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  1. medal of honor warfighter ghost recon future soldier ( easy with boost and nice multiplayer- maybe Ultra rare because you need 8 ppl in any game mode )
  2. yeah, thank god. server still work. but last night all of online service not available. but today is ok and i got my last online trophy
  3. No. server is going to down for me. maybe it's still active in europe I did not know and I realized today
  4. server is down and this is very bad and sadly to me because i started this game yesterday and i did not know server going to shutdown. 😭😭
  5. Hmmm.. so this is just only one cheat. The ( My Kung Fu Is Stronger ) trophy , player must play any character 24 hour.. we have overal 28 character. so need at least 28 days just only for this trophy ( if your ps3 system not turn of and game not in paused and and and and......) If use 2 controller and 2 character in vs mode or training mode... 28 days is half ( 14 days - two week) ... ok now all of this just only for one trophy This mean no one can get this trophy under 2 week and mortal kombat cant plat under 14 days.. but we can see people in leaderboard plat this game less than this time and not flaged. Cheat is not acceptable work but injustice is much worse than that.
  6. I think the site moderator can kindly deal with this case. I always see in the profile of many players that have 5 or 6 (sound shape), and 3 or 4 of them are under 30 seconds. This is cheating. We do not have anything called the base game. I think about this game no one should be flagged or all those who have 3 or 4 (sound shape) under 30 seconds must be flagged. Please see the PS3 mortal kombat leaderboard list... this game plat under two week is impossible. There are many who plated this game for 8-9 days. why are they not flagged? Are the rules of this site the same for everyone??? If this player wrong just sound shape.. he must not be flagged