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  1. Strange because I saw that it was obtainable due to a patch on Win10 version in September, PS4 version is still on 1.01 in mid-November. Anything been announced by the devs? Maybe when DLC drops.
  2. Another glitched trophy stopping me from platinuming only a couple weeks since my Ass Creed Revelations issue that has blocked me from platinum. Auto Enthusiast didnt pop despite owning all 42 vehicles. Tried reloading autosave to purchase last car but no trophy. Another trophy with no similar issues online. Seems like the only fix once again is a clean save which would be proper boring.
  3. Ive tried poisoning the plethora of guards across the city, as well as 20+ templar guards at the meeting in Thespian pt2, but no trophy pop. Doesnt look solvable but I dont want to replay. Edit: Ended up replaying the game, takes roughly 3 hours to reach the bomb tutorial at which point you can loot Datura Powder and get poisoning. Just an unlucky instance of a cursed save.
  4. What a bizarre take, intense monopolisation of the entire third party industry does not equal a better deal for any customer.
  5. Exactly. Sony’s strategy for its entire PlayStation lifecycle has been to build and invest in small studios. People complain about Sony exclusives but theres a difference between building studios like Naughty Dog and Insomniac for literal decades before a massive hit like Spiderman and Uncharted, and buying one of the biggest publishers in the industry responsible for many fan favourite series. Instead of being locked out of a new IP, we are now being locked out of massive titles that have an existing presence on PlayStation. Apparently those differing strategies are identical, but I see people blinded by the enticement of gamepass, or the desire for an actual reason to buy an xbox, to actually see how worrisome this move is. Sony will naturally retaliate, I speculate in the exact way you have mentioned, by buying Bluepoint and other small independent studios unlike an entire publisher. That has been their strategy the entire time, it may have looked to have failed in comparison to M$ snapping up studios so it now has double what Sony has, but this is a long con, and we can only see how gamepass and XSX performs to see if daddy MS will reach for their wallet for XGS again in the future.
  6. Fuck Bethesda, losing Arkane titles and Wolfenstein 3 is a big kick in the balls to non-Xbox gamers, akin to Tomb Raiders timed exclusivity back in the day. Its playing to Microsoft’s strength, a dump truck of money, but even their bulk purchases years ago of devs felt dirty to me, this is just completely fucking filthy. Its clear to me that MS has no plans to invest or build any teams, just buy to specification. Ultimately we couldve seen something on this scale eventually, and for me personally if Zenimax games no longer release on PS its just an easy boycott. RIP third party publishers, only a matter of time you’d need to buy a stadia to play Fifa, a Xbox to play Assassins Creed and a PlayStation to play GTA, this coupled with £70 games is just putting me off next generation, I dont want these corpos raw dogging my wallet.
  7. Microsoft does have fuck you money and can do whatever they want but I feel as their first party game studios have grown fast and they need to manage what theyve got before grabbing for more, we havent even seen what most of their new acquisitions are working on. I think either 2K gets it, AT&T doesnt sell, or THQ Nordic comes in to absorb the studios into their hive conglomerate, setting the record at 10 billion active games in development
  8. Why? Curious. Same goes for you pal, this thread is irrelevant sums it up I don’t see how some ancillary world building lore changes the story at all, nor makes the writing bad. It (vaccine) would be hard to develop sure, but atleast it’d still be do-able. The game isn’t about the medical knowledge nor vaccine dispersal logistics, it’s about Joel taking the last hope of the human race out of the equation for a selfish yet loveable and totally understandable choice. Without this paradigm the ending is boring shit you would see on The Walking Dead, the game would be forgotten as another Days Gone zombie romp. Neil didnt retcon shit lol
  9. You can deconstruct the first game’s most pivotal character choice into something that ruins the ending of the story and turns Joel from an actual character into generic survivor dad everyone here so desperately wants him to be. Neil Druckmann himself said after the release of the first game that if the surgery would have been performed, a vaccine would have been developed. Oh wait writing man bad
  10. Gambling. While the monetary risk isnt as high it could be just as damaging to kids who only receive an allowance or even using their parents card. Needs strict guidelines to warn against as youre losing money in your own home while not earning anything (Like a monetary prize). Also needs a baked in option for the console to disable the feature in all games.
  11. I mean why didnt Ellie fucking tombstone that stupid bitch Abby followed by some swift shots from my fully upgraded hunting rifle, turning her corpse into red chunks like in Fallout New Vegas??? Also can we talk about that cross Abby hangs on like Neil sweetie you do know Jesus was a man right? 😂😂 smh I could write a better story and Im 9 years old.
  12. Loving the yanks crying out re: $70 ps5 games. In UK we used to pay £30 for brand new PS2 games, now we literally pay double, £60 for some PS4 games. Im considering a lengthy abstinence from PS5 if the prices will hike further in the UK. 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      SNES games were more back in the day.

    3. Venocide


      I don't remember paying £30 for a brand new PS2, I do remember paying £40 for every new PS2 game though. 

    4. mako-heart


      Games cost 80 here. Guess PS5 will be 90-100. 

  13. Got FF7R and not enjoying at all, up to chapter 8ish and have spent 15 hours running through the same tunnel with a bland ass objective, why do people like this? Is it gonna get better?

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    2. Cloudbahamut


      The same can be said about the original FF VII though. What makes VII great was always the characters, story, setting, music and materia system. Of course if you take that away there is not much left since that is the heart of what makes VII the classic it is. And IMO the Remake delivers these essential ingredients of FF VII perfectly and even better then the original did.

      But yeah if one does not like these things then they won't like the game. But that's the same for pretty much every game really.

    3. mecharobot


      I don't think it really captures anything about the original. Dialogue is largely pointless/banal (you can't argue it's the same in original textboxes vs modern cinematic presentation flow), Midgar doesn't feel like gloomy steampunk, there's technology that wasn't there before, annoying filler characters and of course the hallway level design. What people argued before the release was that the Midgar chapter would be largely expanded fully explorable city so that's why it would be a multi part game, but obviously this ended up not being the case, so the narrative shifted to "Midgar was linear in the original too"... Story aside, my problem is that the game feels very suffocating. Not every JRPG offers vast exploration or whatnot, but this feeling of being constantly locked into some dumb objective and slowly following NPCs is not normal. It feels like most of FF XIII felt, until the much more open post-game.


      Thankfully I borrowed the game from a friend, since I had my suspicions about VIIR after the XV and KH 3 fiasco. This game could have easily come out for PS3 as it is when people were hyped about the tech demo.

    4. SasquatchSaul


      My main gripe is the level design and pacing. Its really bad. The whole reactor 5 related chapters are painfully boring, because youre just walking/fighting in generic tunnels or doing mundane shit like turn off 3 lamps to progress. I saw complaints about the Slums but at least in those early story chapters theres more story stuff going on, more cutscenes and *things*.


      Im all for the world and think the characters are a little jarring. The waifus are a little too much, especially Aerith, though Ive only just got her in the party (but thats just Japan). The villains are all dumb as rocks in every sense of the phrase, but Im not expecting a masterclass here. Ive not really played much FF, only this, XV and a bit of X and XIII years ago. Ive played a ton of games and am willing to play pretty much anything, I havent felt this against the popular opinion since Nier Automata though, it feels like Im playing a totally different game than what I expected going in to it. Am just hoping it gets a little better than Barret wanting to blow up another Reactor and a 3 chapter long tunnel to get there (filled with boring sentry turret enemies of course!)

  14. Understandable, STW was never popular despite being in development for nearly a decade (Wasnt fortnite announced 2012/2013?).
  15. Fantastic vid, was listening to it this morning at work and was happy to hear him talk about the first as well, in addition to discussing the braindead ‘bad writing’, ‘why didnt she kill’ accusations being thrown around. The reason for not understanding Ellies final decision is because of watching streamers/cutscene compilations or just ignoring the story.