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  1. Pong Console sold by Sears. Got it as a Christmas gift...still remember how cool it was to figure out you could set the game to play itself
  2. Thanks so much, I was thinking after trying to go thru the chart that I might have to make another playthrough instead. I appreciate the help!
  3. Can anyone help with this please? I saw the guide on Steam, also read where it said to use the chart to meet the conditions to unlock the alternative ending but I've tried everything and can not get to this ending. I know I'm missing something...where do I have to start in the chart to begin this ending? How far back in the game? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Page One Complete Your First Task
  5. Fatal Frame! Crystar or Blue Reflection?
  6. Yes!!! Will be Day 1 for me!
  7. The Wizard Trick r Treat or Halloween?
  8. Had the same happen. The dev has posted on Twitter saying they are aware and are working on a patch. Hope it happens. I'm willing to support vn's on Vita & PS4 as long as they are decent but this one just hasn't been worth the time or money spent.
  9. I totally understand what you are saying and experience it also. I've found that what works for me is alternating the genres I play. Also I play some games, like the Artifex Mundi games, just for fun.
  10. PSN: sunnydaleAlumni Always happy to make new friends. Not super chatty but like to talk games, sales, etc Please mention you are from PSNP. Thx!
  11. For anyone who's interested you can also operate the rides, change the lighting, etc. while waiting for trophy. The game is a bit expensive so better to buy on sale but it was fun enough.
  12. #83 London Detective Mysteria World Class Detective Enjoyed this one! The dialogue was well written, Japanese VA cast was perfect and the graphics were really nice. Main story felt like it was a bit all over the place and having a 5 second timer for every choice was totally unnecessary to the story and annoying when doing multiple playthroughs. Not going to be in my top favorites list but happy I played.
  13. I totally agree! Lots of great ones mentioned already....The House in Fata Morgana & Chaos; Child are excellent both have stories that are dark & intense. CollarxMalice, 7'sCarlet, Norn 9, Bad Apple Wars....Some of the Otome's are fun also.
  14. #81 Blue Reflection Brilliant Etoile Started this back in 2018 but wasn't sure I was going to like. Finished today & ended up loving it. The boss battles were fun & the graphics are gorgeous. The main story is much simpler & not as dark as Crystar but felt very similar. Happy to have played & would recommend!