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  1. I'm enjoying it. It has a lot of replay value with collectibles/weapons/etc. The story wasn't that great. I think Kojima and his crew spent ~9 months writing the script for MGS:R and when it was molded into MGR:R they spent 1/3 of that time on a new script. It's a shame Metal Gear Solid: Rising never came to be, a lot of people wanted to see what happened to Raiden between 2 and 4, and for now we just have to settle on the MGS Database and some text. Most of the characters were fogettable, too. The gameplay itself is a lot of fun (especially when you get new weapons/wigs/etc). I'm currently running around as Gray Fox w/ fox blade and wreaking havoc. I'm not disappointed in dropping $60 on it. But, I'm definitely ready to drop $150+ on some Ground Zeroes CE and more info on 5.
  2. Metal Gear Solid 1-4 many, many times. And hopefully many more times before I'm dead I've beaten Revengeance once and currently backtracking for collectibles and trophies. It's pretty fun, but I'm ready for GZ and 5.