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  1. #75 - Cyberpunk

    #76 - Spiderman MM

    Who’s next 🤔 

  2. Ended up having to load about 30 hours back. Had to grind from SC 40 back to 50 and then grind 1.5 million. Easiest way to get money post 1.2 (have about 20,000 €$ to start): 1. Find a decently valued legendary schematic, I used Ashura valued at 3200 (Value appears to be affected by level, so when I loaded my level 25 save, it was only worth 2300). Spec out your technical ability crafting tree to be able to craft legendaries. 2. Go to any gun store, I used Aldercado’s camp but any store works. Empty inventory. 3. Buy all epic and rare crafting components, should cost around 7,000. Buy all legendary components for 10,000 too. 4. If Ashura like me, you should be able to craft enough to deplete the shopkeepers money, roughly twice. Once you have a ton of components, dont go overboard your weight limit, as it just slows the process down imo. 5. Skip time 24 hours, and then repeat from step 3. You shouldn’t need to purchase the legendary components every time as it gives you a load, just epic and rare. 6. You should reach 1.5 million in around 1 hour. You should be making 30,000 profit each time you sell two ‘batches’ and have to make more. Buy components each time, I managed to get into a rhythm of it and ended up with far more components than I started with.
  3. Last vehicle I needed to buy for the trophy, and it’s goddamn invisible! I get the marker directing me to the car park outside of the shrine in Westbrook, but no spawn. Have tried reloading, restarting and sleeping in V’s apartment. Anyone else ran into anything like this whilst buying all vehicles?
  4. Can anyone else use the library search bar on the latest update of ps5? Not having one at launch was annoying, but saying theres going to be one in the patch notes only to *still* not have one, that’s infuriating.

  5. Platted It Takes Two last night, luckily PS5 saves appear to have uploaded to a different cloud than PS4 games? (As I have two different storage totals between platforms 🤔). The downside is I booted up the PS4 version by accident and popped a trophy, PS5’s cross gen games system is finicky at best.

  6. Thoughts on creating a new profile? While I have always hated the amount of unobtainables, I was content with slowly raising my completion %. That is, until today, when I lost all my saves going back at least a year. Now with nothing recent to return to I feel unmotivated to play anything. 

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    2. starcrunch061


      I agree with the good doctor and stricken. You have a great PSNID, and really, trophies are about the story, not the destination...


      ...God, that sounds so lame.

    3. Sword


      Considering the fact that even if you started on a new profile, you'd have to go back and play all those games anyway, why not just keep your current profile and get the progress back slowly overtime? 


      Make sure to keep backups of your saves on games that are really important to you. I use the PS+ cloud save and I copy my saves to an external USB on games that I've spent a long time on/love. That security net is clutch in moments like the one you're going through.


      Sucks though. I don't blame you for feeling completely shot and unmotivated to play anything.

    4. SasquatchSaul


      Thanks for the kind words guys. Making a new account was definitely a gut reaction and I dont think I’ll go through with it. Luckily I had just started Yakuza 5 and have been excited to start Disco Elysium this week so I’ve got a lot of new games to focus on. Sucks for games like Horizon and Persona 5 though, don’t think I have the willpower to get through them again. I’ve literally gotten to the Pyramid in Persona 5 twice now and stopped lmao

  7. I have lost all my recent saves from the past 6 months or so due to a corrupt PS5. Fuck Sony for outright lying about 100gb PS+ cloud storage its a sham. I was 86% through MGSV goddamnit, I dont want to play games anymore. 

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    2. SasquatchSaul


      It was at the 1000 item limit. Undisclosed limit from Sony, but its there unfortunately. I think games stopped uploading saves before the PS5.


      That’s why the 100gb limit is a lie. You’ll never reach 100gb, maybe 20gb like me, tops. 

    3. StrickenBiged


      Ah, I see. That's good to know, worth a PSA. Is that 1,000 games, or 1,000 save files, do you know? 

    4. SasquatchSaul


      1000 saves

      Keep in mind many games use multiple saves. Games like Fallout 4 have one save file for each manual save made.

  8. Been addicted to Yakuza the past few weeks. After finishing 0 and Kiwami last year I got the sudden urge to play Kiwami 2, now I’m on Kiryu’s chapter 4 in Yakuza 4! Think I’ll move on to 5 and then try and go back and platinum 0-5 before moving on to 6, 7 and Judgement.

    1. SasquatchSaul


      I havent spent that much time in 3/4 doing side content, as there’s no meaty minigames like the clan creator or cabaret club, and what *is* available isnt the best (Hostess Maker...). Found it odd that Yakuza 4 substitutes 100%ing the CP with beating the game 3 times for the platinum this time around. 

      Saejima is easily the best chapter in 4 (thus far), lots of variety and where the story is at it’s peak imo. Hadn’t enjoyed Tanimura half as much. That said, the story jumps the shark with the amount of tropes used. Antagonist character knocked out? He’ll get up in the cutscene and kill someone. Antagonist character going to try and redeem himself/change their ways? Expect them to die in the same cutscene. At this point I just want to finish the game to reset the board so to speak. 

    2. PooPooBlast


      Haha oh man. Yakuza 4 was bananas. Its story is memed to this due to the number of betrayals and off screen shootings... 


      Nonetheless I liked the side content. Story tbh not so much. It's my least favourite Yakuza game but it doesn't mean that I hated it. It's just that the overall quality with the rest of the series isn't the same.


      Also me and you both, saejima's part was my favourite. Big brute guy who's silent but harbours lots of emotions. 


      Memes to death*

    3. PooPooBlast


      Just saw this moments ago and I thought this fits perfectly :P


  9. Out of my 487 games, 10 are unobtainable and 10 are doubled up lists from having both ps4/ps5 version (or games like Hitman 1/2 / Persona 5, where I already have a more recent version on my list). God I wish Sony would let me remove them!

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    2. DrBloodmoney


      Achh, that blows -


      exactly why little online features like that are a bad idea.

      A perfectly good game with a timeless art style and evergreen gameplay given a completely arbitrary cut-off point by a non-critical game addition.


      What a shame.

    3. SasquatchSaul


      Totally agree, even most of these sports games are all unobtainable because of inconsequential daily challenges the devs couldnt even be faffed to set to recur or some such solution.


      Btw dude I checked out your profile and that is dope, youre an inspiration to the low-% high amount of games boys like myself. Im guessing you have some unobtainables yourself with that many games?

    4. DrBloodmoney


      Well thank you, that's very flattering 😊


      oh yeah - absolutely - at least a few games that are legit unobtainable (Zen Pinball is a definite one - all that dlc has gone to the land of wind and ghosts) and I'm pretty sure Singstar and Guitar Hero are not possible now,

      but TBH, I have plenty that are not technically unobtainable, but are unobtainable for me - simply due to skill level and lack of will on my part! (Wolfenstein 2 / Lost Planet 2 / Dead Space / Every fighting game I've ever tried... and those bloody Dark Void DLC trophies!)

  10. I see user who tried above didn’t manage it despite playing forever, strange that some are able to get it still. Wonder what the secret is 🤔
  11. Drake spends the entire game searching for the treasure, and just decides to leave it at the end?? Reminds me of another ND game 🤔 Im joking though, hell yeah it was a good ending, best Uncharted game for people with enough attention span to not describe it as “talky talky boring unskippable cutscenes” lmao
  12. Yeah its way easier
  13. Strange because I saw that it was obtainable due to a patch on Win10 version in September, PS4 version is still on 1.01 in mid-November. Anything been announced by the devs? Maybe when DLC drops.
  14. Another glitched trophy stopping me from platinuming only a couple weeks since my Ass Creed Revelations issue that has blocked me from platinum. Auto Enthusiast didnt pop despite owning all 42 vehicles. Tried reloading autosave to purchase last car but no trophy. Another trophy with no similar issues online. Seems like the only fix once again is a clean save which would be proper boring.
  15. Ive tried poisoning the plethora of guards across the city, as well as 20+ templar guards at the meeting in Thespian pt2, but no trophy pop. Doesnt look solvable but I dont want to replay. Edit: Ended up replaying the game, takes roughly 3 hours to reach the bomb tutorial at which point you can loot Datura Powder and get poisoning. Just an unlucky instance of a cursed save.