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  1. I'm 46 hours in and loving it. Totally normal that it's not for everyone. No game in the history of the world was ever loved by everyone. It's also normal that as a series goes on, people lose interest. Some people will love a franchise for 1 game but not mentally want to go back a second time. At the other end of the spectrum you've got your die hards who would happily play 10 sequels even if the plots became recycled. For me personally, the game is better than the first on almost every level (although I would accept it's not as fresh or groundbreaking).
  2. I'm 26 hours in and nowhere near the plat. Just soaking it in and enjoying it. I think the first game took me 60 hours to plat and I'm expecting to go past that this time. I think the trophies are mostly fine as is. I wouldn't have minded having to get all the black boxes, side quests etc.
  3. In hindsight, it might have been better if they'd only done DLC packs for routes and not trains. Edit - I just checked my PS5 trophy list and there is a list for the new Tube Stock DLC (contrary to the article).
  4. Haven't got around to Rush Hour yet but I suspect this '1 a month' turnaround they seem to be on with DLC is too much for them to keep up with. As for the trophy problems, absolute shambles on Sony's part. They've had 10 years to plan for this.
  5. Well done River. I can't wait to get this game (just finishing something else at the min). I had Quake 64 back in the day and that took me ages just to get through to the final level on whatever the normal difficulty is.
  6. Which one is this then? I did 1 and 2 on the PS2. Never did get around to 3. Is this a different one?
  7. It was one of the worst decisions of my gaming life buying this full price at launch (for the base PS4 no less!). Played 2 hours, put it away in the cupboard, never went back. Not read anything in the press that would suggest it's been fixed to a decent level yet. The whole experience made me question whether to get Resi Village on PS4 or wait potentially months to get it on PS5 (you simply can't buy a PS5 in the UK unless you go through overpriced scalpers). In the end I decided that Capcom won't pull a CDprojectRed...
  8. It doesn't take a genius to figure out they rushed this to have it out by Christmas. Should have pushed it to March/April and sorted it out more. They may have made the money this time but suspect their next release will be an entirely different proposition.
  9. It plays like total sh!t on PS4. Played 2hrs so far and not impressed at all. The world looks so grainy it could almost pass for a PS3 game. Remember the wow factor when you first set forth in Red Dead 2 or Seattle from TLOU? None of that in this game. I've never been one of those 100% trophy hunters so struggling to motivate myself to go on to be honest. Just a major disappointment for the price.
  10. Where do you even get Emerald armour from? Lol
  11. Haha, after I got the plat I let my 5 yr old have my character and he's sold most of my good stuff. Having to grind now just for decent gear to play with again.
  12. I think the trophy should have been 2 in a row at most. Must stress though, really not bothered either way. Some plats I get, others I just shrug my shoulders and move on.
  13. This game is meant to be for kids and/or adults just having a laugh in a party group situation. If you try and play this solo in a serious manner for trophies or glory or whatever, you will drive yourself crazy. There are so many inconsistancies in the mechanics of the way things behave, I sort of believe it's deliberate just to make it that kind of 'anything can happen game'. But hey, it's free. So be it. I had a dodgy decision at the buzzer today myself. Just going for 'most' of the trophies and then getting out.
  14. Seasaw is pure garbage. Don't mind most of the others.
  15. Lvl 14 now, inc 2 episode wins. Slimb climb can get fecked.