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  1. I enjoyed it. Must have missed one of the stories somewhere though. Will go back and research that tonight. Is one of the stories easily missable if you don't spot it? Some of the tales were fascinating and very sad. Still prefer Rapture by a hair but this was definitely a really good game and how refreshing to play something complete that satisfies without it taking 30-40 hours! Good show.
  2. Got mine through simply hugging the outside of the maps in bow and arrow and knife battles. Won maybe 11 or 12 times by the time I got to level 50. By contrast, I think I only won a gun mode about once.
  3. This is out on May 24th. Looks quite good in the only video clip I found off Google.
  4. Likes open world/adventure. Similar numbers to my profile too I noticed.
  5. Thanks. You've probably saved my bacon. Another few days and I wouldn't have been able to go back anymore.
  6. Ffs I just started Dawnguard tonight and got the first trophy from it (but haven't finished the daedric quests). Will I be alright if I just boot up a save from a few nights ago before I went to Dawnguard?
  7. *takes a bow* Good game all!
  8. Wow looks amazing. Definitely interested. Got some to polish off.
  9. I've msged one of the devs on Facebook so we'll see what he says. He never came back to me about getting the 5/10 minute trophies changed though (even though he said he'd ask the ppl in the know) so I wouldn't hold your breath. Might have to write this plat off in all honesty. I don't want to be the first to grind out 8 world championships, for instance, if nothing is getting fixed.
  10. Yes. Doesn't work. They've set it up for 15 reds only. Only trouble is, this is virtually impossible. Well, certainly the 5 minute one is. I reckon the 10 minute one could be done with enough practice. Who will commit to putting themselves through it though if the 5 minute one is effectively locked out?
  11. The thing I love about the plat race is the sportsmanship and mutual respect between the competitors at the very top. Some people say it could do with being spiced up with an argument or two, or some kind of embittered rivalry, but to that I say go follow wrestling or something else. I think trophy hunting should be proud of its top tier fraternity and the shining examples it consistantly provides of its comradeship and inherent togetherness. Long may it continue.
  12. Makes me wish they might put Shinobi on PS4 one day.
  13. I just couldn't get into that one at all, and ended the game feeling like a trophy whore. Rapture I loved. So many different levels of satisfaction there. I'm going to have to give this Edith one a spin tonight. I did Blackwood and Rapture both back in 2017 and probably high time I did another game like this as a break from other stuff.
  14. I could never do the 100% thing. I'd find it too restrictive on the games I chose. I wouldn't have been able to play the excellent Snooker 19, which has 2 trophies nobody can do. I wouldn't be able to play any Call of Duty, which I enjoy for multiplayer but don't want zombies. I wouldn't be able to play as many games, period. Completing 100% for games where you did the main story ages ago is time consuming. Happy to just stay in the respectable 70-75% range. Good luck in your quest though!
  15. Gave you a like, but as I still haven't even got the 80 break trophy yet (think 73 is my best break), I don't think I'll be getting this one.