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  1. On 07/10/2020 at 4:01 PM, HusKy said:

    Assuming they are not completely clueless, the scale is not going to be the same. Meaning current 1-100 will not scale directly to 1-999 but rather 1-700 (just an example) and the next 299 levels are extra.

    Former level 100 will now correspond to level 765 (94%) - credit to NathanielJohn for working out the new calculation system.


    Apologies if this has already been mentioned somewhere, I just didn’t read all pages - this thread is just going too fast :-)



  2. Not hyped, but interested...


    I kinda like the idea of making a Harry Potter game without Harry Potter. A bit like the Gotham TV series, that managed to create a Batman series without Batman.


    Looking forward to knowing more about this 🙃



  3. Can’t believe Cory Barlog had confirmed the name of this sequel over a year ago...



    For all those we know what an acrostic is 🙃


    I’m already hyped as hell... The 2018 reboot is among my GOAT games, this will be a must-play for me 🥰



  4. I’m afraid I belong to this vast majority of TrackMania players who dropped the game while still light years away from the platinum. Not speaking of reaching the super solo campaign... Hats off to whoever did it! 😊



  5. Looking at the price of games is pointless unless you put this in perspective with the time you’re going to spend on it. And I sure rather invest 80€ in a game that will entertain me for dozens of hours than spending 12€ in a theatre movie...


    Such an increase was inevitable in my opinion. You can’t expect new generation games to become endlessly more beautiful, more complex, more innovative and yet have no impact of the development costs.



  6. 10 hours ago, NathanielJohn said:

    I don’t understand all the talk of “repeating the PS3 mistake”. Do people expect consoles to NEVER cross the $599 threshold?


    $599 in 2006, adjusted for inflation, is worth $760 today. That’s what “repeating the PS3 mistake” would be.

    That’s quite correct but do not overlook the psychological thing in it, and how people can be somewhat irrational - the same blokes that will easily invest a thousand bucks in the newest iPhone shall still be reluctant in putting more than half of it in a PS5/XSX...


    In my opinion the Series X may exceed only the $500 threshold if Microsoft proposes also a less powerful, cheaper Series S as a side choice. Sony seemingly not having prepared a similar strategy of proposing two different machines (other than with or without a Blu-ray drive) I’m afraid they will be stuck with this $500 psychological barrier... I do not see the PS5 being more expensive, with the digital-only version price around 10% cheaper.

    Edit - adding my prediction: 449 €/$ for the digital version, 499 €/$ for the disc one.



  7. The best soundtrack to listen to while playing is definitely Nier Automata’s...


    But on a sheer musical standpoint, no game beats Furi. Its soundtrack gathers some of the greatest electro artists and I could listen to it for hours ❤️


  8. 9 minutes ago, Gnightgil said:

    Same problem here, is it because the update? any solution?

    i have a friend and he didn't has ane prob

    Correcting my previous message - my mistake, there are only 8 stim cells to find indeed. Didn’t have any issue myself so not sure what to advise...


    On 30/11/2019 at 2:49 AM, rolltideroll157 said:

    There are 10 stim cells...

    Including the two you start with, so only eight to find as collectibles...



  9. A lot of predictions for Horizon, which is actually quite likely to happen - my brother just bought it on sale... 🙃


    Let’s try and see the future of July:

    - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter



  10. 19 minutes ago, Optinooby said:

    If you start DLC first for 2 minutes, make a save, then quit to main menu and New Game > New Game+ > load game, you can start base game at level 34, 44 ability points, 20000g, tonnes of gear, potion diagrams.

    This indeed works but I really advise people not to do so (at least for their first playthrough) as it would spoil the pleasure of progressing in this awesome masterpiece of a game... Do it legit, this game is worth your respect and efforts 😉



  11. Yes, you can ;-)

    Difficulty-specific trophies only relate to the main game, not the DLC. Once you have unlocked them, feel free to lower the difficulty and enjoy both extensions, there’re just as good as the rest of the game, if not better...



  12. Among all the games listed above there are a lot of excellent ones but I would really recommend The Order: 1886 - a very underrated game in my opinion. An interesting plot served by excellent voice acting and stunning visuals, I really had a great time playing it. The platinum being quite easy is the icing on the cake...


    If you own a Vita, you may also want to give a try to Severed. It’s one of these few games that really make you realize how great the Vita could have done if Sony had believed in it. Not as easy as you may think tough the platinum remains fairly accessible, but a great and very original experience.


    Also on Vita and not listed yet, Tearaway proposes several silver trophies and is really worth playing it. Again, one these few games specifically developed for the Vita that will provide a great and really unusual experience. One of my favorite games!


    22 hours ago, GraniteSnake said:

    Sound Shapes has 6 stacks with 87 silver trophies in each one.

    Not stackable anymore as servers are now closed, so be careful: death mode is aptly named...