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  1. Now my third Controller is already defective. First was the option button pinned. The second R2 button with loose spring and today the third with the left stick drifting.... Good job sony....
  2. I don't know if you played it, but the lobbys were empty when i boostet it. A maximum of 3-4 players were online when i was boosting and they only killed the bots. Some players only kill bots to be at the front of the leaderboard. And even if the bots have disappeared afterwards, when more players have joined, the kills remain and the players who killed the bots will most likely win that round. I have only seen Lobbys with bots except for certain times because the player base was so low.
  3. From the Game. I've already emailed the developers, but they don't seem to have the balls to write back. 2 weeks have already passed since that mail and i don't want to use their discord account because i don´t like discord.
  5. from the servers. And man that is shitty. I am from Austria. At my time the lobbys are most of the time empty. You can find max. 2-3 People playing at my time and they kill bots for the leaderboard. I Would have played the Game normally, but when the Servers are mostly empty and there are only bots to kill then i don´t have fun with that game
  6. I got banned because i was boosting the 500 rounds from deathmatch and team deathmatch. I did not receive a warning or a message why i was banned. I don´t think that bann is legal and i will contact Sony about that, because i don´t want to speak with them.
  7. 👍
  8. All your base are belong to me You need another player. The other player simply needs to give up and the trophy is yours.
  9. 1. Yes 2. Not anymore 3. Not so hard 4. ~200h
  10. And I already had hopes...
  11. For the trophy Hailstorm, do I need to Jump with X or Jump from a building?
  12. Nexomon: Extinction and the all Ys Games.
  13. For me it was Black Desert. It is simply an AFK game.
  14. Goat simulator. That game is just stupid and flappy goat is not worth your time