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  1. Well, nothing for me this month. Shame, it had been a damn nice straight lately...
  2. Only the GOTY editions, actually. The vanilla one had a single list. I stopped trying to understand this kind of things long ago...
  3. I guess EA expects this to boost sales. Rightly so, in my opinion...
  4. Like most people I certainly wouldn’t spend so much money for a not-even-good-looking avatar, but after all whoever put it on sale is damn right to do so. It probably costed nothing to produce and only selling a few ones will make it profitable. If there are wealthy people willing to pay for it, everyone wins :-) And I would add that if the goal was to create a buzz, they did an excellent job 🙃
  5. Ah OK, sorry I definitely missed that one - thanks 😊
  6. I’m afraid that’s not the point, though I could ask whether you never, ever suffer any connection issue. The point is that when you invest 70€/$ in a game, you should be able to use it as you see fit. Indeed...
  7. I’ll sure sign it though I would be quite surprised Blizzard gives a damn about this... I hate these mandatory online features so whenever you have a connection issue, you can’t even kill time on your game 😠
  8. Critics are not unanimous but all seem to agree on how innovative Death Stranding is, on how it is unlike any other game ever released. This deserves to be stressed out. Not sure if I will ever play it as I'm generally not a Kojima fan but it's important to praise people who actually bring something to the media, explore new ways, develop new ideas and new mechanics instead of just endlessly surfing on existing concepts. So – thank you Mr. Kojima, and please keep it up :-)
  9. Please tell me it’s a joke...
  10. Honestly I don’t remember my Pro ever not souding like a jet fighter at take-off...
  11. Whatever it is, I predict there will be a lot of people complaining because it’s an indy game / a AAA game they already own / a game with DLC / any game they just bought / a shitty game / any other reason...
  12. Same here. I heard a lot of very positive feedbacks about it, i’m sorely tempted to go for it. And a seemingly accessible plat clearly does not hurt a bit 😊
  13. “Only” nine games in the list for me: WipEout HD (PS3) – 13 trophies Blur (PS3) – 11 trophies Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) – 7 trophies TrackMania Turbo (PS4) – 7 trophies The Cave (PS3) – 4 trophies Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) – 3 trophies Sine Mora (Vita) – 2 trophies Red Dead Redemption (PS3) – 2 trophies Batman: Arkham City (PS3) – 1 trophy Extending this to the 53 rarest trophies would add three extra games to the list: Gran Turismo 6 (PS3) Mass Effect (PS3) Dead Nation (PS3)
  14. After Batman Arkham Knight, we get The Last Of Us and yet you still have a shitload of people bitching around about how PS+ sucks... Why don’t you guys just quit with PlayStation and go play elsewhere? If you’re not happy with recent lineups then it’s likely you never will be...
  15. Another hint that The Last Of Us Part II is definitely on its way... Again a top notch month. I played TLOU in my alternate account, a sheer masterpiece. Everyone ought to give it a try, it’s just too good to miss. Sony has really strengthened its game these last months... 👍