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  1. Shiro to Kuro no Alice - Twilight Line - PS VITA Platinum #37
  2. Platinum #36 PS Vita Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus Arcadia Master!
  3. Platinum #35 'How did you like them Apples?' Bad Apple Wars PS VITA
  4. Ys VIII Lacrimosa of DANA Triple Eights owned 888 of a single item
  5. Brandon Heat, Gungrave. Love this guy. Great anime. Did this one a few years ago on WiiU gamepad using Art Academy Sketchpad pencil & pastel.
  6. Period Cube on the Vita is what I'm going for at the moment. Really pretty game and shouldn't be too much trouble. Also, when I get back to God Eater 3 will be trying for Platinum.
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer School Hard ep
  8. A Certain Scientific Railgun. Rewatching the arc with Accelerator while I'm watching A Certain Scientific Accelerator. Love Accelerator, great voice actor. And Misaka Misaka is just too cute!
  9. Fatal Twelve PS4 Platinum #34
  10. I played thru w/o a guide and got a few of the endings and am now using this guide. It seems to be pretty good so far even though it's based on Steam Achievements. Hope that helps. I just completed and also used this guide which is also based on Steam Achievements but was very helpful Between the two of them I managed to get all trophies. Hope that helps!
  11. Bad Apple Wars A Promise is a Promise. See Alma's ending and epilogue. Loving this game so far 🎶
  12. Ok thanks, appreciate your help.
  13. I can log in but then it shows a time out error if I try to access anything. Guess we'll have to wait for them to get it working again.
  14. I am having issues also. Except mine is an error showing no trophies at all. And my profile has been wiped clean on here. Very upsetting. It looks like maybe PSN is having issues but didn't think it would wipe my profile on here?
  15. Fatal Frame series including Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water that was on WiiU. Love the series and Maiden of Black Water was a great game. Would love to see on PS4/Pro/5