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  1. Back in these waters after several weeks away from the Internet & so glad to see the lord of this thread active once more 👍 Many thanks @DrBloodmoney for the latest reviews, with a particular mention to Portal 2 - I can’t believe I had failed at requesting it earlier 😊
  2. Thanks for the update @DrBloodmoney. Great to see you back on this thread!!! Hopefully you’re doing all right 🤞
  3. This is due to how the ranking system works here. In a nutshell it’s a percentage calculated from the game’s average completion. From top of my head A rank is granted for reaching average completion + 55% and B rank for completion + 20%. Hence in some easy games that have a very high average completion, these ranks may be unattainable - you just jump from C to S.
  4. Quite a lazy list. Copy-pasted from the PS4 list, which was copy-pasted from the PS3 list. Surely because they spend so much time working on GTA6…
  5. I know Sony-bashing can be popular here but I don’t imagine them passing an actual 100% raise on the « basic » PS+ price without any extra additional perk in return. I’m quite cautious with this leak at the moment… Quite well spotted. Hopefully you’re right, I really don’t have enough available playtime to make in a 100+€ subscription any profitable…
  6. Could have been quite worse indeed, thanks guys for the heads-up 👍
  7. Damn, which ones? Didn’t see those on the list…
  8. A fairly Gran Turismo-friendly list if I ever saw one. Feels like being home again after a long journey, I’m quite looking forward to playing it 😍 And as the icing on the cake: no damn MP trophies !!!! 👍
  9. If it’s your kind of challenge then the Demon’s Souls remake will give you some reward for your eyes…
  10. Yep, poor old Vita was released 10 years ago to the day. Such high expectations back then. I always feel both pissed and sorry at thinking how poorly Sony has supported its own creation…
  11. Wow… Trophy names & descriptions are just as good as ever ☹️ Hopefully the rest of the game is at least as good as Zero Dawn 🤞
  12. Really looks too good to be true I’m afraid… Should it actually be on the line-up then go for it. And if it’s not, well… go for it anyway - quite an underrated game in my opinion 😉
  13. Another great batch, thanks 🙏 😊 Outer Wilds was in my why-not-play-it-someday list; I’m afraid you just moved it to my must-play-someday list. Well done 👍
  14. Sure! 👍 Your thread, your call 😉
  15. @DrBloodmoney - I’m afraid I’m about to grow your priority list an extra bit thicker by adding Control :-) Happy Sunday 👋
  16. 😢 Another slice of my youth departing… RIP
  17. Thanks in advance for the Journey review 🙏 Looking forward to reading this, this batch seems most promising - I have had Outer Wilds in my radar for a while now 😊
  18. @DrBloodmoney - adding another game to the priority list: Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Quite an old one, hopefully you have a long memory :-)
  19. I haven’t checked each guide thoroughly enough to be able to submit a proper voting but have yet been quite impressed by the quality level reached this year. Congratulations to all writers, they all really have done an outstanding job!!! 👏
  20. For those who have trouble getting a picture of what such numbers actually represent, here’s a comparison : 68.7 billion seconds = 2178 years (and a few months) That’s really an insane amount of money…
  21. Not sure old Bobby is likely to stay on the long-term though…
  22. Wow, that’s a huge amount of cash! Quite an interesting clue about the level of profitability expected by Microsoft in the future…
  23. #35 – Assassin’s Creed Origins Difficulty – 4/10 Enjoyment – 9/10 Time elapsed – 110+ hours I had had only a single Assassin’s Creed experience so far (played the second opus many years ago) and though I could not complain overall, I had not particularly enjoyed it either. The combat system felt really lame and the quite tedious quest for all feather made the completion of the game rather boring. Origins eventually drove me back to the franchise, partly thanks to the overall positive feedbacks it received, but mainly out of the Antique Egypt set-up that really caught my attention. More than a hundred hours of playing later, I definitely have enjoyed this opus which deserves to be considered as a renewal for the franchise. What were the main drawbacks of my Ezio-related experience have been significantly improved, with a much more interesting combat system and collectibles that actually matter in the plot and/or add some background to the game (and that can actually be tracked on the map, saving a lot of tedious search…) Without being overly original, the plot (in a nutshell, the bad guys killed a relative to the good guy who’s now seeking revenge – how unprecedented!) is pleasant to follow and offers some really nice twists here and there. Characters are reasonably developed and all voice-acting is top notch, making the whole thing quite immersive. The DLCs offers an interesting add-on and push the game towards a more magical/mystical dimension that is really pleasant and enjoyable, tough in the end, the focal point of the plot – the origins of the brotherhood – remains underdeveloped. From a technical standpoint Origins is very solid. I’ll assume my playing it years after release must help a great deal with the usual (legendary?) Ubisoft bugs, as I hardly encountered any. The map is vast and really full of life – a lot of NPCs living their daily lives, a rich faun to interact with and a huge amount of secrets buried here and there, waiting for the player to find them. It’s a pleasure just to wander around, and difficult to do this more than a few minutes without encountering any event or possible interaction. Gameplay also greatly benefited from this extra year of development granted by Ubisoft. Beyond the improved combat system, Origins confirms the move of the franchise to a much more RPG-typed gameplay, with various abilities to unlock and a well-designed level-system where being under- or over-powered really makes a difference. Icing on the cake, the trophy list is really well set, with a mix of story-related, collectibles and contextual actions trophies. Getting the platinum will require a thorough exploration of the game, and yet manages to not include some overly tedious or boring requirements; most trophies will unlock naturally unless you rush the game (which would be a spoil, to be honest) and the rest really isn’t a chore to complete. Last but not least, the addition of an exploration mode (cf. the Discovery Tour DLC – basically the full map with only friendly NPCs and tenths of pedagogic visits about Egyptian monuments, religions, arts, history and just daily life) is just a great, great idea. Anyone interested in this period of history will be delighted by it, and others will still learn a lot of things in a very playful way. I quite recommend doing it. A conclusion? Assassin’s Creed Origins is a great game, probably not the best in class but a very solid installment in the series that will guarantee you have a good time playing it. What else could one ask for? 😊
  24. A few ones come to my mind, all from the pre-trophies era: - competing the second quest of The Legend of Zelda (yep, I’m that old 😋); - getting all 120 stars in Super Mario 64; - competing all 80 gold medals licences in Gran Turismo 4… Much less to report in recent times, probably because I no longer can spend as much time in gaming. You know, life and all these kind of things 😁