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  1. I think the trophy should have been 2 in a row at most. Must stress though, really not bothered either way. Some plats I get, others I just shrug my shoulders and move on.
  2. This game is meant to be for kids and/or adults just having a laugh in a party group situation. If you try and play this solo in a serious manner for trophies or glory or whatever, you will drive yourself crazy. There are so many inconsistancies in the mechanics of the way things behave, I sort of believe it's deliberate just to make it that kind of 'anything can happen game'. But hey, it's free. So be it. I had a dodgy decision at the buzzer today myself. Just going for 'most' of the trophies and then getting out.
  3. Seasaw is pure garbage. Don't mind most of the others.
  4. Lvl 14 now, inc 2 episode wins. Slimb climb can get fecked.
  5. Looks decent actually. Might get it for my three kids (who are all in the 5-9 age range). Unless the price is horrible.
  6. Lvl 11, just 1 episode win. 2 race wins. I presume if you win a race and an episode at the same time, you also get the race win added to the counter (?).
  7. No. Happy to just play this one for fun.
  8. I've never played any of those 82.
  9. Yeah it's a little surprising tbh
  10. I've had a look around on Google but can't see anything about new trophies for the expansion. Anyone know any news on that?
  11. I was commenting more on the worst of the worst rather than the OP, hence I didn't quote him.
  12. Why can't people who hate this game just go play another game? I don't get it. What's wrong with people? I shelled out for Doom Eternal at launch. Hated it. Ditched it. Moved on. Didn't troll metrocritic and rant on the internet.
  13. I still enjoy the game but I'm not too bothered about new trophies because the nether has never been a place of interest for me. I just like building overground.
  14. Reminds me of when Star Wars The Last Jedi came out. Some 'fans' get really toxic if they don't get the plot that they want.
  15. I like the list. Maybe 1 playthrough to enjoy and then 1 more for the collectibles.