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  1. Honestly, once I hit 1000 FATEs I'm probably done with this game. I'm just trying to grind out the last few trophies. I appreciate the few locations, as I said a change of scenery and enemies will help a lot. I've done about 50 in the past 3 hours or so.
  2. I went there and did a few. I did about 400 FATEs in a week and a half and was getting really tired of Western Thanalan. This will at least be a nice change of scenery. Thanks!
  3. The 1000 FATEs is pretty much my last trophy. I have 500 completed. Where is a good spot to grind them out as quickly as I can? I don't care about items or EXP or anything, ONLY getting to 1000. Right now I'm in Western Thanalan running around doing these low level FATEs. This is where I did the first 500. Was just curious if there is another area thats quicker or has more FATEs that can be completed quickly. Thanks in advance!