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  1. The original Ranger Hardcore was just a hard mode with no hud, Metro's never had manual saves (Just platinumed 2033 Redux). I did it in Last Light (back when the mode was a pre-order bonus if anyone remembers that bs fiasco..000) blind and didn't have much trouble. Worst parts are when QTEs occur cause the game hides them with the hud.
  2. Bumping, is it still obtainable? I've been on a few days straight to check for LIVE events but haven't seen anything, they're still running them right?
  3. Breach worked for me yesterday while I was clearing 2A, now i'm locked out 😩
  4. I'll sign up, I have a massive backlog and this looks like a decent way to clean it up a little 😀 Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Jazzpunk 89.91% Ultra Rare Red Dead Redemption 2 0.33% Platinum-Less Hitman N/A Unpopular Don't Know Yet ???? DLC Bloodborne The Old Hunters Difficulty Beat Saber Hope Speed Run Shovel Knight Hurry Up! MP Star Wars Battlefront 2 Platinum Trophy Peripherals PS VR Worlds VR Bad Rep No Mans Sky 4.6 User Score
  5. Dying Light is a really fun game thats not too hard, you also only need one more multiplayer trophy in AC: Brotherhood. Nice list 👍
  6. I booted up the game to check and can connect ok, I'm at the end of Network 1B so have a ways to go, it sounds like I could be disconnected permanently at a random time? I've done 5+ levels and a darknet case to test so just curious about the nature of the issue. EDIT: FYI, I got the game in Jan for PS+ and according to my trophies I beat the first darknet file in march, from reading back a few pages it looks like people who played pre-patch 1.12 have some sort of access, if not permanent?
  7. I really enjoyed Wolfenstein TNO. Great gunplay with a surprisingly well written story and characters. Doesn't take long to 100% either.