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  1. The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise by Robert Cardinal Sarah
  2. Number 57 earned last week....Far Cry Classic.
  3. Platinum #57....earned last week April 29th....Far Cry Classic.  Forgot to post here.

  4. @Boogieman Same here, bro. Thank you!
  5. Totally forgot to post here because I'm rarely on here.  Platinum #56 (and 100%): Bloodborne.  Earned a couple weeks back.  Now just working through that backlog.

  6. Numero 56: Bloodborne. Earned a couple weeks ago. (And 100%.)
  7. Far Cry 5....When video games become just another platform for the globalists' brainwashing and propaganda.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Xel


      Video games are fiction, I don't see a reason to get offended by them unless you let yourself get offended.

    3. NanaCheese94


      Oh man please, I don't think the kind of brainwashers or victims of brainwashing would buy this game anyways. Far Cry is about having fun in a beautiful open world, and I'm pretty sure it will be mostly about the cultist aspect, and not targeting Chistianity or white Americans directly.

    4. Lorajet


      You could probably read that into any of the games we play.  I play for entertainment, not for some subliminal message in the game.  

  8. Wow. Another common sense post on an internet forum thread. Now that's what I call ultra-rare.
  9. Platinum. Wow. Common sense here. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. I'd have to go with The Walking Dead. Yeah. I managed to platinum it, but, for me, it was torture. Horribly depressing game. Only reason I finished it is so I wouldn't have to look at a game on my profile that is incomplete when all you have to do for the platinum is simply finish the story. But boy, I did not enjoy it. At all.
  11. Well said, my friend. Well said. *slow claps*
  12. I'm sensing the sarcasm is strong with this one. LOL