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  1. Thank you! But I dont think every player in the last 5 games was trolling or doing stuff with the mic, this is so strange lol
  2. Is the ingame voice chat broken? I put my headphones in the controller, and while in the lobby and after death screen I can hear everything, everyone. While in game, I guess you have to stay near another player to hear him, right? But when I do all I hear is fucking chipmunk noises, like really high pitch voices, is this a shitty game mechanic, like I need a certain object to hear them? Or is the game fucking broken? lmao
  3. Take a break, play something else and try again in 1-2 weeks sooner or later you'll get everything
  4. I know I'm late to the party but is there still a way to get these? I'm a huge monster hunter fan and I love these skins
  5. Got the plat! 332:20:37 glhf guys
  6. Took a week break, now ready for the final giant crown Please Giant Black Diablos come to me
  7. lmao right after posting this I found the Big Vaal
  8. 330 hrs and I still need Black diablos and vaal..
  9. Roughly 315 hours and now I only need Big Black Diablos and Big Vaal hyped af
  10. Forum rant luck is real I got Giant Nergi and Mini Teostra after this hurr durr I only need mini kirin, Giant Lady Diablos and Giant Vaal now
  11. Rip I just woke up
  12. I'm 300 hrs in and all I need are 5 crowns Small Kirin and Teostra, Big B. Diablos Nergi and Vaal
  13. Roughly 120hrs 2 Giant crown 1 Mini crown Then I fucked up, instead of uploading my saves to the cloud I downloaded them and now i'm back to 95hrs and I lost the giant Radobaan crown. Btw there's an event that only japanese players can start but everyone can join in and it has both tiny crown and giant crown Great Jagras video as proof (even though the video talks about the reward)