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  1. Dying Light is a really fun game thats not too hard, you also only need one more multiplayer trophy in AC: Brotherhood. Nice list 👍
  2. I booted up the game to check and can connect ok, I'm at the end of Network 1B so have a ways to go, it sounds like I could be disconnected permanently at a random time? I've done 5+ levels and a darknet case to test so just curious about the nature of the issue. EDIT: FYI, I got the game in Jan for PS+ and according to my trophies I beat the first darknet file in march, from reading back a few pages it looks like people who played pre-patch 1.12 have some sort of access, if not permanent?
  3. I really enjoyed Wolfenstein TNO. Great gunplay with a surprisingly well written story and characters. Doesn't take long to 100% either.