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  1. Loved the weather the past few days.. came at the right time to. Love how a bit of sun can change your mood, was having a little gaming burnout but now that's over and I'm ready to jump back in.


    Hope everyone has had a good weekend. :D 

    1. PooPooBlast


      Saints row challenges does that to you xD

    2. XIRCHRAD-


      It did play a part but I've literally been jumping from game to game as well. So it was just burning me out. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      Totally know that feeling but saints row did it for me xD even after 1 game only. These years I've been less and less tolerant of playing long or grindy rather games which sucks! I mean I can still play them but I noticed that I'm going back to playing older games like TEKKEN, Mirror's Edge or UFC 2 because perhaps im too lazy to get acquainted with new controls/ instructions.



  2. #14 ~ Saint's Row: Gat Out of Hell (PS4) Scorched Savior ~ Rare 11.65% I've had my fill of Saint's Row these past couple of weeks, I can finally say it's been a hell of a ride. (pun intended) I can finally put the series to bed for now I guess, unless you know I fancy a PS3 stack as well of both this one and 4. See what the future holds. Yeah, the boss has been kidnapped from the spaceship and dragged into hell to marry Satans daughter. Let's just say it doesn't go down well with a couple of characters. Nothing special plot wise, I mean the games are funny. They're meant to be. Nothing different about gameplay though, still keep some powers similar to 4, new guns which were actually cool and angel wings, which by the way work really really well and it was a great welcome addition compared to glide from 4. Collectibles are insane again as there is nearly 1000 of them. Do a few loyalty quests though and you get a map so it's not bad, still takes a while to get them though. Challenges are easy but exaggerated. Some are unnecessary like drive a vehicle for so long. I mean c'mon, dude, I have wings why would I drive. I wonder where the future of the series will go now, wherever it goes I have no doubt will be a laugh and a good game. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Time to complete: 20 hours (everything was completed in 14)
  3. Platinum #14: Saint's Row: Gat out of hell ~ Even more craziness, that takes place in hell this time around. Doesn't take nearly as much time compared to the others. Still have to wait around though to add up the hours. A big shoutout to @PooPooBlast to slogging through the 3 hour trophy with me. I think we had soooo much fun AFK the majority of it. :lol: I mean we both had nothing else to do so sitting on top of the Ultor building soaking in them hell rays. It's obviously the best solution. Kinzie could do with a tan.


    Oh well, that's me done with the series for a while, unless I decide to get the PS3 version of both 4 and this one. Time to continue with AC3. :P 

  4. Platinum #13: Saint's Row: IV.. just epic, I can't even put into words the direction the series has taken. Give it a try, it's not what you'd think.. It's like a crackdown/prototype hybrid. :lol: 

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Oh haha congrats and I just realized missle is being autocorrected to middle :/


      Well looking forward to jump back in late today!

    3. ee28max


      @PooPooBlast the one and only notification legend 😂😂

    4. PooPooBlast


      I would reply sorry but then I'd be giving more notifications!

      Oh wait... :P 

  5. #13 ~ Saints Row IV: Re-elected Kingpin ~ Rare 17.19% Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Wow, I thought Saint's Row 3 was insane but this one is even more so. I done this one straight after the third because I was making sure I done the online trophies before they finally went down which probably has no effect on the trophy popping to be honest as long as you attempt to do it. I can tell you one thing though, it's literally the same as the last time game which isn't bad because of everything else but it's quite dull as well. Like I know it's meant to but it was always dark and it just made it drag. I even kept my PS4 on over night at on point just to rack up the hours for 40hour trophy. Even by the time I finished everything I still hadn't hit the mark. The games cool, took a new weird direction involving, spaceships, aliens and super powers that's all I'm really going to say.. It's something you're best off seeing for yourself. One thing that I did like was the welcome addition of the previous two games and visiting stillwater again even if it was for a mission. The series in my opinion, I have no idea it could be taken up a notch but I'm sure that it could, I'm looking forward to it no matter what.. Now it's time to start and finish Gat out of Hell then call it a day on the series for a little while.
  6. You need it to use the phone on the game. Wouldn't the share button work as a select on other games though?
  7. #12 ~ Saints Row 3 (PS3) Kingpin ~ Rare 12.94% Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 3/10 My first PS3 platinum, yay. I'll be honest. I was shocked by this game. I remember playing the first two and thinking they were very serious games and that all sequels would be you know, more of the same but expanded on but not on this game. It's the literal opposite. It's so crazy it's unbelievable. I had already racked up quite a few trophies before I finished Far Cry 5 to make up the milestone so going back to it I didn't really have a million things to do. It's an open world game with a lot of things to do but it's also very basic. You move over from Stillwater to Steelport to expand I guess and it just goes from one crazy mission to the next crazy mission. You're literally taking out gangs to take over territories or just doing crazy events. Don't even get me started with them crazy events, they are just so random. An example would be when you meet Angel. He has side missions where you have to drive around the city with a Tiger in the car just so you can get over your fears whilst the tiger attacks you. It's just one of them games where you can go to and destroy everything if you really want to. In terms of trophies I guess the only really grind would be obviously waiting out the thirty hours and then the challenges needed to complete, some are a pain but nothing ridiculous really. I'm not one who complains about graphics and that's good for this game cause they are quite poor honestly, even by 2011 standards. It didn't bother me to much but then again I literally played Far Cry 5 beforehand so there's always going back and comparing. Gameplay though is super fun. Once you earn enough respect you can even purchase infinite health and ammo and it makes everything 10x more easy but by then you should have already completed everything. The only downside to playing this game is you have to use a PS3 controller, mine is messed up on the analogs so if you have a good controller should be no problem but I'd much prefer to use my PS4 controller on my PS3.
  8. Platinum #12: Saint's Row 3. What in the world was that game seriously? Weren't the first two serious games? This is just another dimension. No complaints from me though, it's super funny and super fun. :lol: 

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    2. DamagingRob
    3. PooPooBlast


      @Beyondthegrave07 LOL, I made my guy look like a super Saiyan hulk hogan xD. Im sure @Fidel remembers eh? :P


    4. PooPooBlast


      Here was my initial character :P 




      Here is my new character after a visit to the plastic surgeon :P 




  9. #11 ~ Far Cry 5 (PS4) We Always Had Faith In You ~ Very Rare 9.51% I have no doubt the rarity will fly up soon. After struggling to decide what to make my 500th trophy, I decided to rack up some trophies on Saints Row 3 to make the number so that I could make the platinum my 500th trophy milestone. I came into this thinking it's just going to be another open world shooter where not much is going on but boy oh boy was I completely wrong. It's the opposite, you can't even run down the street without something happen which makes it fun constantly through out. It took me a while to platinum the game as I literally wanted to run everywhere, I barely drove or use the air vehicles. I just wanted to run around and take in the scenery and it was stunning. Loved every minute of the game. One of the key elements of this game is the personality of the characters, some characters could literally have their own games and it would be one of the funniest games on the planet, Hurk, Sarkey, Tweek.. I could do missions for them constantly as they are funny. Especially the first mission you do with Hurk, he's actually hilarious in that mission getting his dads truck back. Then you have the brutal characters like Jacob, John and the father.. they are just next level. I won't say much more than that. All characters are unique and you can learn quite a bit about them and their pasts so you can see where they are coming from. One thing in my opinion that did not need adding was Arcade, it felt like them old school PC games everyone used to (or still does) play. It wasn't too bad to get the trophies but that's only the real appeal to it. I'm sure if there were not trophy ties, it wouldn't be played that much. The idea is cool but not really needed. Other than that the game is fantastic. Oh and that ending, just wow.
  10. Platinum #11 is Far Cry 5, what a blast the game was.. literally spent so long going over everything and completing as many side quests as I could, the games amazing in my opinion and that "resist" ending, just wow.

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    2. Sigma999


      Congratz on getting that FC5 plat 😄

      Myself , not that interested in getting this title tbh . Just want FC4 and i'll probably be done with FC series .

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. LunarianLight
  11. ~ Fertilizing the Land Using a tractor, obliterate 5 enemies
  12. I love what I've seen of the game but sheeeeesh. Don't think I'll bother buying until they've released absolutely everything honestly.
  13. I'm loving every minute of Far Cry 5 at the minute but one thing for me that I appreciate a lot about it is the soundtrack. None of the radio stuff, just when exploring and the when going into the menu etc.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Ooh yeah. Nothing is worse than walking through a world and it's dead quiet. It's like playing Skyrim or Mirror's Edge with no music and the game just loses its soul

    2. XIRCHRAD-


      That's exactly what it's like but a lot of the time on some games that do have it, the music is pretty much generic but this imo is really nice.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Awesome, looking forward to it. Just waiting for a price drop :)

  14. Now it's official, just wow. Absolute early childhood right here, what a treat this year is turning out to be.
  15. I'm happy the release date is finally out. Games shaping up to look really nice, actually a sucker for Spidey and the fact we're maybe getting the best Spider-man game since 2 all them years ago is a big win for every fan.