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  1. Honestly I don’t remember my Pro ever not souding like a jet fighter at take-off...
  2. Whatever it is, I predict there will be a lot of people complaining because it’s an indy game / a AAA game they already own / a game with DLC / any game they just bought / a shitty game / any other reason...
  3. Same here. I heard a lot of very positive feedbacks about it, i’m sorely tempted to go for it. And a seemingly accessible plat clearly does not hurt a bit 😊
  4. “Only” nine games in the list for me: WipEout HD (PS3) – 13 trophies Blur (PS3) – 11 trophies Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) – 7 trophies TrackMania Turbo (PS4) – 7 trophies The Cave (PS3) – 4 trophies Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) – 3 trophies Sine Mora (Vita) – 2 trophies Red Dead Redemption (PS3) – 2 trophies Batman: Arkham City (PS3) – 1 trophy Extending this to the 53 rarest trophies would add three extra games to the list: Gran Turismo 6 (PS3) Mass Effect (PS3) Dead Nation (PS3)
  5. After Batman Arkham Knight, we get The Last Of Us and yet you still have a shitload of people bitching around about how PS+ sucks... Why don’t you guys just quit with PlayStation and go play elsewhere? If you’re not happy with recent lineups then it’s likely you never will be...
  6. Another hint that The Last Of Us Part II is definitely on its way... Again a top notch month. I played TLOU in my alternate account, a sheer masterpiece. Everyone ought to give it a try, it’s just too good to miss. Sony has really strengthened its game these last months... 👍
  7. Don't bother, I clearly see where this button was & no longer have it either. Maybe an update on the site?
  8. It's indeed weird, trophies seem to be in the correct order but the time elapsed between them is far too short - according to his profile this guy completed the whole first game in less than 32 minutes...
  9. DLC

    Many people used to have the same hope with GTA5 so I suggest you keep your expectations low...
  10. Thanks for the explanation, was feeling a bit lost in translation ;-) I’m afraid I’m short of tips for Death March as I’m playing on the easiest difficulty setting and even there, it’s not that easy. Main things to keep in mind is that slashing in the Leeroy way will lead you nowhere, you really want to be patient, observe and wait for an opening. It’s tricky at first but when you get it, combats are really satisfying & rewarding.
  11. OP ? 🤔
  12. Wow, that is quite a good, good month! Will definitely give a try to Batman as I had a good time on the two previous opus. On my alternate account so I don’t have to bother with the shitload of DLC... ;-) Darksiders is a surprisingly recent game to be in Plus. I suppose I’ll download it as well as I heard positive feedback about it. Well done Sony 👍
  13. Funnily I really don’t have the feeling with Gwent, haven’t tried to play it again since the very first encounter at the inn... I’ll have a closer look at it in NG+ ;-)
  14. Looks great! My brother and I spent so much time on SoR2 back in the days we had a MegaDrive and had tons of fun playing it again together when it was ported in PS3. Local coop mode rules!!! 😎
  15. Wouldn’t know about how it was back in the days when Sony actually cared about the Vita - I’m not that old...
  16. To all our friends down here that keep posting, month after month, that PS Plus games are shitty, that Sony sucks, that everything is sooooo much better on X-Box, that obviously if a “free” game happens to be a good one then obviously they already own it (or worse, bought it recently at full price), that they will never, ever renew their PS Plus subscription and so on… this thread is for you. Down here you may feel free to pour out everything you wish to scream at the face of any Sony executive you might think of, for good and all, so when September and further month’s line-ups will be revealed then the related threads may be focused on discussing the actual games between people who just seek constructive & reasoned feedback about these. Enjoy yourselves & thank you! 😊
  17. You do realize you just answered on a 5-year old topic, do you? 😉
  18. I had trouble with the Veyron as well on my first attempts. It’s been a while now so I can’t be extremely specific but for me the trick was to hit the brakes rather early and enter slowly in the curves to avoid understeer, then hit the gas very progressively before even reaching the rope point (I hope this actually means something in English, I had to google translate this one 😅) Keep trying, once you’ve understood how the car handles and learnt the track, it’s really doable. And use your ghost to see where you are gaining or losing time between your tries, it really helps understanding your mistakes. Good luck ;-)
  19. In the meantime, X-Box One players get two exclusive AAA productions in September: Gears of War 4 and Forza Motorsport 6... Hopefully Sony's line-up will be up to the challenge for this month!
  20. If only... Fingers crossed 🤞
  21. I don’t even understand the point of this feature - maybe I’m actually old after all...
  22. That’s weird, once your machine has been connected to the internet it has its internal clock set - even if you take it somewhere with you... 🤔 I have only one, my very first trophy - couldn’t wait to start playing 😉
  23. Definitely looks like the next adventures of Obi-Nate Drakobi to me...
  24. I quite agree, and in my opinion the Black Series in Trackmania Turbo are quite close to GT5’s Vettel X Challenge for the first place - incredibly tricky and difficult just to manage to finish your first lap 😬 Like many people above, Zico in WipeOut HD is far more manageable in my opinion, it’s a 30+ second lap you « just » need to master perfectly... PS - can’t tell about CTR, it’s the only one I haven’t played. Is it worth the time and money?
  25. At my current rate, my 10,000th trophy should pop sometime around year 2050 or so... 😅