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  1. 4 hours ago, NullRay85 said:

    2- Okami HD - Been sitting in the backlog for ages, so I just want to beat it.

    Quite an awesome game if I ever saw one! 👍

    I strongly advise you avoid rushing it for trophies - it’s really a great game to get lost into… 😍


    My to-play list is quite short, I’d just try to get back in Castlevania LoS that has been sitting quite incomplete in my profile for years now…



  2. I can only support Severed and Tearaway - two absolutely great games that wonderfully use the specific Vita features.


    Also you might give a go to Golden Abyss if you’re an Uncharted enthusiast - by no means the best of the series but a very decent action/adventure game nonetheless.


    If you’re a Zelda fan then Reverie is for you. If you fancy creepy games, Yomawari might be a pleasant surprise :-)


    My major Vita disappointment was Gravity Rush - never got into the plot and the weird controls didn’t help. Many people seem to have enjoyed it but I’m definitely not among them…



  3. 20 minutes ago, Titanomachy_75 said:

    lol NAW!!! Cyber punk 2.0 LOL this developer is trash cant trust them with anything nowadays!! 

    They sure did mess things up big time with Cyberpunk, however don’t let this stop you from playing The Witcher III - it’s a really awesome game. Even more now that it has been patched in all possible ways 😉


    I wouldn’t replay it even if I had a PS5 because I just cannot re-invest 100+ hours of my time, but I wish I had been able to play it in a 4K, 60 FPS mode. Would have made it even greater…



  4. On 24/09/2020 at 1:34 PM, SnowFleurz said:

    Finally I joined the 200 Trackmaster medals crew! 
    Now I will join in getting my butt kicked in Super Solo! 1f600.png

    Felt like doing some kind of follow-up here, as I’m interested in having feedback about Super Solo from a player already good enough to access it… How tough is it vs. normal campaign?



  5. There are many trophies I didn’t get, but the one that definitely broke me is Gold Standard, from Gran Turismo 5. For those who don’t know, it demands to attain a gold cup on every race.


    For a while I really thought I would get it (and plat the game in the same move; I even bored myself with grinding B-Spec in this regard) but I’ll forever remain three races from the target. Yes, those - the infamous Vettel Challenge.


    I play with a pad and managing to reach the finish line without a mistake is already tough, but even when I did manage to complete what I felt were really, really good laps, I was still many seconds away from the gold target.


    So I eventually had to choose between this trophy and my sanity (and a couple of pads as well). Congrats Gold Standard, you did break me…



  6. 12 minutes ago, Megaman80 said:

    Im wondering how difficult GT6 is to 100% compared with GT5.


    I have 100% in GT5, and i tried out GT6 with the dlc, and those gold times were brutal. How much effort will it take to get it. Are they as tough as the grand tour of GT5 or even as the redbull. Not sure i can handle the torture of going trough that again. 

    If you managed to plat GT5 then GT6 will look like a gentle breeze to you. The only actually difficult trophy is indeed the one relating to the Ayrton Senna DLC, but it’s really far from being as insanely hard as the Vettel Challenge from GT5…



  7. Must be a hoax, this ´´game´´ is sold far too cheap to make a physical release any profitable... Unless they sell it more expensive this way, in which case the question is: who in his right mind will accept such a poor deal?

    Edit - just looked at the website... $29.99?!? If it’s not an April’s fool, it’s for fools only 😂