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  1. I wrote this on the page, but I am having trouble finding the chest in the secret lab. I have an image but cant post here. does anyone have an image of the chest?
  2. chapter 4 of episode 5 crashed just before the trophy popped so I have to replay to get it, hopefully it doesnt happen again. It crashed so hard just now that I had to unplug my ps4 which I never want to do again.
  3. Persona take your heart and Dishonored collectors and I will preorder mass effect as soon as a special ed gets announced
  4. Is this not popping for anyone else? I've gotten down to 1 health manually and taken out 3 ships on multiple occasions and still haven't gotten this.
  5. I've been having issues with this for a while now. I've been replaying each level. (The fact they are not numbered is very painful by the way) and I'm up past level 50 and now I'm afraid I lost progress and not sure where to pick back up. The game crashed on me once in the 50s when I was on my vita on my first run thru, and I was shot all the way back to 32.
  6. Mine would be if it wasn't for catlateral damage, that looks hilarious.
  7. I am on my playthrough, and I can't seem to parry, and it is making the bronze knight a very difficult fight. Does anyone know if it is even possible?
  8. Streamers and guide writers probably
  9. I've posted on here before, but it's worth repeating... I believe the other PS4 game will be Alienation (the new housemarque game) since multiple sources are saying it launches March 1 and 2 respectively. Housemarque has had free ps plus day and date launches on at least 3 games they have made so far, so watch a trailer because it looks cool. Be prepared for that and broforce to be the two PS4 games.
  10. I'm guessing it will be Broforce and Alienation for PS4 PS3 I have no Idea Vita I'm hoping for galak z and Rayman Legends
  11. for some reason, dog meat starts going down the elevator with me, but when I get to the bottom he is never with me... any help?
  12. I have preordered the Batman PS4 and I am wondering if I can use the backup and restore utility to move all my games and data over without having to re download anything? It would be a hassle to redownload 400+ gigs of games, saves, apps and the like. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. not looking for a specific gaming session, just looking for cool people who want to have fun and fight for super earth to add to friends. Add me psn id dodgedoors
  14. Maybe I'm missing something, but in all the guides they say you can save at any time, but I can not find a way to save during trials. edit: I'm stupid figured it out finally it's in the handbook just hit square.
  15. My invite is still pending, is there space?