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  1. My Team Acclaim level reset to 0 after China in 2nd season. What is going on?
  2. Okay cool man
  3. Bit of an odd gripe to have considering this game was more or less made before the pandemic. And someone came out and said they will leave it as it was supposed to be. Why would they change it to reflect what the current season is going to be? Just take out Hanoi and Zandvoort?
  4. It did. After completing 1 tournament I encountered a glitch where the game would freeze when selecting a new tournament so after completing 1 I quit then game after each new one. Got the plat my friend
  5. Same mate. I went ahead and deleted the game and all save data, played the 5th tournament so far, and will try get the other 4 done tomorrow. I have a bug where it just takes me to the main menu every other match. And when I start a new tournament after finishing one the game freezes
  6. I see people have play already but anyway just so you don't have to play the full game, just score a couple goals and then sit on the corner flag in your own half. You can just let the time run out that way
  7. Yeah I just realised that, tournaments completed keeps resetting to 1 or 2. What a pain
  8. I think the progress of tournaments completed is broken because it keeps reseting back to 1 or 2 completed for me. Anyone else have this issue? Should come naturally but sort of hang back at the half way line and a forward player should be near opposition goal facing you. When you see player facing you, square pass it to them and shoot with circle. Should be an overhead kick
  9. You know a console has come to the end of its life when they constantly release drivel like this. Seems bogus games of this sort have been ramping up recently
  10. Available now
  11. And as I suspected when I saw the Big Ben logo appear on the start up screen, there is glitched trophies that won't unlock. 5 in total. I don't know about anyone else but in the garage if you move about too quickly the game shuts off and you get an error report. This game is bad as well. Looks like an early PS3 game at best. Not worth full price at all.
  12. Player stats as in the distance I've driven so far? Good if so. Would hate for it to reset progress though
  13. I'm level 15 and there's a lot of easy imp quests to do for 100xp at a time.
  14. Reaching level 3 by playing for 102 minutes on some imp quests is tedious but just got to get on with it. I got them all done so need to buy a new controller
  15. You pretty much have to spam the cross button for the timer to go up. 10-30 wait between click inputs is far too long