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  1. Same, playing on PS4 Pro, after new patch, took a little over 3 hours to get all secret poems. May also be bugged, but I was lucky I think.
  2. Hi, not sure how much help I'll be but I found that in certain parts of the game, if you were skipping, it would crash on making a choice. Or in some parts, like when Monika takes you out into the hallway it would crash if I was skipping. I'm playing on PS4 Pro btw. I was using Options, select Skip in the bottom menu & had it set to skip all but stop after choices. When I started getting just repeats of the special poems, I started making different random choices & that seemed to work. I'm not sure which poems you are missing...have you gotten the Ghost Menu screen yet?
  3. Just got this. Thanks so much for the video & also the written explanation. I didn't get first time I tried. Was able to get second try but game crashed twice during that try...thankfully still got thru for the trophy. Gotta love autosave. Forgot to say, loved reading Dan's note. So genuine & heartfelt!
  4. JRPGs...& Visual Novels. Don't think I could choose between the two.
  5. 428 Shibuya Scramble....edit: putting on hold indefinitely
  6. Mostly trying to work on my backlog of vn's. Currently playing: 428 Shibuya Scramble on PS4 Little Busters! Converted Edition on Switch Umineko When They Cry Questions Arc on Steam Goal is to at least complete one of these before Doki Doki Literature Club releases on PS4!
  7. This looks nice, will be picking up today. Thanks for link to guide.
  8. Agreed. Unfortunately, the patch broke the ability to drop items from your backpack, so you have to throw them instead. I contacted the dev and they said it will be patched. Also, you can no longer sell your original bird for relic ash, you will get 250 in coins instead. You have to sell other birds you acquire to get relic ash from Mr. Kit. I'm no longer having fun with this so dropping the game for now, might come back to later once they get it sorted out.
  9. Very happy to hear! Looking forward to playing if we get here
  10. I'm playing on PS4 Pro & although the initial game load time takes a while, the occasional stutters aren't a big deal. The game is sweet & fun to play.
  11. Thank you!
  12. sunnydaleAlumni...Adventurers Only! (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle)
  13. Absolutely loved FFXV & Comrades, still in my top ten favorite games I've played.
  14. Death Stranding. Just didn't have the skill to complete the Legend of Legends deliveries for the last two trophies for the Platinum.
  15. I ended up with burn out after reaching my 100th Platinum goal at the end of 2020. Happy I met the goal but now only play games I know I will enjoy playing. Still love trophies of course but they are no longer my main goal when I play. I agree with the others who said to take a break away from the hunting or break it into smaller sessions. I found setting smaller goals helped alot to deal with the obsessive/addictive loop you can get caught in when playing some of those bigger games. Hope that helps & gaming becomes fun again for you.