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  1. The Phenomenal Phantom Thief Absolutely LOVED Royal. So very happy with this Platinum 💖
  2. Unsurpassed Rebel Conquered the Reaper
  3. I love being able to track games & trophies on here plus the guides. Also, have met alot of really great people. I don't post much but forum is always a fun & interesting read. I check in at least once a day to see what's new.
  4. So good to know, thanks for posting!
  5. The Thorough Trickster...Completed Mementos
  6. Planted Seed Read all Text in game. Mixed feelings about this one. Story is ok & liked the art style. If you are interested in the story but are also skipping parts that get tedious, don't skip last chapter...its only about 30 seconds long.
  7. Persona 5 Royal
  8. A Hustler's Journey Intensive Training Professional Modification
  9. I just played this part and loved how it was gorgeous, funny and over the top campy all at the same time. It's going to be one of my favorite parts of the game.
  10. PSN: sunnydaleAlumni Systems: PS4, PS Vita, PS TV, Nintendo Switch Accept Blanks: Please say you are from PSNP I mostly play single player, occasionally play co op. Not super chatty but like to talk about trophies & guides, games, anime, etc. Always happy to make new friends
  11. Yes, one of my favorites. Princess Jellyfish
  12. Trapped Like Sewer Rats In Lock Step Music Collector Lights Out, Plan E, Night on the Town Biker Boy Heavenly Dart Player And several more. Didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. Remake is odd at times but really happy to be playing
  13. Yes Devilman
  14. Chim's Kicker The Great Communicator