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  1. I've enjoyed the Lost Tales more than the expansions. Lost Blade (or whatever it was called) was a bit dull and convoluted, but the tales have all been charming and fun and I like that they're self contained in 45mins or so of gameplay.
  2. Not for me. I don't care if other people do it though. Just bought Kingdom Hearts 3. Hated the gameplay. Quit (with a heavy heart) on world 3 with the trophies only 7/49. Happy for it to stay there though. It's part of my history.
  3. I might get this now. Been keeping an eye on the trophy situation.i only 'sort of' enjoyed Pure Pool but this looks more colourful and fun.
  4. So you can die as player 1 and then basically have another go at it as player 2 back at where you left him? My other question to whoever; this Bethesda account it literally just a case of signing up your email and filling a 2 second form out and then off you go?
  5. I'm at Wily Castle stage 1 where you have to throw platforms to cross a huge gap to get to a ladder. Only trouble is, when I throw a platform it just falls into the bottom of the screen and disappears. What are the button controls to pull this off? I've seen it done on YouTube but no idea how they're making the platform stick to the sky and then rise up. I can do it (square button) in a vertical way from where I'm standing, but not crossing the sky .
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Will give it a miss until it's patched. What is it about pool and snooker games with glitchy trophies?
  7. I seriously loved the main game of Odyssey but have struggled to get anything out of the expansions personally. Not complaining about it though. They're there if people want more. Everyone has a choice.
  8. As much I would welcome this in principal, the thought of spending 40hrs on that boring original game just for 1 bronze (probably) is enough to give me a headache.
  9. Can this be on any mode? I ask because I've won the amateur career on 8 ball and also the pro career on 8 ball, and also spammed another 20 wins by just replaying the same career match over and over but still not done won 100 apparently. I'm wondering if it should be online or 1v1 and just isn't written well. No way I've won less than 100. Some of those career matches I lost 3-2 and 4-3 and replayed some. Hmm. Edit. - Got it! Swear that took well over 150-200 games. Very odd.
  10. - Have 2 ppl. - Use Packanack Small map - Agree to meet at the main house every game (although if you're on mics you can adjust this slightly sometimes). - Use smash -head-on-step kill, or another quick one, instead of kills with long animations. You should knock off maybe 12 games an hour (each). Still takes a long time to get to 1000. Minimum of 70-80 hours I reckon. I recommend an hour a night so it's not boring the crap out of you and you'll be done within 3 months.
  11. This is good stuff. I'm going to write this down for later this year!
  12. I'm guessing it will be a trilogy maybe? 1) Midgar, 2) venturing out around the world for a while, and then 3) when all the climatic stuff starts going down
  13. It's been years and years since I played this but how would you keep him at level 7? Isn't he the one character you need to keep in the party most of the time?
  14. My biggest problem with this is going to be having the 100hr+ FF8 remaster done by the time this comes out.
  15. I've been referring to the guide on this site for a few tips during my game so far, and there's nothing to say that the Thieves Guild restoring glory trophy is missable. However, I've noticed in another guide online today a claim that it's missable if you don't still have your Thieves Guild armour by the time you get to the end of all the little missions. Is this true? I'm buggered if it is. Sold that armour ages ago.