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  1. Great lineup indeed - quite a contrast with the recent PS+ offers…
  2. Such a disappointment… For a second I felt like “Yes!!! A Plague Tale!!!!” That was before I realized it was the PS5 version only. And on PS4 then? Catch and Call of Duty. F***!!! Sony really ruined my day…
  3. Winston Churchill would tell you that this game has nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat...
  4. Considering there sure will be people willing to part with 50+ $/€ to play the PS5 remaster of the PS4 remaster of a PS3 game, why should rockstar deny themselves with such an easy money-making operation?
  5. Quite a meh month to me... I suppose the good series had to stop someday - at least my backlog will approve 😊
  6. You mean they SHOULD release... It’s Sony we’re talking about 😉
  7. Must be a hoax, this ´´game´´ is sold far too cheap to make a physical release any profitable... Unless they sell it more expensive this way, in which case the question is: who in his right mind will accept such a poor deal? Edit - just looked at the website... $29.99?!? If it’s not an April’s fool, it’s for fools only 😂
  8. If only there had been a couple of such Vita-lovers in the Sony decision-making spheres these last years... 😓
  9. On Vita, Tearaway and Severed are two absolute must-play. No surprise that these titles specifically developed for this machine are also among the best ones...
  10. Quite a clever way to promote the fully digital PS5!
  11. Well I might give a try then. What actually matters is the gaming experience - gameplay is just one aspect of it...
  12. Sony gives away one of the very best games of this generation and there are still people who manage to complain about it. Unreal... To anyone who hasn’t played Horizon yet: stop thinking and go for it!
  13. #32 – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Difficulty – 5/10 Enjoyment – Errr… Say again? Time elapsed – Far too much I suppose the streak had to end one day or another. After posting several more-than-positive feedbacks on my previous plats – Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier Automata, Severed… – I’ll have to go on a much darker tone about this one. I had never played a Sly Cooper game before and this first (and quite likely last) contact with the series was a serious disappointment. Beyond the story in which I never managed to get involved, I became very quickly bored by the broken controls. It really looks like this game was developed for PS3 and then ported on Vita, with the devs trying to force some use of the touch screen and/or trying to find a way to handle the loss of the R2/L2 commands. The result is a strange mixture between using buttons and screen that simply does not work and really does not feel user-friendly at all. I also had an uncomfortable feeling with the too many mini-games scattered all along the adventure, that really look like they’re here to fill it and make it reach a decent duration. It’s a bit of a shame, because the technical performance is decent and I can’t really say this is a “bad” game – rather a fairly poor port of a game that I simply did not enjoy. To be honest I was lucky that my brother (who happens to be a Sly Cooper veteran and fan) felt like trying the Vita version last summer or I surely would not have bothered to fight my way to the platinum...
  14. #31 – Horizon: Zero Dawn Difficulty – 4/10 Enjoyment – Off the charts Time elapsed – 90+ hours I had kept an eye on Horizon for quite a while and I can’t believe it has taken me so much time to eventually go and play it – what an amazing masterpiece of a game! Guerrilla has succeeded in creating an great, massive open world, vast and yet rich, organic, with an insane amount of things to enjoy and just wonderful to stare at. One is pushed to spend time in exploring it, as there are extremely few “invisible walls” – almost everything that can be seen can actually be reached. Icing on the cake, this goes along with a flawless technical performance. But what I’ll remember most is the story, amazingly well put together. A post-apocalyptic plot is far from being unprecedented, but Horizon’s is definitely among the very best. There’s an important lore to uncover beyond the sole main missions and when I finally got the whole picture about what Zero Dawn was actually all about, I could only get lost in thoughts about how good this game is. A few regrets? Let’s see… A lack of actual boss fights; dialogue options that do not have an actual impact; the hunting challenges that really look like here just to fill the game a little bit more (as if it actually needed it)… Nothing that shall offset the sense of wonder that I has filled me along all these hours spent in this awesome game. An absolute must-play, that has made its already announced sequel an absolute must-buy to me.
  15. Believe me they won’t. This would be the end of PS Plus whatsoever, they’re not THAT stupid...