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  1. Panel trophy looks as if it will be natural just by playing it
  2. Depending on the Steel Titan difficultly this looks easier than the last entry in the series
  3. Looks easy enough. The toughest one will be the safety rating A
  4. Yes tornado cups count to getting a birdie or better in every hole on every course. Can still be quite difficult
  5. Stock issues apparently with Amazon. Not being delivered til Friday now.
  6. Is this not that game just rebranded?
  7. It's probably Codemasters testing it so I’d assume the patch is out this week
  8. Try selling them all and buying again. All 5 aren’t available to buy together, so buy what’s available then wait til it refreshes and buy the rest
  9. Depends if there is difficulty changing
  10. Hard. Definitely a guide needed
  11. How close do you think you are for every location? I feel as if I should have it by now but just not popping
  12. Randomly but very rare. Go near airports and they’ll be driving around
  13. Easy just like the first entry. Decent game to boot!
  14. Can’t believe it’s taken this long though
  15. Looks easier than JC3