re having a look at your crystal ball, can you give us next week’s lottery details? Seriously it’s only the very first trailer. Maybe a little bit early to issue such a definitive statement?
  5. That’s quite correct but do not overlook the psychological thing in it, and how people can be somewhat irrational - the same blokes that will easily invest a thousand bucks in the newest iPhone shall still be reluctant in putting more than half of it in a PS5/XSX... In my opinion the Series X may exceed only the $500 threshold if Microsoft proposes also a less powerful, cheaper Series S as a side choice. Sony seemingly not having prepared a similar strategy of proposing two different machines (other than with or without a Blu-ray drive) I’m afraid they will be stuck with this $500 psychological barrier... I do not see the PS5 being more expensive, with the digital-only version price around 10% cheaper. Edit - adding my prediction: 449 €/$ for the digital version, 499 €/$ for the disc one.
  6. The best soundtrack to listen to while playing is definitely Nier Automata’s... But on a sheer musical standpoint, no game beats Furi. Its soundtrack gathers some of the greatest electro artists and I could listen to it for hours ❤️
  7. Quite predictable, actually... No Russian, remember ? 🙃
  8. Far more than Covid-19, Sony managed to kill the interest of soooo many people these last years...
  9. The official list is finally out and I must say I really love the artworks - looking forward to seeing them pop on my screen 😉
  10. Correcting my previous message - my mistake, there are only 8 stim cells to find indeed. Didn’t have any issue myself so not sure what to advise... Including the two you start with, so only eight to find as collectibles...
  11. #30 – NieR: Automata Difficulty – 5/10 (the legit way) Difficulty – 3/10 (using the infamous in-game trophy shop) Enjoyment – Through the roof You have to play this game. You have to play this game for its story. Rare are the games to offer such a mirror of our society to glance at, with such depth in the plot and narration, and it’s impossible not to get sometimes lost in thoughts about these machines, becoming more human than humans while fighting an endless war that was never theirs. The story is told via several chapters that can be played through the eyes of different protagonists, so you only get to grasp the full extent of it only after reaching the different endings, and is served by many dialogs between NPCs, archives to uncover and side quests that will add pieces of information to the bigger picture, which truly is a picture to remember. You have to play this game for its soundtrack, simply awesome. This is no coincidence that music is the most praised aspects of this game, as it’s both utterly magnificent and always incredibly fit to the gameplay. There’s a mix of orchestral moves, vocals and electronic sounds that manages to turn any exploration phase or side quest into a memorable moment, and I often found myself marveled as of how a track has suddenly triggered from an in-game dialog – “Become as gods!” – to lead you through a fight in a surreal auditive experience. Anyone who has been through the incredible Simone-the-Opera-singer boss fight will understand what I mean… You have to play this game for its gameplay, precise and nervous. You can feel Platinum games being at work here, proposing an incredible variety of sequences – sword fights, shooter, exploration – with incredible transitions of perspective, from 3D to 2D, from side scrolling to helicopter view. Moreover the story being split between various protagonists – 2B the fighter, 9S the hacker, and the last one I won’t spoil here – leads you to experience some missions in different ways. You have to play this game even though some scandalmonger are not far from the truth in saying it’s by far the best-looking PS2 game ever released. NieR: Automata won’t definitely be remembered as a technical wonder and even though it provides perfectly fluid animations, Platinum Games will have seemingly focused on the constant 60 fps framerate at the detriment of the all rest, rather unequal. Early-PS3 gen graphics, micro-freezes, clipping or poor texture coexist with finely designed characters and very realistic water effects. Anyway, don’t bother buying a state-of-the-art 4K, HDR screen to play it, your old full HD TV will be just fine. But this games achieved something almost unreal to me: I just didn’t care about this. Developers have managed to create a great atmosphere anyway and the overall experience was so damn good that I never felt annoyed by the look of it – my only concern was to find a way to keep playing, sometimes until unreasonable hours of the night for whoever is supposed to work the next morning. You have to play this game that has broken into my videogaming pantheon, now proudly sitting next to the very best games I have ever experienced in my now 30+ years of electronics entertainment. Oh, and by the way, in case the point is not clear… YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!
  12. Guess who was sleeping in the back of the classroom during the math lessons? 🙃
  13. A lot of predictions for Horizon, which is actually quite likely to happen - my brother just bought it on sale... 🙃 Let’s try and see the future of July: - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
  14. This indeed works but I really advise people not to do so (at least for their first playthrough) as it would spoil the pleasure of progressing in this awesome masterpiece of a game... Do it legit, this game is worth your respect and efforts 😉