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  1. I'd have to go with The Walking Dead. Yeah. I managed to platinum it, but, for me, it was torture. Horribly depressing game. Only reason I finished it is so I wouldn't have to look at a game on my profile that is incomplete when all you have to do for the platinum is simply finish the story. But boy, I did not enjoy it. At all.
  2. Wrong!
  3. Wait a second. You mean to tell me there are people who actually care about how many trophies and platinums someone else has and what kind of games they play and platinum? WHO GIVES A FUCK?! I don't care how many platinums someone else has and I'm sure no one really cares how many I have. I platinum games just because I feel that I "beat the game" when I earn the platinum. That's it. Personal satisfaction. That's all. Who cares what kind of games people platinum and how many someone else has? If someone enjoys super easy "trophy whore" games, good for them. It's their prerogative and their account. In the grand scheme of things, none of this is important. AT ALL.
  4. Completely off topic, but am I the only one enjoying watching Hellyweird completely implode? It's a total lawnchair-and-popcorn spectacle. On topic with this thread, if they are built-in cheat codes or a glitch that can be used that the developers are aware of and do not patch and it's single player, go to it. If we're talking hacking in any way in order to pop trophies or hack a game's code to give yourself say "God mode" invincibility so you finish a game unfairly and earn trophies that way, it's bad. If we're talking multiplayer and hacking, it's bad. In other words, if it's anything that the developers added to the game such as cheat codes OR a glitch that they are aware of but do not fix i.e. things that the developers intended to be there or see no problem with then it's fair game. If it is anything besides that, in other words, any sort of hacking and cheating that the developers did not intend especially in regards to multiplayer then, in my opinion, it's bad. 'Nuff said.
  5. Lately, just Bloodborne.
  6. Welcome back and congratulations on your new baby boy. 😄
  7. Eponymous
  8. Grand Theft Auto V (PS3). You never platinumed it. It seems like a challenging one.
  9. Neverwinter. From what I understand, it's grindy as hell.
  10. My overriding thought right now is that if I were to actually share my thoughts on here of what I really think is going on in the world, it would just get deleted. That's my thought. Peace.
  11. Eh. I guess you could say my attitude is mixed. I think the whole 100% completion thing is just way too OCD. In the grand scheme of things, trophies are not important. AT ALL. They really don't mean anything, but I, like most other people, enjoy going for the platinum (and sometimes the 100%) because it provides us with a sense of accomplishment. I guess compared to most people my standards are low. I started gaming and earned my first trophy on January 1st, 2011. I added quite a few games that year and sometime about halfway through that year I made it my goal just to have a majority platinum status for my profile. I attained that by the end of that year and haven't looked back. I currently have 90 games on my profile and 55 platinums. I'm happy. Let's all be honest. If this site and others like it didn't exist and didn't calculate all of these statistics and percentages, none of us would have a clue what our trophy completion percentage is. With all of that being said, I think my current completion percentage is 67%/68% something like that. Whatever. I wouldn't mind getting it to over 70%. I'd be happy with that. And if I ever somehow managed to attain 75% or 80% completion....well, I think it'd be a sign of the end times. HAHAHA I just go for the platinum. In my book, if you earn the platinum then you've "beaten the game" so to speak. DLC trophies and 100% is just gravy.
  12. I'm an American (albeit not always a proud American) and I approve this message. Nothing but straight up truth here.
  13. Senran Kagura. It is a very guilty pleasure. DON'T JUDGE ME!! LOL