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  1. 👍
  2. All your base are belong to me You need another player. The other player simply needs to give up and the trophy is yours.
  3. 1. Yes 2. Not anymore 3. Not so hard 4. ~200h
  4. And I already had hopes...
  5. For the trophy Hailstorm, do I need to Jump with X or Jump from a building?
  6. Nexomon: Extinction and the all Ys Games.
  7. For me it was Black Desert. It is simply an AFK game.
  8. Goat simulator. That game is just stupid and flappy goat is not worth your time
  9. No but i can understand that guys feeling. More than the MP, I hated the SP for various reasons.
  10. That is false. It takes a lot longer than 20-30h. When you get 1500 EXP per round it takes 42h without loading time ect. to get to level 20. You can count on about 50-60h with restarting the PS3. And that is when you get 1500 EXP. When i would have another chance, i would not do it again. After the Platin i destroyed the Disc.
  11. Digimon World 1 Digimon World 2003 Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories One can still dream.
  12. Hmm.. thats odd. A friend of mine played it 2019 with the DLCs and he needed all the entries from them. And the guide to that trophy says that now
  13. When you buy Jurassic World: Evolution Jurassic Park Edition then you need to do the DLCS for the InGen database entries.
  14. Black Desert is shit. It runs horrible on the PS4 (even Pro) and it is an AFK Game.