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  1. Platinum # 48 CollarxMalice PS Vita. Loved this one! Sorry I waited so long to play
  2. Make sure you are playing on Hard mode and are choosing Premium when you accept an order. It's easy to miss doing that sometimes. Hope that helps.
  3. Alot of good ones have been mentioned already. One of my recent favorites is Crystar. Unique story, japanese voice acting is perfect and although it can get a little grindy at times, it was a blast to play. Loved the characters too.
  4. Death Stranding Post Game and CollarxMalice on Vita.
  5. I hope this thread continues, I love seeing other artists work! This is Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that I did a while back. One of my favorite characters.
  6. For me it is FFXV and God Eater 3. Loved and enjoyed the hours I put into both games.
  7. I am having the same issue. Just completed Chapter 4 and still haven't seen any friends builds and they can't see mine.
  8. Thanks for the notice. I played last night and thought she did a great job.
  9. That's awesome! Happy Birthday! 🎂🎶
  10. I typically play 2 or 3 at once. Currently playing Death Stranding...which is my main game. But also playing Collar x Malice, a vn, on Vita. If I start feeling burnt out or too frustrated on main game, I will play something quick and fun. Just played MechaNika & loved it. Then jumped right back into Death Stranding.
  11. MechaNika Genius of Trophies Happy to see this finally on PS4. Second time playing, still made me laugh even though I knew what was coming. Easy & fun Platinum!
  12. Short term... Collar x Malice on Vita. Long term goal... Death Stranding on PS4.
  13. A guide already! Nice! Thanks PowerPyx 💖
  14. Rewatching Lost, just started S2, ep 3. Still a great show if you ignore how they ended it.