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  1. Show me a science experiment that involves a potato.
  2. #30 Donut County Very cute game, with a clever premise & funny writing. It definitely deserves all the praise it's gotten. Highly recommended!
  3. (War of the Monsters) (Donut County)
  4. With the current 33%-off discount on 12-months of PS Plus, I figured what the hell and bought it (haven't subbed in years). Right off the bat I've got the Kingdoms of Amalur remaster, The Persistance, and a couple of great looking VR games, should I decide to go that route in the future. Godfall looks like decent mindless fun, and Mortal Shell looks really cool. I'm hoping to stay happy with the service throughout most of next year. More indies and less multiplayer would be nice.
  5. One of my all time favorite songs & music videos.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up on this. šŸ˜Ž Not seeing a ton that interest me. Would buy Returnal if it were cheaper. I mean, it's been out for 7 months and the best they can do is $50? Not liking these gen9 price increases at all. Will probably grab both Resident Evil Village and Yakuza Like A Dragon. $20 each is a great price, and feels like actual Black Friday deals. PS - Looks like Amazon is already matching some of these deals. $40 for Demons Souls, $50 for Returnal, $30 for Deathloop, etc.
  7. What a shame. Stuff like this is the main reason I was so conflicted with getting a current-gen console. Thank goodness for both backwards compatibility & the indie/AA scene. The video game industry can be pretty fascinating. They'll do everything possible (even break the law) to get every nickel & dime possible, and then they'll turn around and take huge gambles with this GaaS shit. When GaaS works, it must really work.
  8. Cain, A.K.A. CN-7 Model Combat Robot from the underrated Binary Domain.
  9. Taking the pandemic into account, I'd say that Sony and all these developers have done a good job. I really do think that we should all keep that in mind, especially when looking at the launch lineup of games. That's the biggest win/highlight for me. Biggest miss for me are all the cross-gen "exclusives". Cross-gen games are nothing new; you see it a lot with the Call of Duty's, sports titles, shovelware, etc. But exclusives? I didn't have a big problem with that news at first, but over time it's started to annoy me more and more. It's pretty lame to show off the NVMe SSD tech and talk about how it's going to change the way games are designed and played, only to then impair the next few big Playstation exclusives by developing them with last-gen tech in mind. I get why they're doing it, and believe it or not I'm happy that PS4 owners will get to experience those games, but overall it's still a shame.
  10. I too don't watch much of his stuff nowadays, but only because he tends to play & review games I have no interest in. A lot of looter shooters, big MP titles, etc. He really is great at what he does though. Remarkably intelligent, and he seems really genuine. I admit to having a bit of a man-crush.
  11. That quote is from Skill Up. Pretty much confirms a purchase from me.