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  1. Please note that there is an area missing on the interactive map on . The location directly above Dusky Inlet on the Southern area of the map.
  2. I ended up getting it. I recommend if anyone is having trouble finding certain locations try and zoom in on the interactive map as they seem a little misleading.
  3. Can anybody help me locate Bahk-Hotep's Refuge in the North Eastern area the map? Is it hidden somewhere?
  4. What about 3 wins and 2 defeats? Thank guys
  5. Does anybody know if I could use this method on Fifa 21?
  6. Is it possible to do in Fifa 21? I know you could do it on Fifa 20. I'm not good enough to get this trophy normally.
  7. Try not to worry guys, I'm sure they will fix this issue in a couple of weeks. It was unobtainable in October and they fixed it so I will be surprised if they don't sort it out once again.
  8. Doing this right now in Division 4, getting 32 points each time. Genius!
  9. Anyone have an idea of how long this method would take with me being in Division 4?
  10. Thank you...
  11. Does anybody know if my main 4-0 account beat an alt 3-0 account if it would send me to division 4?
  12. Have you changed your online settings? I'm currently at 4-0 wins and only need 1 draw if anybody would like to boost the last game.