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  1. 56 minutes ago, enaysoft said:

    And I am only on 250000 points, only half way to the 500000 points trophy. 

    I’m afraid the trophy in question unlocks when reaching 5,000,000 points - so you’re halfway of completing 10% of the requirement... 🙃


    46 minutes ago, EightBitArtist said:

    platting this game is going to be a nightmare. the 5 million points trophy is a massive grind and S ranking every stage on hard is going to be ridiculous.

    Yep, and you didn’t even mention the trophy that demands to complete a stage without taking a single hit. This one is due to be hard as nails too.

    I’m going to play this game anyway - it just too much tastes like the time when I was young 😁 - but definitely won’t bother with the plat...



  2. 1 hour ago, replete_disguise said:

    I don't even know what are the advantages of XBox Live, because I don't give a fuck. But I'm sure it is a better service than ps plus.

    Sorry pal, I didn’t read your post any further. But I’m sure it was not worth it...



  3. Except that such a move would make absolutely no sense from a business perspective - every PS5 not sold shall offer a potential customer to Microsoft.


    We’re not talking about some very exclusive machine like the 20th anniversary PS4. The PS5 will drive Sony’s success (or failure) in the console market for the next six to eight years, which is a very competitive one as we all know.


    Personally, I highly doubt that this information is genuine...



  4. Let's be honest, I had never heard the name of the guy but had used his invention soooo many times. And since the very beginning, as it so happens that the very first Game I ever played was Gradius, on NES. Kazuhisa Hashimoto was the "inventor'" of the famous Konami code and passed away on Feb. 25th and with him goes another page of gaming history... RIP




  5. On 2/18/2020 at 7:30 PM, Gracewave said:

    Well, you're French. Of course you'd be surprised at the idea of not surrendering at the first hint of difficulty.


    Come on, seriously?!? Don't even feel like imagining what you could have written, had I been German...


    Anyway, as it seems some people felt my post was rude or offensive (which it was not meant to be) I'll just develop the idea beneath. Anyone who feels like challenging himself has several "tougher than tough" games to consider, with really difficult trophy lists to complete: Super Meat Boy, Sine Mora, Downwell, Crypt of the Necrodancer, etc. These are tough but technically doable for highly skilled (& perseverant) gamers.


    Attacking Zegeta 2 is different and as far as I can see, it's just a massive troll. Why otherwise isn't there a single player to have earned a single trophy the legit way? Why otherwise isn't there anyone to have actually finished the game? Why otherwise would the devs keep on letting their (rare) customers in the complete fog about trophy requirements? Can't see the fun in it. Nothing less, nothing more.


    That being said, have a nice day/evening all and good luck in your attempt to conquer the seemingly unconquerable fortress :-)



  6. Ignoring the negative feedbacks, I bought the recent Secret of Mana remaster, hoping I would somehow recover the feelings I had when playing the original one on Super Nintendo as a kid. I just had forgotten that I’m no longer a kid and felt quite disappointed, as predictable... Nostalgia sometimes sucks 😒



  7. 9 hours ago, PooPooBlast said:

    I expect 1080p 60 fps, maybe 1440p on the pro but nothing more. (Definitely not 720p, what the..)


    For this kind of game you definitely want to focus on framerate more than resolution. But I agree a 1080p/60fps combo is a sheer minimum nowadays for a remaster...



  8. 2 minutes ago, Smashero said:

    Not relevant to REMASTERED version of Uncharted ;)


    Sorry, just had to ;).

    You did well to actually 😁

    It was with PS3 games, obviously 😉


    1 minute ago, BeautifulTorment said:

    Just play it unpatched then.

    Or wait for the PS+ digital version next week so you no longer have to bother with the disc, might be worth a try...



  9. 6 minutes ago, JoaLoft said:

    Did that, three or four times, to test it out with and without the patch. Only time everything worked flawlessly was without the patch.

    Quite weird. First assumption was, if it’s neither the patch nor your disc then it’s logical to assume it’s an hardware issue... But this ?


    The Blu-ray drive of my PS3 just let go a few years ago without any warning. Played a game just fine, the next day it would no longer read it. 


  10. Quite a tough choice to make... I just somehow realized how many awesome games have been released lately, it’s been a great treat for players 👍


    With no order of priority, would go for:


    - God of War (2018) : probably one of my GOAT games, technically amazing with great gameplay and a compelling story. As close to perfect as you can get...


    - The Witcher III Wild Hunt : actually just finished it after spending countless hours doing side quests, exploring the world, fighting monsters and looting great stuff. One the greatest RPG I have laid my hands on.


    - Journey : this one comes from the heart, beyond rational argument or facts. Just a extremely intense experience I strongly recommend to anyone who enjoys games like no other. 


    At first I was surprised to see almost no Uncharted mentions, but ultimately even the fourth one, though a great game closing wonderfully Nate’s journey, lacks this little thing to get room in a top 3. Would surely see quite more occurrences in a top 10...