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  1. This game is created by a few members of the team who created/worked on Rayman Legends, and that shows. I loved it after seeing the Trailer and have been waiting ever since......let's get it out already ! https://www.unrulyheroes.com/single-post/PS4-version-is-coming
  2. *UPDATE* I just played it on PS4 again and the input lag is gone. It plays exactly the same as the vita version. I dont know if there has been a small update but the only variable in my case is that I now play on a HD Tv and not a 4K HDR tv. So I think the TV was causing the lag problem.
  3. Thank you all for the constructive critisism and input :-/ But the fact remains that the game definately has some sort of input lagg when you want to stop or jump. Which makes the game way harder than it is (on PS4). I am playing on a PS4 pro on a 4K screen so maybe that can cause strange things to happen ?
  4. No, that is the one with 4 small blocks you have to jump to and from. Like I said, on the vita it works like a charm. On the PS4 I press the X button and he simply does not jump.....because of the jump delay. It has the jump delay on the EU and NA PS4 version btw, I checked. And I agree it is super easy but with that delay it is damn near impossible.
  5. I finished the game on the SNES about 3 years ago and I loved it. A little stoked for this one :-)
  6. yes, very. Just finished the NA Vita version and finished level 11 in 1 try. On the PS4 I haven't got it after over 50 tries. :-/
  7. I can totaly confirm that the Vita version is much more responsive. Level 11 is impossible to do on the PS4. The jump delay is a real pain.
  8. Same error here
  9. Also available in the Dutch store.
  10. Yeah, come on already. I want to platinum it 2 more times to bring my total to 6 :-) If I get a free key I will make it my 300th plat :-)
  11. Thx for the reply, and yes I solved it eventualy :-) And some more puzzles as well.
  12. I have almost completed the mix up cube but I have 2 corners swapped. Does anybody know how to swap them ... which algoritme to use ? regards, Yosemitesam
  13. Aha, thx.
  14. As the title states. Is this even located somewhere ? Regards, Yosemitesam74
  15. Hello guys, I realy want to plat this version aswell. To be clear I have to buy the PL version to get this list right ? If so I can't seem to find a place to buy it from....maybe someone who already platinumed it will sell it to me ? Thx