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  1. All you get for completing it on the highest difficulty are shield skins and a pat on the back. The shield skins add no bonus to your stats either, worthless.
  2. I haven't rolled this much since the first game. I've learned to use Atreus as a way to damage enemies as I dodge attacks.
  3. Pretty much figured Trashcan Jim Carey would betray Rick's group
  4. Looks interesting
  5. God of war Boss battle gameplay and release date confirmation for this year. Das it.
  6. Might be the first Call of Duty I buy in a long while.
  7. Plat#66 The Order 1886 I bought it in a sale for about 5 bucks. I really enjoyed it. I loved the story, the characters, and the weapons were awesome. I can understand why some wouldn't like it as much as it is pretty story driven. I liked the combat though. I really hope they make a sequel. It was a quick, and easy plat to boot.
  8. Plat#64 Infamous First Light Pretty straight forward plat. Even the collectibles are easy to obtain, and find. I've yet to play Infamous: Second Son, but I really enjoyed First Light... If you like hero games, want a cheap and easy plat... pick this up... Doesn't hurt that the plat is an awesome image. Plat#65 Star Wars: Battlefront Boy was this game a pain in the ass. Hero Hunt can lick a salty crusted ballsack... it is hard to find a match where you don't just get blasted by the hero, and if you do become the hero it is hard to effectively get kills... The 1 match I won, I was up against idiots... so I had that going for me. If I had not gotten this as a christmas present, I would not have played it... If you love multiplayer games have at it.... otherwise don't bother.
  9. So it boils down to. "it's an action game". Well I'm glad that's cleared up.
  10. Star Wars Battlefront. I fucking hate the At-ST trophy... People just blow me up before I can waddle over and run them over. Fallout 4: Slowly working my way through the game
  11. Wish they'd just make a sequel to Freddy Vs. Jason
  12. They've done this shit for years. Plenty of ex-gamestop employees have videos on youtube explaining just how shitty the company truly is. I'm never going to give them my business ever again after hearing so much garbage about them. They deserve to fail as a company.
  13. You'll need to reset your end before being able to respawn the dragon, doing so... Will make the dragon respawn anyway... but you won't get the trophy. You'll then need to kill the dragon, just to respawn the dragon. Unless of course you've reset the end and killed the dragon already.
  14. One of the reasons I have it so only friends can message me.