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  1. I can confirm this.
  2. Stand Users
  3. That's the place with the Diet Building, right? Should have been unlocked by story when you infiltrate Shido's palace, it's weird that you didn't get it.
  4. Please add me to Senior Bracer with Cold Steel 1 and Cold steel 2 (US versions).
  5. The ones on the field do count, because my trophy popped after Futaba tells me to escape from the Casino dungeon.
  6. Didn't have any trouble with the video games, they were pretty easy if you just input the buttons like in a fighting games. The trophy I had trouble with was the hostage negotiation one, I got it purely through luck. I have the platinum now, and that hostage situation only ever happened to me once. Like most people, I was actually worried about the Futaba lines trophy, but it popped way earlier than I had anticipated.
  7. Throughout both of my playthroughs, it only happened once for me. That was during the Kaneshiro dungeon of my first playthrough. Never ever happened again after. I wasn't ambushed or anything, they just randomly knocked down Morgana with a critical and took him hostage.
  8. That's what I did. I chose Makoto for my first playthrough.
  9. Not rare, I don't have any data about it, but from my personal experience, I'd say about 50% drop rate. I have 5 of them after beating 9 reapers for easy exp.
  10. I really like Makoto's elder sister, but she seems like a pain in ass with her : "What do you have to say about that?" "How do you explain that?", etc.
  11. Do it quick and also press x quickly just like in fighting games. It's pretty much the same input as most special attacks in fighting games.
  12. Just got this trophy last night, it popped while I was escaping the Casino dungeon, I beat that Shadow that we fought in the beginning of the game and Futaba had some unique navigation lines during and after it, saying everyone got away so it's my turn to run.