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  1. Don't know if the bug is still there but for me some trophys didn't pop because i wasn't the host. Like 100 days playing and another that i don't know anymore. The 500 logs trophy was also buggy for us. We had to do it in one season. But that game was really good even with all those bugs
  2. <----- same here. I am waiting now.
  3. For me there are many answears but what i truly despise is stupid grinding for hours. I can't do it anymore. My time is more worth than a fucking trophy.
  4. Wtf are you talking about.... I have never seen a vr game that cost that much and many that i have played did take much more time than 4-5h. Vr games are most of the time really cheap and there are really good ones that are on a genius level. Like Astro Bot, The walking dead saints and sinners and Farpoint.
  5. I like that Psn: Feichti1992 Platinums: 182 Ultra rare platinums: 42 Average rarity: 36,5%
  6. It angers me that auto pop is an fucking option.
  7. I hope there won't ever be autopop for it.
  8. Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana.
  9. Can confirm it for the Austria store.
  10. Ah shit... Whatever. There are worse things in the world than an ugly profile x'D
  11. How can i remove the info box for the flagg? I mean... i like it that the first thing that i see when i go on my profile is the trophy cabinet. And no, it is not an option for me to hide GTA5. I don´t give shit on the leaderboards and would never hide a game for it but i don´t want so see tht ugly info box.
  12. Please.... PLEASE!!! be good. I Loved 4, but most bigger games in the last 2 years weren´t good.
  13. Maneater Remnant from the Ashes Farpoint Zombie Army 4 A Plague Tale: Innocence The Walkig dead: Saints and Sinners Until You Fall 7... more than i thought
  14. I have looked at is trophys and can say. No its not possible except that guy has found a bug or glitch that pops " Time to Seriously Go Outside " instantly that nobody knows. It was one of his first trophys at 07:10 AM and the Platin was done at 04:32 pm. That are more than 9 hours.
  15. Oh seriously... My currency is € so for me its cheaper. I pay for a 100€ card 90€.