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  1. Last of Us, mainly because of the poor trophy list. In truth though I would still play it anyway if I didn't have 8 or 9 other games constantly in mid-progress. I'm constanly having to tell myself not to start this or that lest I overburden my schedule.
  2. Silly question but where is the battle meter? I've got all its upgrades but don't know where it is.
  3. Where did you hear that?
  4. I went to already conquered outposts and there was nobody there but friendlies. Looked in the roads for random soldiers but nothing. Probably spent 20 minutes or more looking to no avail. Anyway, I rebooted a save, made sure I got 8/8 on the region's last marble statue this time.
  5. Currently 7/8 for liberated humans in Duekalion's Heritage but all my question marks are conquered. Is there no way to spawn some more soldiers?
  6. Still regret downloading free games World of Tanks and Frozen Snowball the first day I got my PS4 before I even started getting trophies. Those games are endless and would take a lifetime to clear. Think they're stuck at 7/80 and 10/20 or something like that. Talk about off to a slow start. Also regret letting my daughter play Plants Versus Zombies on my profile. Chalk up another 10/70 type figure. I don't like the game so won't do what she missed.
  7. Currently 70%. Would hate to ever drop below 50%, and ideally I'd love to hit 75 or 80. I refuse to 'manufacture' it too much though. My priority is always fun over mindless repeat playthroughs etc
  8. Was this better or worse than Quake on the Nintendo64? Quake was the one I had of the two.
  9. I would have gladly accepted all of those except the Squall-minimum-level thing. That would have stopped me playing the game properly and would have irritated me.
  10. Took me 2 hours (or near it) to get my 100 kill trophy on Balamb beach, but that session was mainly about getting GF abilities early. Surely it's best to just leave this until disc 4 and then do it? You might already be on 900 when you start grinding.
  11. I might make this my first ever 'arcade archives' game. I remember dropping coins in the arcade playing this around 1990 (best guess). I was never very good at it. I seem to remember some easy thugs with white t-shirts that quickly get replaced by tougher guys in denim. Think I had a version on the Amstrad computer but the graphics were horrible compared to the arcade version and the health bar was glitched so you could never take damage!
  12. Loving the game so far. Now at 5hrs and only just back from Dollet on 'disc1'. Pretty sure I took 115hrs on my original run back in the day. Will probably beat that this time I reckon. Only planning to use the boosts if Ultuma or Omega Weapon gives me a nightmare.
  13. 7 and 8 are both in the stratosphere way above the rest of the series for me. It's hard for me to seperate them.
  14. Me too. That said, people can approach it however they want. I'm at 3hrs so far and not even on the Seed exam. I spent ages getting AP on the beach.
  15. Has this been patched out yet? Was holding off hoping they'd get rid of it.