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  1. In the same line, is there a "guide" of the different colors that enemies' HP bars can take? I know purple means you're in trouble as significantly underpowered, and blue seems to be the contrary - are there many others ?



  2. 5 minutes ago, Burning_Cassette said:

    wonder who the first person to ever earn a trophy was


    Not sure we shall ever know, but maybe it’s possible to check with timestamps who has the oldest trophy at least among the gamers tracked on this (awesome) site? 🤔


    Maybe an interesting contest idea also: post your very first trophy, excluding missing timestamps 👍



  3. On 23/06/2018 at 10:48 AM, Satoshi Ookami said:

    I'm sure majority of us do.

    Will it, though?

    Nope. Because XBox isn't a competition.


    For now maybe, but things can change pretty quickly. Remember the terrible PS3 launch? Not sure that many people would have bet for such a Sony dominion at the next generation back then. PS4 and Xbox One are entering the final loop of their life cycle and you can be sure Microsoft will have learnt from their mistakes, just like Sony did...



  4. 4 hours ago, TheViper4Life said:

    People keep saying they weren't expecting trophies...why? This not getting trophies is VERY unusual, considering they've been mandatory for all games, regardless of length, since 2009. Not getting a Plat? Sure. No trophies period? Not sure how anyone expected it.


    Quite agree, highly unusual and somewhat disappointing. Trophies are not only achievements in my opinion, they are also some kind of “gaming memories” to me... 


    There is a loooooong list of short - if not very short - games that have trophies attached, not speaking of rather shameful plats (who said “Mayo”?) Why not releasing this as a game instead of as a trophy-free demo? 😕


    EDIT - regardless my regrets for the absence of trophies, thumbs up to the developers for offering this game / demo / whatever it is for free! 👍



  5. On ‎28‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 3:26 PM, KaKrackle said:

    Its been a while since anyone left a comment here....


    Well, the point has been made already - this game is insanely difficult and reaching the 100% completion requires a shitload of practise and at least as much skill.


    I love this game because it reminds me these golden-age shooters I used to play while a kid but won't even try going for the trophies, I neither have the patience nor the ability... I already had trouble just to complete the easiest mode 😅


    On ‎25‎/‎05‎/‎2014 at 1:05 AM, TalynnStrike said:

    Practice makes perfect. If you don't get it the first time, take a breather and try again. Any game is doable. Just takes patience. 


    On this I will have to disagree, this one belongs to this hardcore category where any player won't be able to succeed, no matter the practise. One also needs top-level skill, just the same way that practising a sport daily won't mean you can become a world champion. You need this extra thing called talent 😉  (particularly on the Vita version, as you cannot use a turbo controller, which is likely to help significantly)



  6. Not sure it’s about some specific topics, the same happened to me when I first joined the forum section a few weeks / months ago - it then seemed like I had a limited amount of posts I could enter (per day?) and then some time limit to wait so I could start posting again, no matter the topic. Maybe also related to reputation points as it has not happened again since then... 🤔


    1 hour ago, Spaz said:

    This is to prevent trolls and those who feel they should just go and be idiots on the forums.


    That definitely makes sense 👍



  7. 24 minutes ago, grimydawg said:

    Still got this on GameCube.  We need more Shoot em up love.  


    Then I suggest you try Sine Mora - great shooter with very interesting gameplay mechanics. But the 100% is hard as balls to achieve 😬


    Never played Ikaruga myself but I heard a lot about it as being one of the greatest shmups ever, might get a try on it...



  8. 7 hours ago, Zolkovo said:

    Related image

    Death Stranding, Kojima Productions

    Hideo Kojima's debut game since "leaving" Konami so I'm very fascinated by this project. From what I've seen and read, it has been impossible to make heads or tails of this game thus far.


    Can’t help but being fascinated by the hype around Death Stranding. So much expectation on a game no one actually knows a damn about is really fascinating. It’s the art of teasing without actually showing anything at its apex...


    But hey, it’s a Hideo Kojima game, so there’s no way it could possibly be not that good, is there?



  9. Yes, of course it’s worth it - there are already plenty of awesome games to play on it, not counting all those that are being or will be developed in the coming years.


    Moreover there’s always a phase-in / phase-out period between two generations of machines. Even if we assume PS5 to be released in 2021, that means there are still four to five years of future games to look forward to...



  10. 5 hours ago, Nexuds121 said:

    Looks to me another easy or a hard platinum trophy.


    Wow, now that’s quite a piece of information 😉


    Never even heard if this game, does anyone can give a little heads-up about this one? Story, gameplay type?



  11. Many various ending-related trophies, didn’t know it was developed by Quantic Dream 😁


    Impossible to predict difficulty at this point, as no one knows what the requirements for these endings will be...



  12. Like many people above have said, this game has gathered a massive community of fans and speedrunners along the years.


    If you check on YouTube you’ll find runs from godlike players like Santzo that manage to achieve all-bosses speedruns in quite less than 2 hours...


    So a 10-hours platinum seems perfectly doable for a trained and prepared player 😉