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  1. It is absolutely abhorrent that there isn’t a PS5 version included with this. That is all
  2. Re do every stunt again that has a star on it and then some more you haven’t done. Basically you need to do 20 fresh ones, doesn’t matter if you did some in the trial
  3. What a blessing that was. Finished the 30 district captures then checked Shackdaddy and 2 more were added so got the platinum last night
  4. Just gotta focus on a couple modules and it really should come quick. Wait near a rail or the last module needed and then hit it when it’s the last one
  5. This game would be more enjoyable if matches weren’t 1 hour and a half each
  6. okay cheers. The fact you don’t win awards replaying events is pathetic as well as only earning 70 coins a win online
  7. In genuinely surprised they never included the ability to buy loot boxes with real money in this game. Did you upgrade 15 cars to legendary before you sold or dismantled them?
  8. 10 felt easier but they are pretty much the same. Start 20 club events straight away that’s the worst trophy
  9. I’m wondering if you can sell or dismantle legendary vehicles it will still hold the stat for upgrading rare ones to legendary?
  10. It’s pretty crazy that you can’t leave clubs without it null and voiding your participation. this trophy was broken and only recently became workable. How do you do it so quick if you can only theoretically do 4 events a day
  11. I thought as much. It really is a gamble
  12. Can you not just run this yourself? You can start your own club and have up to 8 events. Does that count?
  13. Trophies are very straight forward but some can be bugged like previous games. I think 20 club games trophy is glitched
  14. Aye it’s just 3 stars that make them legendary, cheers.
  15. Okay how does one unlock this trophy? Doesn’t seem to be any problems with it but they’ve changed the layout this year of crew management and I don’t know what Legendary cards are. All cards are blue for me, don’t understand the stats either