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  1. There were a couple in vanilla Mafia 2 that were chapter specific. There was one on a roof I think you could only get during the winter chapters?
  2. Nice work so far though, you’re pretty much done are the climax battles particularly difficult? Just been grinding the JCC catfights, only won 3/10 in an hour
  3. What seriously??? What a classy remaster, make it shit and add more wanted posters, looks good to me boss.
  4. when you miss the cut off by 5 minutes
  5. I'd like to sign up, I've got over 250+ games from over 6 months ago I've been meaning to get to 🙄 I've been playing Yakuza games for the first time this month, I finished Yakuza 0's story last week (Started in May 2018, only did a chapter or so) and have been playing Kiwami, I don't own any others so once I'm done with Kiwami's story I'll try to go back to 0 for 100%. Looks like an absolute beast so I don't know if I'll get 'er done in May. Also been playing Mass Effect: Andromeda (I started it back in May 2018 also weirdly enough), had to start a new playthrough as I wanted to start fresh and it's alright. On my second habitable planet and while the combat is smooth the rest has been a little shaky thus far. Not a fan of the remnant tech/story (Also what's with boring robot drone enemies in games this gen) and I was hoping the planets would have a more varied content, was disappointed to land on my second planet and see another 3 remnant towers around the edges just like the last one. Not sure how long it is but might get it done this month.
  6. As did the Mafia III Deluxe Edition. Mafia 2 would be more definitive without the crappy dlcs lol.
  7. Great game but boring list (Get ready to collect 100+ unmarked chapter specific collectibles), I wonder whats so definitive about this, just a PC Ultra settings port? I reckon Mafia 3 will get a new list too, still not sure why theyre rereleasing that one though.
  8. Can't remember much missable stuff, you need to finish some side missions such as hunting the sorceress for Radovid to unlock certain questlines. Other quests like the gwent tournament and Touissant tournament can be failed if not won. I'd look through the trophy guide and keep a gwent guide open as they're way more missable.
  9. Just do multiple playthroughs, the game is designed to be done multiple times. Been a few years but I got 100% on an old account and I couldnt remember any massive issues except some areas like Dead City streets. You can get to New Vegas in like 10 minutes if you just b-line to the NCR airport and use the monorail, and from there you can go do anything. I agree that you probably can’t do everything in one playthrough, but you can definitely have a fun platinum. And for whats it worth, I have modded NV on PC and it still crashes like hell, even with the 4gb ram patch, game is just a bit broken.
  10. Finally got the plat, I found the missing gallery content by accessing the gallery in-game rather than from the main menu, at least I think that helped. Cheers!
  11. Thanks for the gallery uploads, makes cleaning up way less grindy, wish I didnt do the triplets the hard way now. I can’t access any of Naomie_Len’s stuff though, Ive tried a bunch of times today and last night but the gallery just didn’t want to play ball. Can I access through the browser gallery perhaps. or does that not connect to the PS4 version?
  12. I really like it, gotten 3 hunters to max rank so far. Usually just play in trios but have been trying to do solo runs too. I feel like the game needs to do a better job of stressing the importance of sound, most low level teammates just go open season on the grunts. Aiming is wonky but Ive messed with the sensitivity and have managed to score a couple of headshots (Winfield with scope seems like the best for the job early on). I reckon 100 headshots will be hardest/longest trophy in game, especially since my loadouts are just melee and shotguns.
  13. Should be decent enough to plat unless the challenges have a high degree of RNG (Needed for master ranks)? More importantly is the price, £29.99. I own this game on Steam and I'm not even sure if I paid for it, and if I did it was in the background of a humble-esque bundle. Sick of these devs coming to console platforms thinking they can charge ridiculous prices on games I can get for pennies on PC. Right now the game isn't even on sale on steam and is being sold for £18.99. £11 extra, do they think console players are thick?
  14. Spent all day making a dope ass zipline network over the mountains in the central region, I was curious about timefall degradation though, whats the maintenance of these look like?
  15. People who don't like multiplayer or are just wanting the trophies arent gonna like it but Factions was my favorite mode and I was excited for potential additions TLOU2 would bring (going prone under cars). Would've been dope. Even though I'll do a bunch of runs through TLOU2 this announcement has still cut 100hrs from my playtime