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  1. Aha, thx.
  2. As the title states. Is this even located somewhere ? Regards, Yosemitesam74
  3. Hello guys, I realy want to plat this version aswell. To be clear I have to buy the PL version to get this list right ? If so I can't seem to find a place to buy it from....maybe someone who already platinumed it will sell it to me ? Thx
  4. #236 - Jazzpunk (EU) #235 - Shadow of loot Box (EU) #234 - Shadow of Loot Box (NA) #233 - God of War 1 (PS3) #232 - God of War 1 (Vita) All fun games, the god of war challenges where very hard on Vita, way easier on the PS3.
  5. My daughters will probably love it. when is the release date ?
  6. Just bought the physical copy of Back to the Future. I have completed the other 2 versions, so this will be the last one :-)
  7. Hello,

    I am also a big Rayman legends fan, that is why I am trying to get a hold of a chinese version of the game.

    How did you get yours and was it a physical copy ?

    Thanks in advance.



  8. Does anyone know if the "You won the dumpster Olympics" trophy is glitched ? I have 41 golden medals but did not get the trophy. I am missing this one and the "silver all levels" one to get the plat :-( Regards, Sam