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  1. Microsoft does have fuck you money and can do whatever they want but I feel as their first party game studios have grown fast and they need to manage what theyve got before grabbing for more, we havent even seen what most of their new acquisitions are working on. I think either 2K gets it, AT&T doesnt sell, or THQ Nordic comes in to absorb the studios into their hive conglomerate, setting the record at 10 billion active games in development
  2. Why? Curious. Same goes for you pal, this thread is irrelevant sums it up I don’t see how some ancillary world building lore changes the story at all, nor makes the writing bad. It (vaccine) would be hard to develop sure, but atleast it’d still be do-able. The game isn’t about the medical knowledge nor vaccine dispersal logistics, it’s about Joel taking the last hope of the human race out of the equation for a selfish yet loveable and totally understandable choice. Without this paradigm the ending is boring shit you would see on The Walking Dead, the game would be forgotten as another Days Gone zombie romp. Neil didnt retcon shit lol
  3. You can deconstruct the first game’s most pivotal character choice into something that ruins the ending of the story and turns Joel from an actual character into generic survivor dad everyone here so desperately wants him to be. Neil Druckmann himself said after the release of the first game that if the surgery would have been performed, a vaccine would have been developed. Oh wait writing man bad
  4. Started playing Persona 5 on a new game, got 30 hours in my last attempt, wonder if Ill make it through this run :P

  5. Gambling. While the monetary risk isnt as high it could be just as damaging to kids who only receive an allowance or even using their parents card. Needs strict guidelines to warn against as youre losing money in your own home while not earning anything (Like a monetary prize). Also needs a baked in option for the console to disable the feature in all games.
  6. I mean why didnt Ellie fucking tombstone that stupid bitch Abby followed by some swift shots from my fully upgraded hunting rifle, turning her corpse into red chunks like in Fallout New Vegas??? Also can we talk about that cross Abby hangs on like Neil sweetie you do know Jesus was a man right? 😂😂 smh I could write a better story and Im 9 years old.
  7. Loving the yanks crying out re: $70 ps5 games. In UK we used to pay £30 for brand new PS2 games, now we literally pay double, £60 for some PS4 games. Im considering a lengthy abstinence from PS5 if the prices will hike further in the UK. 

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    2. MidnightDragon


      SNES games were more back in the day.

    3. Venocide


      I don't remember paying £30 for a brand new PS2, I do remember paying £40 for every new PS2 game though. 

    4. mako-heart


      Games cost 80 here. Guess PS5 will be 90-100. 

  8. Got FF7R and not enjoying at all, up to chapter 8ish and have spent 15 hours running through the same tunnel with a bland ass objective, why do people like this? Is it gonna get better?

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    2. Cloudbahamut


      The same can be said about the original FF VII though. What makes VII great was always the characters, story, setting, music and materia system. Of course if you take that away there is not much left since that is the heart of what makes VII the classic it is. And IMO the Remake delivers these essential ingredients of FF VII perfectly and even better then the original did.

      But yeah if one does not like these things then they won't like the game. But that's the same for pretty much every game really.

    3. mecharobot


      I don't think it really captures anything about the original. Dialogue is largely pointless/banal (you can't argue it's the same in original textboxes vs modern cinematic presentation flow), Midgar doesn't feel like gloomy steampunk, there's technology that wasn't there before, annoying filler characters and of course the hallway level design. What people argued before the release was that the Midgar chapter would be largely expanded fully explorable city so that's why it would be a multi part game, but obviously this ended up not being the case, so the narrative shifted to "Midgar was linear in the original too"... Story aside, my problem is that the game feels very suffocating. Not every JRPG offers vast exploration or whatnot, but this feeling of being constantly locked into some dumb objective and slowly following NPCs is not normal. It feels like most of FF XIII felt, until the much more open post-game.


      Thankfully I borrowed the game from a friend, since I had my suspicions about VIIR after the XV and KH 3 fiasco. This game could have easily come out for PS3 as it is when people were hyped about the tech demo.

    4. SasquatchSaul


      My main gripe is the level design and pacing. Its really bad. The whole reactor 5 related chapters are painfully boring, because youre just walking/fighting in generic tunnels or doing mundane shit like turn off 3 lamps to progress. I saw complaints about the Slums but at least in those early story chapters theres more story stuff going on, more cutscenes and *things*.


      Im all for the world and think the characters are a little jarring. The waifus are a little too much, especially Aerith, though Ive only just got her in the party (but thats just Japan). The villains are all dumb as rocks in every sense of the phrase, but Im not expecting a masterclass here. Ive not really played much FF, only this, XV and a bit of X and XIII years ago. Ive played a ton of games and am willing to play pretty much anything, I havent felt this against the popular opinion since Nier Automata though, it feels like Im playing a totally different game than what I expected going in to it. Am just hoping it gets a little better than Barret wanting to blow up another Reactor and a 3 chapter long tunnel to get there (filled with boring sentry turret enemies of course!)

  9. Understandable, STW was never popular despite being in development for nearly a decade (Wasnt fortnite announced 2012/2013?).
  10. Fantastic vid, was listening to it this morning at work and was happy to hear him talk about the first as well, in addition to discussing the braindead ‘bad writing’, ‘why didnt she kill’ accusations being thrown around. The reason for not understanding Ellies final decision is because of watching streamers/cutscene compilations or just ignoring the story.
  11. Dont want to argue with your opinion but just wanted to clarify a few things. Yes TLOU sold a shit ton, but it was one of the first Sony ‘Story game’ that has inspired countless others to the point of ridicule, like God of War. Despite this they have been selling incredibly and TLOU2 having higher launch sales than Spider-Man is telling to me that its only going to reach higher. TLOU2 might be condemned for having so called bad writing online, but everyone is still going to want to experience it themselves and make their own opinion. We knew Joel was dying weeks prior to release and it didnt affect anything in the slightest, and thats really the main stickler most people are crying out against. The review scores point is a little insinuating that because higher profile outlets give higher scores something has gone askew? I dont know just read like that, Im sure you understand that this isnt the case, each review has been crafted by the writer and its sad to see people so dismissive because of scores. And finally, personally, a platinum doesnt really mean anything, atleast to me. Ive read people who put the game on Novice/Very easy because they were angry at Joels death or having to play Abby, putting the accessibility modes on (where you dont get spotted in stealth while crawling) and use a guide. Not saying you didnt play the game correctly, just that some people are trophy whores and I doubt they had a good time playing the game like that.
  12. Damn they’ll never make a sequel after this, maybe they should go back to their golden days and make a white man shooter, once neil has been executed on public tv that is.
  13. Also, while Im here, it kind of pisses me off you took that original comment as making fun of his dead dad. I said fuck all about his dad and it feels as though youre reaching hard, just like this review. Do I lack as much empathy as this reviewer? Nah, he called his dead video game dad a golf ball and went on to spout out shit like ‘Angry Lesbian’ game. Pathetic troll attempts in this thread
  14. Dont be baby, its a story and Joel is not his dad. If he wanted a father figure whyd he pick a character from a zombie game? His opinion is coming out his ass. Naughty Dog should just censor THEIR story because of some Korean’s feelings?
  15. What a sob story. Boo hoo muh character died. And a shit review, inb4 “opinions”. My dad is BJ Blazkowicz and because of that sole reason I fucking hate Wolfenstein 2 Edit: Also mods should just remove this dogshit post, spoils the game without warning
  16. Bruh you have platinumed nearly 400 games, im impressed at your commitment to generic games, did this one hurt your feelings? Looking at his recent played this guy plays Ass Creed and fuckin Fuse, then turns around and calls TLOU2 generic 😂
  17. Wow, I just finished after 21 hours and need a smoke, what an exhilarating finale. The last scene got me right in the heart, and cements it’s 10/10 from me. Easy to see why critics gave this a 10, theres very little wrong with it (Some pacing issues) you might not agree with how Naughty Dogs decided to take the story, which is a unnecessary hill to die on, but I can attest to their vision for the game and god damn it paid off. I sympathised with Abby, and it really wasn’t that hard, this game was brutal and depressing, but it’s not as cliche as people like to say. This game has driven narrative in gaming forwards, everyone will be looking at this in the future, truly. also Grounded mode trophies pls
  18. Feels weird getting your post removed on this forum anonymously and without reason. I posted a meme in reply to some Anime PP and it got removed without explanation. The poster in question, who has had an account longer than me with more posts/rep, gets to keep their comment even though it was full of hate and childish threats (Yes this was TLOU2, and yes Neil Druckmans fucking murder was described by the poster). Weird double standard Ive noticed here, why the need to protect idiots?

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    2. DaivRules


      Looks like it was for Rule 6 and Rule 3 (


      A meme-only post that’s relevant to the topic can stay up in the right context, a meme-only post that’s only to give grief to another member isn’t going to stay up. 


    3. Venocide


      Oh it happens all time, mods could DM you about the removed post and tell you the reason it was removed, but they seem to have more fun just removing without any explanation. 



      "A meme-only post that’s relevant to the topic can stay up in the right context"


      lmao well that's bullshit and not true at all. 

    4. charxsetsuna


      Yeah giving a explanation would be a nice thing to do, not saying why your deleting a post will just cause statuses like this to pop up.

  19. I find it funny how people call the writing amateur but then turn around and compare it to Game of Thrones season 8. I see that comparison a lot, is GoTS8 the only thing you can compare it to? Because none of the gripes found there are here. Ellie doesnt teleport, the revenge plot isnt just dropped or quickly tied up in 5 minutes and never mentioned again, and lastly, Joel doesnt make an out of character decision (namely there wasnt a decision for him at all!). Just makes user comments comparing it to Game of Thrones look childish and amateur critiscm. Surely youve seen something more comparative? Just makes me think the internet want to overblow it and make Neil the next D&D.
  20. I dont know how people can be so dismissive of the gameplay improvements. Gunplay is fucking amazing, especially against humans. Animation blending is literally the best in any game ever. AI is so good, always flanking, communicating and working together. The level design is fantastic, so many encounters I was struck with how wild and imaginative the area’s design was. Just boggles my mind that people just say its a movie game, it does gameplay better than Metro Exodus, better AI and gunplay than the Division 2, its not to be dismissed so easily. loved the first TLOU’s gameplay, but it has absolutely nothing on the sequel. All I need is god damn factions mode. I dont want to spoil anything, but enjoyed certain parts of the second half immensely, some of the coolest parts of the whole game.
  21. Feel like thats the kind of boring ass story they wanted to avoid. Who gives a single fuck about Tommy? Pretty much all of Tommys characterisation comes from Part 2.
  22. Not really, I dont care about how Abby looks, nor am I relating it to petty politics. I just love to go on these threads and imagine some of these folk behind the comments. Its predictable and obvious what gets gamers riled up, but whats wrong with enjoying the rage? Im enjoying the game either way, just having a look mate.
  23. Imagine writing a 1000 word essay about how you will capture and torture Neil Druckmann and family because he wrote a story. Imagine bickering about pussy American politics, applying it to every facet of your life and always taking sides. Imagine calling a muscular woman disgusting and trans and a whole sewer pipe of shit because the above two points Imagine your brain being smooth enough to discredit journalists as paid review shills because you dont like a story moment. Im on Seattle day 2 and thoroughly enjoying. Naughty Dog doesnt give a fuck if you dont buy the game. Nothing is getting cancelled, nobody here is woke. I hope Neils next game is a LGBT arsefucking simulator with censored anime tits, its fun to watch the fallout. Times running out boys, only a few more places to spew bile before youre locked out entirely.
  24. Something something Neil fuckman Something Politics something shit myself

    1. SasquatchSaul


      Remember: Youre not a real gamer unless you hate women and minorities and send death threats to writers 

    2. BLKChaosDragon


      Praise be to Giraldo! Once again spitting facts n logic.





    3. ihadalifeb4this


      but i am i gamer because i don't have a life.