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  1. Slime Rancher
  2. Hi welcome !
  3. Earthlock Valor Fun old style rpg
  4. Overall game time was 230hours (half of which was not even going for crowns or trophies). All my gold crowns for non elder dragons were from the event quests. - very easy to spam the events until you get all the small and large crowns. Elder dragon crowns I just joined other players investigations until I was lucky. The most kills for an elder dragon and the one that took me about 10 hours to get was the small crown for kushala. - 74 killed before I got the small crown. Loved every second of this and ready for iceborne now If anyone wants help with crown/investigation farming I’ll be happy to help.
  5. Monster Hunter: World Conqueror of the New World 230 hours overall however half of that was not even going for trophies. Love this game. Ready for Iceborne now...
  6. Monster Hunter: World Indomitable Hunt 50 tempered monsters.
  7. Monster Hunter: World Monster Ph.D Research everything about almost every monster.
  8. Onrush Finally got round to playing this playstation plus free game from last year.
  9. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles A walk in the park
  10. Seen this at 70%, 80% and 90% at various times since Christmas lol I purchased this at 90% for $1.99 Canadian. I am looking forward to playing this at some point.
  11. Hi welcome! Being perfect is hard work...
  12. Hi welcome 😄
  13. Monster Hunter: World Nowhere to Go but Up Complete 50 arena quests.
  14. Monster Hunter: World Elderslayer Slay 50 elder dragons. Achieved this while hunting for gold crowns.
  15. Hi welcome. Better late than never! 😄