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  1. 12 hours ago, CJ_Mystery said:

    Well, it sort of makes sense. They are a business and they decided that since not many people downloaded the free titles for other systems, they had to nix them and only offer the two PS4 games because they are losing money on the free Vita and PS3 


    That’s quite an interesting point actually - is these any communication or way to have data about these « free » titles? Maybe it just so happens that PS4 gales had ended up representing 90 or more % downloads, in which case it would be quite understandable that Sony make such a decision about a 5 to 10 % (or less?) share of the service...


  2. As silly as it may seem... Sound Shapes. I expected a walk in the park and found out that death mode is aptly named after all 😁


    Of course it’s far from being impossible and I sure will go back to it for completion eventually, but it’s also far from being as easy as the stats of this game can let people assume it is...


  3. 21 minutes ago, grbolivar said:

    They give for free basically THE BEST PS4 game and people still whine? Unbelievable.


    Let's be honest, this great line-up is also meant as a smoke screen for the future loss of PS3 and Vita free games, yet I quite agree - some people seem just to never be satisfied.


    As far as I'm concerned the deal remains worth it. I've been a Plus member for less than a year and I already have quite a backlog of free games waiting to be played... 😅


  4. On ‎17‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 0:11 AM, LFDN said:

    I gold everything else by pure damn luck. When it came to this game the trophies just came when they came to me. 


    Luck? This damn Vettel X Challenge has to be one of the hardest pieces of driving ever, I can't figure out how you could possibly achieve this just out of luck... This is the only thing that leaves this platinum out of reach for me, the GT-R Ring record is a sheer joke next to this 😶


    On ‎27‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 4:08 PM, screenwriter91 said:

    How close? 0.127 seconds - that's what I missed gold on Suzuka Vettel challenges by last night -_-


    Getting that close is already quite an achievement, I'm impressed - though it must be soooooo frustrating to so be close, and yet so far... 😬


  5. 1 hour ago, Katt said:





    lower the stupid price or riot.


    Put another way - $60 for 24 games, which makes a $2,50 per game average. $10 if you only are interested in one game out of four, not speaking about the cloud and online features. Just look at this month's line-up as an example: a game like Bloodborne for ten buck, is that really worth a riot?


  6. Sony eventually no longer supporting both PS3 and PS Vita was quite predictable to be honest, and their giving the information one year ahead makes the move rather fair. It's just really sad to acknowledge that the Vita is now officially dead... 😢


    On a other hand, what a line-up for PS4 players!!! Not sure I might go for Bloodborne out of my blatant lack of skill but Ratchet & Clank will definitely add to my already looooong backlog of PS Plus games 😅 


  7. On ‎08‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 3:44 AM, Beyondthegrave07 said:

    I've been avoiding this game like the plague thinking that mashing the x button 10,000 times will destroy my controller... I'm glad someone has some sense...


    Maybe it's time to invest in a turbo controller in order to secure such a glorious platinum... :-)


  8. 44 minutes ago, berserklover said:

    They need to do some patching for this game, but the orb drop is actually way worse than the original on the final level, who would have thought. 


    Well, that definitely sucks big time... :-/


  9. 17 minutes ago, HellcoreFire said:

    Maybe it's crashing because you're trying to rush it?


    Well, rush or not, it should not crash anyway, should it? Not if it’s been correctly tested and polished...


    51 minutes ago, sephirothdude said:

    Any crashes?


    +1 ;-)

    Was considering getting it on Vita so I’m quite interested in knowing if it’s worth it...


  10. I've already played the game for quite a while and I'm dead sure I've spent more than 15 minutes wandering in the house at this point. Only reason I could think of is that my Vita ran out of battery while I was playing and I was precisely in the house when it happened - is it possible the 15 minutes deadline was reached at that time, preventing the trophy to pop? Anyone faced any similar issue? Thanks 😉


  11. On 09/02/2018 at 7:08 PM, sephiroth4424 said:

    GTA V (ps3) had over 75.000. I think that's biggest number i've seen


    Actually I quite well remember GTA5 reaching over 90,000 recent players when it first released on PS3.


    Side question - is there any archive on the site that would list the games that scored the highest amount of recent players?


  12. 3 hours ago, soniq said:

    Weapons are much worse. Each character has to use each weapon and kill a specific amount of enemies. If I remember correctly it was 11 to get from level 0 to 1, then a few more with each level until you needed 100 enemies to get a weapon from level 8 to 9. But every character has to level their own weapons, so something like 600 kills per character with each weapon, making it around 15.000 kills total. Which isn't too bad, but I never liked the bow, boomerang and javelin

    Playing this game sends me many years back but unless I'm mistaken the orbs to get level-9 weapons were random drops in the Mana Fortress and the drop rate was far from being huge. I remember having many weapons stuck at 8.99, that I could not raise to level 9 as I never got the orb...


    Yet I can't wait playing this again, so many great memories from my teenages! 😀


  13. Just experienced the same issue - endless loading screen, nothing happening. Same as above, neither restarting the machine nor re-installing the game changed anything. So I had no option but to ensure I had a long enough timeslot to play the whole game in a single sitting. A little bit of a waste for a game that invites the player to contemplate and explore... A great game though, enjoyed every bit of the "adventure"