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  1. It gets stale pretty quick. Lost interest in playing after Frieza Saga.
  2. You can also try finding the IP of your ps4 then entering that in the DMZ section of your router. To access your router's page, open up command prompt on your PC, type ipconfig then look for Default Gateway. Enter that IP in your Browser's address bar. As for your PS4's ip, check the internet connection settings on it and it should almost match your default gateway's.
  3. The game to me was a very enjoyable experience. I even had fun getting platinum on it. I paid $60 and got 55 hours worth of gameplay from it. Thats worth it, since its not often that i feel like i got my money's worth from a game these days.
  4. If you're into those building sims like uhh sim city. There was a cool indie game i just picked up called Prison Architect. You build and create your own prison. Platinum looks easy so far, going to work on it tomorrow
  5. I was at around 55 hours when i did it. The average is around 50 hours
  6. Getting platinum on here was actually enjoyable instead of stressful for me. It turned a normal 25 hour game experience into a 50-55 hour experience, which should be the sweet spot for RPGs anyway.
  7. Gummi ship level affects your cost points. There's also an ability that you can pick to sacrifice both of your teeny ships to add their cost to your ship. After you beat the boss for the trophy in the 2nd galaxy zone, you can pick the golden highwind blueprint and just use that ship. It's basically so overpowered that if you fought the boss again, you'd finish it in less than 30 seconds in comparison to the 5 mins it took me on my custom ship
  8. Get a very high chain, watch powerpyx's video on youtube. Notice towards the end of the video there is a moment where if you have a high chain, you can blow up one of the tanks and kill the little flying robot. That little robot with a high chain = tons of points. That was literally the only thing stopping me, once i realized how much points it gave, i ended up doing it on the first try.
  9. To get this one, you don't have to do all the purple crystals, although you can to get the ship for collecting all the blueprints, and you have to fight all the enemies you see and get A ranks. A ranks get you the things you need. If you hit start and look at your gummi records, you should see the list of stuff that you already done. You can place a marker to old ones you didn't get A rank in. Also the treasure option shows you whats left in the world to collect, the little red ship icon is what matters
  10. Remember that there is 3 for the honey spout and shooting star keyblades. That was the last one i needed for my shotlock. Just use powerpyx's guide and use your own record to find out which one you are missing and use those keyblades. I crossed them out as i did them. At the bottom left when you go into shotlock mode or whatever it's called, it'll tell you the move next to the X button. Only the moves with the x button matter. Ultima weapon has only one shotlock command. Some may require the weapon to form change once or twice before you get the correct one. For example the highwinder, i had to go into spear mode, then flag mode then max out the shotlock combo just to do the rampage one.
  11. No microtransactions and i feel like it's a way different game than the mobile version
  12. Im at the end of the game, about 15 hours in. Ive had 6 crashes so far on ps4 pro.