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  1. I haven't played enough on PS4 to be able to list five games here but fully agree with many people here about The Order: 1886 - it's sure not flawless but I spent a very pleasant time on it. Story's interesting and I found the characters very well developed, with a pretty good voice acting. And last but not least, it's a damn technical masterpiece, the first ever game I can think of that actually could be called photorealistic. Very underrated and very severly judged in my opinion, but all this is soooo subjective 😉 I have another game that comes to my mind but as I have not played it myself, I might be wrong about it: Echo. I had heard a lot of positive comments about it and had a look on some Youtube videos, it looks quite interesting. And yet, less than 600 owners on this site to day... Is it that bad? Wow, so much Prey fans around here. I might give it a go if I have the opportunity...
  2. I had been looking forward to this one and the list looks quite doable. Unless you have an allergy to collectibles maybe...
  3. Currently playing it and so far I'm positively suprised, it's a quite interesting survival game and the story is really fascinating.
  4. Melee combat between a 14-year old girl and heavily armored soldiers? 🤔
  5. Currently Rammsteinizing my ears to death... Besides the official movie clip is just awesome 😋
  6. Thanks, I was really looking forward to have a look at the making of my GOTY 2018, and one of the very best game I ever played!!! 🤗
  7. #27 – Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Difficulty = 3/10 Enjoyment = 7/10 I have had Hellblade on my to-play list for quite a while and I’m glad I eventually bought it, as it’s definitely one of the most interesting experiences I have played recently, in spite of its being far from flawless as well. Clearly the overall nightmarish atmosphere and ambience is a real success, with a special mention for the incredible work achieved on the sound design. You really want to play this game with a headset to fully experiment the symphony of voices and whispers that echo in Senua’s head all along the short but tense and well-led adventure. Technically the game is also very well done, graphics are neat and animations fluid, with no bug or glitch as far as I’ve been concerned. The combat system, based on dodging and parrying, is interesting and challenging although I regret the blatant lack of variety in the enemies and the lack of proper bosses (I can only think of one that really was apart from the regular opponents.) Eventually this makes all combats look the same and becomes boring if you play long sessions. All trophies are story-related except for one based on a reasonable amount of collectibles that will demand a second playthrough should you miss something, as there’s no chapter select and many points of no-return. Some are well hidden but any guide will make it a breeze. All in all, a quite satisfactory experience that is quite worth some of your time and money.
  8. Currently sitting at a decent 85% with 23 uncommon-or-below plats out of 27. Honestly I would have expected to have more as I'm far from being a hardcore gamer. The 4 easiest obviously include some Telltale stuff, as for everyone else posting in this thread...😅 Below the guilties: Burly Men at Sea (PS4) - 67.85% Spare Parts (PS3) - 59.74% Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) - 53.97% The Walking Dead (PS3) - 50.02%
  9. Another trailer released today, this one focused on the story (and more specifically the big bad guys) rather than on gameplay. My interest keeps on growing...
  10. Let’s not forget that Sony has overwhelmingly dominated this generation that is now drawing to its end, so it’s understandable they are now carefully preparing the future and letting the PS4 finish on its momentum... Becoming the leader is tough, maintaining oneself as a leader is even tougher. Personnaly I’m quite pleased with everything I have seen and played so far on this generation, and already have enough backlog & wishlist to keep playing for years. Most of the PS4 exclusives (Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Horizon, God of War, etc.) have been awesome games and generally received excellent critics and commercial success. Not forgetting a bunch of non-exclusive but just as awesome games like The Witcher 3 and so many indy gems... I’ll keep playing on my PS4 for a while, and the only thing that could have me buy a PS5 shortly after release would be its being backwards compatible...
  11. Just a question you should be allowed to answer: when does the embargo expire? Currently playing Hellblade so I think I understand what you mean 😉 Fingers crossed indeed, I'm getting more and more interested in this game every minute...
  12. Actually I don’t but I’d like to. I have this game in my backlog since it was offered on the PS Plus - still time to decide to forget about it?
  13. Gorgeous visuals indeed and the gameplay looks quite dynamic. Shame it includes a couple of multiplayer trophies... 😥 Does anyone know if it has to be online MP or if you can sit in your couch with a buddy and a six-pack? That makes a hell of a difference to me... 🙃
  14. Sorry for the delay in reverting. I'm dead sure that the percentages I mentioned earlier in this thread are accurate but impossible to find back the post where I read these in the first place. As I joined this site only last year i.e. quite later than the topic you quoted, I can only assume the ranking system has evolved in the meantime...
  15. Don't worry for the platinum, it's a fairly easy one and I didn't encounter any glitch / bug personally. Varkyries are sure tough but manageable if you play the game on on story / balanced and collectibles shouldn't be an issue if you use a guide and carefully check the in-game map for whatever you're still missing. As you seem to have to start over again, a simple option could be to play again from scratch and use a guide to check everything you find whie progressing. A great opportunity to play this awesome game one more time :-)
  16. Apologies if you felt I was being rude to you, no offense meant. I could have spared the sarcastic tone indeed, just felt that such a game is highly unlikely to go any cheaper that it currently is... Extra question for the sake of it: Judgey McJudgey Pants? 🤔
  17. When it does, wait again until it’s for free. And then, wait a bit more - maybe the devs will send you a limited signed copy... 🙄 Honestly the current sale is already incredibly cheap for such a game on which you’re likely to spend tenths of hours. If it’s still too expensive then forget about it and play something else - given its success it’s unlikely it will go any lower. And in my opinion, that’s a good thing.
  18. I strongly recommend Edith Finch, great narrative experience. Shame I already own it... 😅
  19. I was trying to make a more general point - perpetual sales and discount have made it an habit for people not to pay a price reflecting the actual value of things or maybe rather, to consider that a full price is necessarily exaggerated. That’s a shame (in my opinion of course) because it drives to shape a landscape where big studios like EA will always manage to make money whilst smaller, more creative studios will struggle to survive. £35 is already quite less than many games. If the game is good and worth several hours of enjoyment, then there should be no discount.
  20. Which is not enough for a studio to have a sustainable development activity. If the game is good and its length decent, then it should be on sale at a decent price so the devs can actually make a living out of it. And develop more good games...
  21. I agree, looks pretty interesting with rather original gameplay mechanics. Looking forward to know more...
  22. 1001th comment. That is all too... 🙃
  23. It’s more about spending 50+ euros/dollars/pounds/else to decide how you feel about it... Unfortunately I longer have a money-growing tree in my backyard. Agregators like Metacritic are quite handy in my opinion because they give a quite accurate vision of a game’s quality - when I see dozens of people making similar statements, I tend to assume it’s somewhat accurate. For an exclusive game with such a marketing campaign behind it, it is. Particularly when you arrive after other exclusives like Horizon, God of War or Spider-Man...
  24. So I read, basically 70GB for the game itself added to a 21GB day-one patch... I miss the days when games were developed, tested, polished, then published 🙄
  25. Indeed and believe me, when you have a shitty internet connection, a few days is not too much to download something as massive as 91GB... 🙃