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  1. Thanks for the follow, friendo :D 

  2. Styx: Master of shadows. It's a very old school stealth game with pretty big open areas so it's pretty cool. The trophy rarities are really low to.
  3. #2: Oxenfree (PS4) Leave Possible? Saw a lot of people talk about this game so I decided to pick it up on the sale. It's really good. It starts off as your typical teenage kind of scenario. Get together, plan to do something stupid and it just goes down hill from there. Pretty much the same scenario here. Saying that though it's really well done. I guess it's one of them games where if you say something it gives it away? Gameplay is simple, it's very just chat based, there are collectables but they are easily collected. The areas aren't too big. The game does require 3 playthroughs though which isn't too bad because it's only a couple of hours each. For an Indie game (is it an indie game?) it's really well done. None of the cheesy VA they get. Soundtrack is really well put together and the artwork is really really good. If you can pick it up cheap it's worth a buy. It's a good story, confusing with different endings but yeah, worth it.
  4. Yeah.. fair point. Still, It'd be great to give it someone not on the scale of EA though. You're right though, they probably were but Disney and it's image eh?
  5. Thanks a lot, to both of you!
  6. #1: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4) Kingdom Hearts Master Well my first platinum, here it is. An absolute favourite of mine. I remember when this got released back on the PS2. I played it constantly. I loved every minute of it. It looks and feels even better on the PS4. It was an absolute must to live through again and see Sora and co on his very first adventure. Also seemed to be a lot easier than I remember also. Then again its been that long that long and my gamings adapted and the fact I'm older. It just felt good. I remember when I was a kid that I would always have trouble fighting Sephiroth. Always struggled to level up, even fighting Hercules used to be a good challenge to me but now. It seemed almost too easy. I'm glad I'm seeing a lot of other users play this quite a bit in the forums, probably due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 is being released at some point this year (hopefully) Probably play some other games before I start CoM. I want to make KH2 my tenth platinum hopefully so I'm going to start doing some other games and do CoM sometime in the middle.
  7. Probably because peoples intention of playing this game is not for platinum purposes. Meaning that there's more casual players on this game than hardcore trophy hunters and because there is so many people on the game it pushes the rarity down. It's the same on any game with a massive fan base really, like Call of Duty titles or sports ones.
  8. I see what you mean. I'm just like everyone else here though besides that my love for the series hasn't died as much. I've grown up and got more mature so it makes sense that I personally would say the more mature the better. I don't think KH is as kid like that people make out anyway really. I just liked the idea for future games.
  9. Hahahah probably not, would be nice to see a few before then but square being square. Just can't hold off on an announcement can they, then spend a century making the thing.
  10. This would actually be a really good idea. I would of loved that. Not to mention his VA is now 29 and has a much much deeper voice. Will be interesting to see how he maintains that teenage Sora voice. Who knows though, apparently this KH will be the end of the current saga but not overall so hopefully in the future games (Probably released in around 2036 or something) we have a full on adult Sora.
  11. I doubt I'll be that hardcore pal. I'll try to keep it as long as possible but just see what happens. Appreciate that, I'll add you when I'm on next. Then again, I'm not addicted YET, see how that goes Thank you, I appreciate that. Yeah, I've seen there are a few nice people around. Here's to hoping that's always the case. Thanks Kind of seemed relevant, I've seen some accounts on here and the are just insane and I kind of have to be insane myself to go on a journey like this so late in the game. Had the limit again. Ohh that's not too bad then. Hopefully drop rates are kind to me, The drop rates on the first game were ridiculous. I read the synthesis takes a ridiculous amount of time but literally nothing was a pain to drop for me. Maybe I got lucky?😅
  12. Even better then, if you only played that part. The rest of the game in terms of gameplay is so much better than the first. How was CoM? I'm kinda not looking forward to it but will do it again for the story.. Just them damn cards and floors 😅
  13. This is a quote from one of the moderators. "New accounts have a post limit for the first week. This was to circumvent spam accounts that were posting unacceptable content." It makes sense. It's a good way to do it honestly. If that's all you remember you're going to love it when everything else comes back all at once. Oh I'm sure you will finish them. I'm going to try and finish them all myself, soo many to get through.
  14. I'd be with them. Give it to some developers/publishers who actually care about the series and not their own greedy ambitions.
  15. Thank you, I'm allowed to post now so apologies for not doing so earlier. I see you've done the first and chain of memories. Looking forward to starting KH2?