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  1. I played this game through 100% and it only crashed once, maybe I'm just lucky
  2. What makes this platinum 4%? The game offers a slight challenge with impossible and norestart, but they are nowhere near hard enough to push the trophy into ultra rare
  3. I am officially back to playing on playstation <3 feels amazing!

  4. Finally updated my profile pic, I will probably get back into trophy hunting soon.

  5. Satisfaction
  6. I used to play it on mobile and all i have to say is that it will take a good amount of time (up to 100 hours) to get to the last shark. Huge Grind
  7. Every once in a while after completing an attack the game would say that i had to reconnect to the game, after doing that i would return to my village without earning any of the money i got in the raid and my troops would be gone. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any way of fixing it?
  8. How are you meant to complete level 6? The last enemy keeps killing me
  9. Same here, i have no idea how to get it either
  10. Is there an easier way to get the limited time pets without waiting until October and December?
  11. We have all heard of pineapple on pizza, but does anyone here like pineapple in burgers?
  12. Kind of surprised how many people actually stuck around trying to plat this game considering how hard it is, thought this was going to be a pretty easy game to plat untill i reached death mode. Any tips on what would make death mode a bit more easier?