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  1. Oh seriously... My currency is € so for me its cheaper. I pay for a 100€ card 90€.
  2. https://www.mmoga.com/advanced_search.php?keywords=psn Take this. The PSN cards on this site are always cheaper than the normal price.
  3. I love DW3. I have played it so much even in recent years. My only hope is that someday it will come back with trophies. Have also played DW1, both Cyber Sleuth and Next Order but i liked 3 more even when it has its own faults.
  4. You know.... there is a guide for that game on this site...
  5. Yes... 2/3 games that i want. But i will grab all 3 because who knows what is in the future
  6. I haven't said anything that it should be legit or not. I simply said that you are not safe even in a private lobby because you will be kicked sometimes in a public lobby. I don't give a shit what that site thinks of that trophy. I am only here for the comments because i find them so hilarious xD.
  7. That statement is false. The lobbys are so bad that, sometimes you wil be kicked from your lobby and placed in a public match. You don´t even need to be long in that lobby so that a hacker can do something to you. Oh and when you do the heists and do not have 3 friends that are doing that shit with you (We were 3 people so we needet everytime someone else), than the person that joins can also be a hacker. Someone spawned a ufo and other thinks in MY lobby because i was the host. We abort the mission immediatly but the ufo was there another 3 days.
  8. Same here. Sniper Elite VR was so bad. My controller did what it wanted and kills from 200m upwards was most of the time simply luck. Oh and back to topic: It will only stop when the cow is dead.
  9. Wow... it looks so boring. I am still waiting for Xenoverse 3.
  10. I did it the trophy just now and have found a method that works. Go to places where the death squad is. I did have always someone on that map. One time on Via Carolla, I did have 2 muggers and 2 survivors. And when you are finished with the map simply go back and sleep.
  11. No. I didn't like the first game. Mostly because i did have to high expectations and thought it was like zoo tycoon was i played like crazy when i was young. It was a terrible park sim and was mostly fan service for people that love jurassic park.
  12. Are you stupid or so? Like everyone else! A Hacker gave it to me. And what misfortune? Has someone lost his kid because that trophy? When you call that misfortune than you haven´t seen it yet. And yeah i don´t give a shit on the leaderboard. I am only on this site because i can view my stats and the really good guides. Why would even anyone be on that leaderboards full of shitty rata games and games that people have auto popt. I mean you played the game 1 times and you will get 1 platinum and not 2.
  13. Oh man... does someone has some popcorn? I love reading this shit
  14. Many
  15. it wasn't for me when i has done it in september 2020. I have played 4 songs from dlcs to s rank and did have 12 songs on S rank but no trophy. Than i did 2 Songs from the base game on 2 and the trophy popt.