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  1. And there was me thinking apocolypto would just be the 6th rung on that slider thing!
  2. I got roughly 1200 emeralds from a 3hr session yesterday. Only trophy I can see being tricky is the Apocolypto difficulty one but we'll see how it goes, I guess. Enjoying the game.
  3. I had it available when I bought the game around 10am (EU - UK). I ended up going for the normal edition though.
  4. Might download it for some nostalgia. Loved the MP on this. So many memories.
  5. I did the first 6 courses without videos but have run out of energy now and am finishing off the last 4 armed with vids. That being said, Ancient and Space still gave me massive headaches even with the videos (because of the water holes constantly ruining my round).
  6. The 16th hole on the Space level is driving me mad. Literally can't make the damn ball jump to the flag area. Edit - done it. Shot 1 - 75% power straight down the middle Shot 2 - 75% power straight down the middle and hope you can bounce it once on the water
  7. I've got just Space, Museum, and Worms to go. Strangely no trophy for the Volcano course? Hardest thing for me are the water bouncing bits. Pressing X to jump doesn't immediately jump the ball. The response time is out of sync with the controller. Only poor thing about the game. Hole 16 of Candyland (water) kept ruining my round for a while. I just completed Ancient in under par despite dropping 4 shots on the second water hole (it's either hole 7 or 8).
  8. I think boosts are mainly for online battle play. You can do tricks like bouncing the ball on water but these only tend to pop up once or twice a round and they don't hurt the game. I think you can figure out how to do spin and one or two other things but I haven't been doing that. As far as I know, there's only 1 trophy you do in MP and it doesn't take long.
  9. I just played one random game online against someone, trophy popped in 2 mins flat. I've completed 5 of the 10 courses now. Each one has taken me 2-3 hrs to slowly master the holes and then execute the killer playthrough. It's a really good challenge this. Enjoying it. The hole designs are genius. I have revised my opinion to.. 'definitely' worth the money.
  10. It depends. I would say yes, at the moment. The game's true challenge is trying to finish each course with a par score. This sounds easy but a lot of the holes are very complex and need practice/experimentation. I spent a few hours on the game yesterday and so far have only 'completed' the trophy for the Forest course. I was getting better at the Twilight course before bed (+5). The price will feel the least value for those who inevitably find the hole solutions somewhere online and sail through in 2-3 hrs. Online play is fun but not essential.i tried a couple of matches. It was ok but badly needs patching so that the starting position of the golf ball varies on the tee box. That way players can't just learn the holes the same way as in single player.
  11. I can't imagine it's even possible to get the plat without taking 1000 shots naturally though.
  12. This is the part I need to know about. I can't find anything online.. Me and my kids are Minecraft mad in our house but we have three PS4 consoles in three different rooms. Thus, can't buy from the store. Need the disc to pass around.
  13. Oh I hated that on The game was fun for a while but after spending 10-15hrs going for Condors, finally getting one only for it not to count towards the three because it glitched, that was infuriating. I love golf games though so will be picking this up. I've platted Rory, Golf Club, Dog Gone Golfing. I even 100%ed Infinite Minigolf. I'll play these games regardless of trophies.
  14. I got it in the end (I only just scraped 60 ppl for 1 week only!) by moving the aviation club next to my most popular metro station and by also having 150% on the budget. Going to leave this game now. 84/107 on the trophies is enough for me. Getting bored now lol.
  15. Ok. Do you switch that on or off?