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  1. 31 minutes ago, GraniteSnake said:

    Were Themes something that never really took off on the Vita? Or are the more widely available on the PS3 store?


    Wouldn’t know about how it was back in the days when Sony actually cared about the Vita - I’m not that old... 



  2. 16 minutes ago, SicilianDragon92 said:

    Anyone any tips for the Veyron?


    I had trouble with the Veyron as well on my first attempts. It’s been a while now so I can’t be extremely specific but for me the trick was to hit the brakes rather early and enter slowly in the curves to avoid understeer, then hit the gas very progressively before even reaching the rope point (I hope this actually means something in English, I had to google translate this one 😅) 


    Keep trying, once you’ve understood how the car handles and learnt the track, it’s really doable. And use your ghost to see where you are gaining or losing time between your tries, it really helps understanding your mistakes. Good luck ;-)



  3. 1 hour ago, iroter said:

    Last week, after 10,600 trophies I got my first "no timestamp" trophy and it sucks.

    I took my PS4 away with me to play CTR on release day, played a few hours and unlocked 50% of the trophies. Then I noticed the first one had this problem.

    Back home I thought unlocking it again on my PS4Pro would fix it, but it kept the original unsynced data messing up everyhing on my profile.

    The weird thing is that I got 2 trophies at the same time, but only one is missing the timestamp. 

    I wonder why they haven't figure out a way to fix this.



    That’s weird, once your machine has been connected to the internet it has its internal clock set - even if you take it somewhere with you... 🤔


    I have only one, my very first trophy - couldn’t wait to start playing 😉



  4. 9 hours ago, xZoneHunter said:

    Also shouldn't Trackmania be on here? That's basically all time trials and the black tracks there are quite difficult.


    I quite agree, and in my opinion the Black Series in Trackmania Turbo are quite close to GT5’s Vettel X Challenge for the first place - incredibly tricky and difficult just to manage to finish your first lap 😬


    Like many people above, Zico in WipeOut HD is far more manageable in my opinion, it’s a 30+ second lap you « just » need to master perfectly...


    PS - can’t tell about CTR, it’s the only one I haven’t played. Is it worth the time and money?



  5. Except for a few lucky, quick drops, I had to grind almost all endgame items for hours. Mana palace, Pureland, Mana fortress - I spent hours in each area, killing the same foes again and again. Of all the games I have played, this one  sure has the dumbest and most boring trophy  list...



  6. 1 hour ago, JohnCenaSong- said:

    1) Furi - This game is fantastic, if you haven't played it then do so, if you played it and didn't like it, you're wrong. But jokes aside, this game is amazing. I know it got a bit more of a push from being a PS+ title but I don't think generally it really gathered all that much attention. The gameplay is amazing, the aesthetic is nice and the soundtrack is awesome.


    Not sure that we can call Furi actually underrated, I has had very positive feedbacks and quite decent sales, plus a now very strong community around it...



  7. I haven't played enough on PS4 to be able to list five games here but fully agree with many people here about The Order: 1886 - it's sure not flawless but I spent a very pleasant time on it. Story's interesting and I found the characters very well developed, with a pretty good voice acting. And last but not least, it's a damn technical masterpiece, the first ever game I can think of that actually could be called photorealistic. Very underrated and very severly judged in my opinion, but all this is soooo subjective 😉


    I have another game that comes to my mind but as I have not played it myself, I might be wrong about it: Echo. I had heard a lot of positive comments about it and had a look on some Youtube videos, it looks quite interesting. And yet, less than 600 owners on this site to day... Is it that bad?


    17 hours ago, DrBloodmoney said:

    Yaaaasss, The Prey Revolution begins here!


    Wow, so much Prey fans around here. I might give it a go if I have the opportunity... 



  8. Currently sitting at a decent 85% with 23 uncommon-or-below plats out of 27. Honestly I would have expected to have more as I'm far from being a hardcore gamer. The 4 easiest obviously include some Telltale stuff, as for everyone else posting in this thread...😅


    Below the guilties:

    • Burly Men at Sea (PS4) - 67.85%
    • Spare Parts (PS3) - 59.74%
    • Tales from the Borderlands (PS4) - 53.97%
    • The Walking Dead (PS3) - 50.02%